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Lingerie - page 3

Aug 16, 2011

Natalie Gauvreau

Natalie really brings the heat from up north. This 26-year-old from Toronto is not only gorgeous, fit, and sexy, but she drives a 2011 Maserati Gran Turismo S (base price of around $118,000). Since you're obviously not going to be impressing her with your Nissan Hatchback, I'll let you in on the two things she loves most: CEOs and massages. So... yeah. Apply to some B-schools and break out the lube. Check out her pics and stats after the jump.

Aug 15, 2011

Ashley Johnson

Ashley's a gorgeous chick, perfect for Miss COED. Unfortunately, we were not the first to find her - she's been on Playboy's Cyber Club and was voted as Miss Howard Stern TV (September 2010). When she won the voting and had to go in for the taping, Ashley drove 11 hours from Indiana just to be on the show. Now, she spends her time doing video blogs for her official site (she's big into 'toys') and updating the men of Wall Street on FoxyForex. It might not be the stocks, but I can guarantee you something's rising. Check out her pics and stats after the jump.

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Aug 14, 2011

The 61 Sexiest Photos of Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes is currently filming The Place Beyond The Pines with every girl's wet dream Ryan Gosling and recently shared her fitness secrets with Zest magazine. Whatever she's doing, it's working. We're constantly amazed at how the 37-year-old actress refuses to age. We're also thoroughly impressed with her appearances on the late night talk show circuit. In one interview with Marie Claire, she stated, "I don't wanna have kids ... I love sleep so much." We do, too. We should probably set up a nap time or something. Anyway, check out her 61 sexiest photos along with some little known facts after the jump.

Aug 13, 2011

120 Busty and Booty-ful Beer Pong Distractions

Missing shots in beer pong sucks, especially when the other team is trying to distract you. The pain is dulled slightly, however, when the 'distraction' is a different kind of rack standing across from you. There's a complete conflict of interest. Yes, you want to see their cleavage that they're showing you, but you also want to make that cup. The fact that you even thought about boobs means you're off my game and the enemy has already won. Well, you're not playing pong now - so feel free to stare as long as you want. Check out 120 girls trying to distract you after the jump!

Aug 9, 2011

Who Should Be Miss COED August 2011? [POLL]

This past weekend we crowned Corissa Furr as our Miss COED July 2011. The competition for Miss COED August 2011 is fierce with 7 FINALISTS: Ralina Lia, Chrissa Carolyn, Carol Seleme Daniel, Miranda Lewis, Dylan Fitzpatrick, Cosette Jarrett, and Christy Lee. These women were your favorite Miss COEDs from July. A lot of people think we're strictly all about big breasted blondes, but as you'll see, we've run the gamut from red hot redheads to voluptuous vixens to tattooed dimes. Take a look at their profiles then vote in our poll at the bottom after the jump.

Aug 6, 2011

Miss COED July 2011 Is…

After we crowned Elizabeth Marxs as our Miss COED June 2011 back in early July, we asked you who should Miss COED July 2011. Your finalists were Alexis Boyett, Devrie Townsend, Lauren Waugh and Corissa Furr. So, who CRUSHED the competition with 60% of your votes? Well, she’s been a spokeswoman for NOS Energy Drink, and she's been featured on Spike’s MANswers and HBO’s Entourage (with Eminem). She was also voted Strikeforce’s Knockout Ring Girl. Find out who our Miss COED July 2011 is after the jump!

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Aug 1, 2011

Nikita Penalosa

Nikita's a 19-year-old from Santa Clarita, CA who's a Hooters girl by day and a sexy bikini / import model by night. She's currently featured in the Crokini Swimwear line, MB (Mercedes Benz) Junkies, and was a finalist for Miss Redline Time Attack 2012. Currently, Nikita's working on reaching 1,000 followers on Twitter - at which point she'll make another awesome video. Help out the sexy Filipino here, then check out her modeling reel, pics and stats after the jump.

