May 5, 2017

18 Members Of PSU's Beta Theta Pi Charged In Death Of Timothy Piazza

Eighteen members of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity and the fraternity corporation had charges filed against them Friday morning for...

Jan 7, 2016

Penn State Researchers Discover Potential Treatment For Autism

Penn State University researchers have made a groundbreaking discovery: a potential treatment for Autism. The university – along with the...

Sep 17, 2015

The Number One Kinkiest College in America is Not What We Were Expecting

Clover, a dating app similar to Tinder and OkCupid, is proving that the old “you’re in college, experiment!” theory rings...

Penn State Theta Sorority: Hottest Tumblr Photos

Penn State's Theta sorority is bringing the heat.

Mar 26, 2015

Keith Olbermann Calls PSU Students 'Pitiful,' Promptly Apologizes

Keith Olbermann made a couple thousand enemies yesterday when he blasted Penn State University students on Twitter post-THON. The big-mouthed...

Feb 24, 2015

Linebacker U: Penn State’s Greatest Linebackers

The football program that now will likely forever be known for the alleged actions of Jerry Sandusky and the cover-up used to be known for their outstanding linebacker prospects. Known as Linebacker U, Penn State's football program was home to the development of some of college football's greatest defensive players. Since I'm so f*cking sick of hearing people including (ESPN analysts whose f*cking job depends on the sport) talking about how the game should be cancelled (and thereby punishing the seniors who celebrated 'Senior Day'), I figured now would be a good time to highlight some of the best players that had nothing to do with the tragedy. Check out the people who helped PSU become Linebacker U over the years.

Nov 12, 2011

Oct 20, 2011

The 6 Scariest Colleges in America

Everywhere large groups of college kids go; even larger amounts of bullsh*t are sure to follow. But it’s getting to be the time of year again where it becomes harder to brush off those ghost stories as BS. If it seems so unlikely, why don’t you go check it out…by yourself…at night? If this seems out of the question, why not just check out The 6 Scariest Colleges in America in our killer slideshow below... but beware, the last person to use our slideshow had their eyeballs explode and now haunts our office. And she's got this super annoying moan. Check our list after the jump.