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Aug 26, 2015

WATCH: Guy Uses The Most Disgusting/Amazing/WTF Magic Trick Ever to Propose to His Girlfriend

Viral wedding proposals tend to be corny – sorry, romantics, but I find organizing a flash mob just to propose...

Aug 14, 2014

Video Of Magician Selling Weed To Cop, Then Disappear Is Fake

This video of Magician Calen Morelli trying to sell weed to a policeman is a great watch. Is he kind...

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Sep 19, 2013

Houdini Hound Makes The Most Graceful Escape [VIDEO]

Step right up! Step right up! See the Magnificent Mutt outsmart all by making the great, impossible mistake from the...

Jan 9, 2013

‘Invisible’ Prankster Orders Drive Thru Food Dressed As A Ghost

I don’t know what’s better: the idea of the prank, or people’s reactions. 2:36 is my favorite....

Oct 31, 2011

Roommate Pranked To Believe In Poltergeist Over 30 Days [VIDEO]

Here's a video of some kid named Rahat pranking his doofy looking white roommate into thinking that there's a poltergeist haunting their crappy little two-bedroom condo. Right off the bat, the kid should have known that no self-respecting poltergeist is going to waste his time scaring two dinky little college students. Another thing, this is why you don't room with f*cking magicians - especially ones who specialize in performing tricks for drive-thru fast food workers. They're always trying to cut you in half or pull doves from under their Monster fitted caps. Check out the video after the jump!

Jun 7, 2011

Simon Pierro Demonstrates New Magical iOS5 on the iPad [VIDEO]

Yesterday, during Steve Jobs' Keynote Speech, lots of new things were revealed about upcoming Apple products. Yes, Steve looked somewhat healthy, but rumors are going around that he won't be a part of the company for too long. Enter this guy in the video below. He does an amazing job of demonstrating what the iPad is capable of. Check out how magical he makes the iPad look after the jump!

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Mar 24, 2011

Harry Houdini Caught In The Act [30 PHOTOS]

It's officially March 24th and in case Google's themed banner on their homepage didn't tip you off, today marks the 137th birthday of America's most legendary and influential magicians of the early 20th century - Harry Houdini. But for all his contributions to stage magic and his immortal legacy, not many people know much about him beyond the fact that he was a master escape artist. Houdini was born Eric Weisz on March 24, 1874 in Budapest, Hungary to Jewish parents and was one of seven siblings. Early in his youth, his family traveled to America and settled in Appleton, Wisconsin before ultimately moving to New York. Learn more about Houdini after the jump!

Purdue’s Sex Position of the Week is “The Prestige”

A Purdue University student newspaper ran a racy cartoon that showed a man having sex with a woman then switching out with a different man without the woman's knowledge.

Sep 21, 2010

7 Cocky Douches That Guys Love to Hate

Guys love to hate celebrities for one stupid reason or another. Sometimes it's because our wives or girlfriends have a crush on them or sometimes it's because they're overrated, untalented nobodies who people obsesses over for no reason. Either way, we can all agree that cocky douchebags are the worst celebrities of them all, well, other than the non-celebrity celebrities (I'm talking to you, Jersey Shore). Here's a list of the cocky douches that we love to hate.

Aug 25, 2010