Chelsea Marie Goff

Chelsea's a 20-year-old model who's a student at UCF but is currently living in Miami Beach for the summer. Her life sounds pretty boring: dual citizenship in England, traveling around Europe, jet skiing, South Beach, and living with a Playboy Playmate (Miss October 2011 Amanda Cerny). Yep, pretty lame. She's been featured in STARE Magazine, did a stint with DayGlo Miami, and was a part of the massive Miami Wines and Spirits convention (yawn). In case you can't sense sarcasm, I'm laying it on pretty thick. I'm in love. Check out her pics and stats after the jump..

Jul 29, 2011

Erin Heatherton’s Stunning Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Shoot [13 PHOTOS]

There are so many sexy Victoria's Secret models that sometimes we lose track of 'em all. One such model who's not given enough spotlight is Erin Heatherton. She's got freckles and she knows how to use them. In a recent interview, she stated that she needs "to pay people to make me work out or I wouldn’t do it". Of course, we'd like to pretend these girls works their asses off to maintain that body but let's be real, they're genetically superior. I saw a 200+ lb girl at my gym every single day of the frickin' week and she didn't lose a single ounce. Cue Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" and check out the new pics from her latest Victoria's Secret shoot after the jump.

Jul 26, 2011

Elle Liberachi’s 59 Sexiest Topless Photos

We have to admit Elle Liberachi could be one of the most underrated models in the game. She literally can't NOT be hot. Every time she does a photo shoot, it's amazing. But, we honestly don't feel like we see enough of her. Regardless, we're pleased to see she's on the cover of FHM Netherland's August 2011 issue, which is essentially the same cover and feature as the FHM May 2011 issue. Are we complaining? Negative. We'll never tire of her poses, especially the topless ones. That's why we've put together this gallery of her sexiest topless photos for you to disrobe. Check it out after the jump.

Jul 25, 2011

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Jul 15, 2011

Jessica Princes

Jessica's a 27-year-old blondie from Toronto whose pictures have been featured in Hockey Hot ChickTO Sport Magazine (March '09), Royal Magazine, Dorogaroad Mag, and Total Fashion Magazine. She also does double duty as the official spokeswoman for Maxine Morgan and Doublevision DVJ. We've experienced double vision on many occasions... sh*t, I'm staring at two things right now. Check out her pics and stats after the jump.

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Jul 14, 2011

Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs Get Spanked In Lingerie For GQ [31 PHOTOS]

It’s no secret we’re big-time-mega-super-huge fans of Alison Brie (see our posts on her most boob-tastic animated GIFs and sexiest...

Jul 12, 2011

Caitlin Wynters Heats Up As ZOO’s New Covergirl [61 PHOTOS]

Yesterday, ZOO announced their newest covergirl is Caitlin Wynters. She was chosen not by editors but by ZOO readers after the mag asked them to submit nominations then vote on a group of 25 finalists. If you've ever seen the British "show" Babestation Daytime (NSFW) or Party People, you might recognize her. I used to call those 1-900 numbers in high school but never spent a dime. Back when I thought being "quick" was to my advantage. Anyway, check out her stats and pics after the jump.

Jul 11, 2011

Dixie Sway

Dixie's a 22-year-old model from Omaha, Nebraska who's been modeling for over three years and has been featured in Maxim's Hometown Hottie Contest, fIXE magazine, and I-Candy. I've never traveled to her part of the country, but if all the girls from Nebraska looked like her, I might change my tune. Until then, I'll have to just stick to 'Whistling Dixie.' PS, I'm 100% unapologetic for that awful pun. Check out Dixie's pics and stats after the jump.

Jul 10, 2011

Who Should Be Miss COED July 2011? [POLL]

Yesterday (July 9th), we crowned Elizabeth Marxs Miss COED June 2011. The red hot Houston redhead narrowly beat out the Bosnia-born brunette stunner Dina Pandzic for the crown. That makes back to back months where a redhead's won out. That won't be the case this month as we have three blondes - Alexis Boyett, Devrie Townsend, and Lauren Waugh - going up against the lone dark-haired hottie Corissa Furr. Can Corissa defy the odds and beat out the blonde mafia? Or will one of the sun-kissed cuties carry away the title? Take a look at their profiles and pics then vote in our poll after the jump.

