WATCH: Guy Uses The Most Disgusting/Amazing/WTF Magic Trick Ever to Propose to His Girlfriend

Viral wedding proposals tend to be corny – sorry, romantics, but I find organizing a flash mob just to propose to your girlfriend to be a little over the top. No one else cares. Me, personally, I want a girl that I can propose to while we Netflix & Chill.
British Magician Neil Henry seems to share my opinion, and instead of joining the cornballs, came up with something a bit more innovative. He really skipped over the sappy sh*t and went straight into WTF territory:
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What starts out as a rather bizarre, disgusting magic trick, turns into something sweet and eternal: Henry proposes to his girlfriend by spelling out “marry me” with alaphabet-o’s on a string that he had just swallowed. Isn’t love grand?!
Props to Neil, though. He’s into it, his girlfriend is into it, the crowd’s into, and the video is going viral.
Oh yeah, the love of his life also agreed to marry him. Plus, she isn’t completely grossed out by your alaphabet-o trick, which definitely makes her a keeper. Solid day, Neil, solid day.

All jokes aside, I must admit I’m actually really impressed by this trick. I’ve been sitting at my desk for about ten minutes with venn diagrams, pie charts, and hologram reenactments trying to figure this one out. My best guess: Neil just kept the spaghetti and string in his mouth, and used his apparently slick tongue skills to loop them on in the proper order.
With a tongue that can do stuff like that, no wonder his girl said yes so quickly.

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