Jul 9, 2011

Miss COED June 2011 Is…

In early June, we asked you to decide which one of our finalists should be Miss COED June 2011: Bosnia-born Dina Pandzic, NJ native Lindsey Rose, or Houston hottie Elizabeth Marxs. I know I said last month's voting was close, but this one beat it. The wildly hot winner edged out the runner up by a mere dozen votes or just around 1% differential. Who took the crown? Well, just like last month's Miss COED, she's another Playboy product, having been named their Cyber Girl of the Week in late May. Find out who it is after the jump.

Jul 8, 2011

Ralina Lia

Ralina's a 26-year-old model from the Bay Area who's posed for Dirty Shirty, Working Show Truck Magazine (2009), and Lowrider Magazine. She's also appeared on Playboy TV. We've seen a lot of hot models here at COED, but Ralina really sticks out to us... one particular section of hers really sticks out... we're talking about her chesticles. We think Dave Chappelle would say she has, "Great San Fran boobs". Check out her pics and stats after the jump!

Jun 27, 2011

How To Buy Lingerie For Your Girlfriend

Every guy loves lingerie. If your chick's wearing it, you know things are gonna get good. However, girls rarely break that sh*t out. So, to give them that extra nudge, you figure I'll just buy her some. Then reality sets in. Guys hate shopping in general, but shopping for "the unmentionables"? Even worse. You feel so uncomfortable walking into a store that sells women's underwear, you might not know what to ask or look for. Don't worry, if you follow our guide, you'll be in and out of that store (and in and out of your lingerie-rocking girlfriend) in no time. Check out our full guide after the jump.

Jun 24, 2011

Cecilia Wang

Cecilia's a 22-year-old model who just graduated from the University of Michigan. She grew up in Rochester, MI but is currently living in Miami Beach, FL. According to her Facebook profile, she likes watching "Archer" and on her Twitter she proclaimed her love for HBO's Game of Thrones. She also said she and her roommates should have their own TV show "Bad Girls Club style". Ummm, yes, please. Check out her stats and pics after the jump.

Jun 22, 2011

Lauren Waugh

Lauren's a 22-year-old model from Tulsa, Oklahoma who's been featured on as their Cyber Girl of the Week (NSFW) and in Playboy's Special Editions magazines like Fresh Faces (NSFW) and Natural Beauties (NSFW) under the equally cool-sounding alias Addison Miller. She also competed in Maxim's Hometown Hotties contest, and appeared in the Campus Girls USA 2008-2009 calendar and three issues of Hooters magazine. Check out her stats and pics after the jump.

Jun 21, 2011

Devrie Townsend

Devrie's a 23 year old from Webster, TX, which is about 30-40 minutes outside of Houston by car. She's one of Maxim's Hometown Hotties this year and has been featured as the cover model for Blitz Weekly, which you should definitely pick up. Get it? Model? Blitz? Pick up? We really hope the f***ing NFL ends the lockout soon. Check out her pics and stats after the jump.

Jun 18, 2011

Tempe12 Has 67 Hot Reasons To Transfer To ASU [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

If haven't noticed recently, Tempe12 models have been showing COED a lot of love. Apparenlty, we turn them into sex panthers, which is pretty sweet. Of course, we love 'em right back. What makes us love 'em? Well, these aren't just any hot chicks, they're the real deal - all Tempe12 models must be enrolled at ASU and maintain a minimum GPA of at least a 3.0. I've had the opportunity to see, and yes even talk to, some of these girls and let me tell you, they do not disappoint. Check out a behind the scenes video from their casting call in April and 60+ pics of their hottest models after the jump.

Jun 17, 2011

A Freakin’ Lotta #FriskyFriday Handbra Photos [77 PICS]

What started with Playboy model Shera Bechard and this picture has blossomed and blown up into a regular, recurring Twitterrific feature in which hot chicks post their most provocative pics under the #FriskyFriday hashtag! You could go aimlessly searching through Twitter for these risqué pics or you could just sit back and enjoy the hottest, hand-picked handbras  in the photo gallery after the jump.

Jun 10, 2011

Lindsie Herring

Lindsie's a 23 year old model from Huntington Beach, CA who currently lives in Durango, Colorado. She was in two episodes of Entourage Season 7 (Ep. 3 & 7) and the feature film From the Head. In terms of print work she's been in the Keepin it Real Calendar, the cover model of Social Magazine, and Nor'easter Magazine. She was also a promo model at Maxim's Hot 100 party in 2010. Here's to hoping Maxim puts her in the 2012 edition. Check out her pics and stats after the jump.

Jun 9, 2011

Hot Girls, Cold Fridge [69 PHOTOS]

Remember that dude who said, the rent is too damn high! Well, with the temperature hitting triple digits in NYC today, we imagine he's saying, the temp is too damn high! There are people scared sh*tless to go outside right now. We've got like 19 fans and an AC pumping and we're still swimming in sweat. What's the last resort for cooling down? The fridge, of course. That's just what the hot girls in this photo gallery were thinking. They cool off and you heat up. Sorry 'bout that. Check out the pics after the jump.

Jun 9, 2011

38 Alluring Alektra Blue Photos For Her 28th Birthday

June 9th is Alektra Blue's birthday. On this day, the purdy porn star turns 28 years young. The Phoenix-born actress who grew up in Dallas (2 of the best cities for hot chicks) began earning dolla bills for diddling dongs in January 2005 thanks to her bff, Taryn Thomas. In April 2008, she was the Penthouse Pet of the Month then in 2010, she appeared in Lady Gaga's music video for "Telephone". At this year's AVN awards, she won "Best Body" as voted by the fans. We couldn't agree more. Check out her sexiest non-nude pics and video interview for Badcock Apparel after the jump.

Jun 6, 2011

Happy Double D-Day! [127 PHOTOS]

June 6th is the anniversary of D-Day aka Operation Neptune, which was the day the Allied Forces invaded and won Normandy, France. The operation was the largest amphibious invasion in world history, with over 195,000 Allied personnel in over 5,000 ships involved. If you've ever seen Saving Private Ryan (or even the Robot Chicken spoof of Saving Private Ryan's beach scene), you might have the slightest understanding of the sacrifices made on that day. We salute their efforts with the largest gallery of gigantor boobs to ever invade your eyeballs. Check it out after the jump.

Jun 5, 2011

Who Should Be Miss COED June 2011? [PHOTOS, POLL]

On June 4th, we crowned Leanna Decker as our Miss COED May 2011. Today, we ask you to decide who of our 4 finalists should be Miss COED June 2011: Bosnia-born Dina Pandzic, NJ native Lindsey Rose, Houston hottie Elizabeth Marxs, and rap video vixen Aniley Perez. Check out their pics and stats below then vote in our poll at the bottom of the post after the jump!

May 27, 2011

Dina Pandzic

Dina's a 19-year-old model who was born in Bosnia, but now lives in Toronto. Right now, she's studying cosmetology and hopes to be an esthetician (someone who specializes in beautifying the skin, duh). Judging from some of her interviews, it seems as though she is more of a quiet girl. While I prefer a partier, I'm sure I'd make an exception for this bombshell, eh. Check out her pictures and stats after the jump, ya hosers!

May 26, 2011

Margaux Macgregor

Margaux's a 24 year old LA girl. She's done print ads for Nike, Diesel, and Juicy Couture. Additionally, Margaux can be seen tightening up her abs (not that she needs it) in infomercials for the Abs Transformer and the Ab Rocket. What's most impressive about her is that in a state like California that's filled with slammin' models and actress wanna-bes, she managed to be Miss California USA top-10 Finalist in 2009. Whenever we hear her name, we think of that clip from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Check out her pictures and stats after the jump.

May 23, 2011

Vote For The Hottest Victoria In Our Victoria Day Showdown [146 PHOTOS, POLL]

Victoria Day is a federal Canadian holiday celebrated in honor of Queen Victoria's birthday. It's also informally considered the beginning of the summer season in Canada. While there are 21 gun salutes north of the border, here in the U.S., we salute with this photo gallery of the hottest Victorias on the planet - from Mrs. David Beckham to the woman who made us want to play BASEketball. We wanted to include Victoria Justice from iCarly since she's 18 now but we've already been to jail twice this month and didn't feel like researching dates on her Google images. We DO have a pro tennis player, an Olympic track cyclist, a WWE diva, a British pop singer, and a candidate from America's Next Top Model. Check out their pics and vote for the girl you think is hottest in our poll after the jump!

May 19, 2011

Bar Refaeli ‘Yacht’ to Forget About Leo in Cannes [28 Candid Bikini PHOTOS]

You say Cannes (Kahn), we say Cannes (can). Last week, we published a photo gallery highlighting the "goods" of fine French women. Today, we catch a glimpse of Leo DiCaprio's former flame Bar Refaeli in a black bikini on a yacht in Cannes. If your monitor is still intact and hasn't blown up, congratulations. Some people take breaks up poorly. Others, like Bar, flash their flesh and toothy smile all over the place in what has to be the sexiest advertisement to promote one's availability we've ever seen. Check out more Bar below!

May 16, 2011

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Summer Babe Blowout! [200 PHOTOS]

What is sexy? We'd like to think we know what sexy is but it never hurts to receive reminders every once in a while; especially when those reminders come from Victoria's Secret Angels. Last week, Miranda Kerr went on Conan to promote Victoria's Secret "What is Sexy" list and Bombshell Tour. To celebrate the list, the tour, and the arrival of our favorite season (summer), we're featuring a bevy of Victoria's Secret bombshells that will have you turning up the AC. Check out the list, the commercial and our gallery after the jump.

May 16, 2011

Olga Vaykova

We welcome you back from the weekend with today's Miss COED, Olga Vaykova. Olga is a 24 year old Russian living in New York City. Even in New York which is packed full of attractive international models, Olga manages to stand out. Though the Cold War is over, we can easily see Olga seducing secrets out of our country's top personnel. Plus, she could be swearing her face off in Russian at us and we'd still get all warm and fuzzy inside. Check out her pics and stats after the jump!

May 12, 2011

Colossal Cleavage Collection: Bar Refaeli is Single Edition [55 PHOTOS]

Happy Days are here, Bar Refaeli is Single! Nothing new, Bar is having another terrific year and it's only going to get better now that she doesn't have to worry about Leo. We have zero chance of getting with her (neither do you) but who cares when we have numerous digital Bars at our disposal? In order to celebrate, we've thrown together yet another colossal cleavage collection. Enjoy, because its as close as you're going to get...

May 12, 2011

Hottest Girls Of Hotwire’s Most Valuable US Travel Destinations [PHOTOS]

Hotwire recently released its list of the top 10 "value destinations" in the U.S. They used their extensive knowledge of how to get the best travel deals and created the "Travel Value Index" based on low rates, discounts, affordable entertainment, and overall appeal. That's all well and good, but what about the talent aka eye candy? We scoured the interwebs to find the hottest girls from each of the cities on the list and/ created the photo galleries below. Let us know which city you think has the hottest chicks in our poll at the bottom of the post after the jump!

May 11, 2011

Kate Upton’s 14 Greatest Internet Moments

There literally isn't enough Kate Upton to go around. It's a feeding frenzy on the internet every time something new is released. She is so new that Maxim forgot to include her in their 2011 Hot 100 list and now since the Dougie video hit it big Kate is the queen of the internet. So, we've pulled together her best moments on the web for you to enjoy. We're sure there will be plenty more in the months to come

May 11, 2011

Katie Sue

Today's Miss COED is Katie Sue, a 25 year old bombshell from the Hamptons, NY. She's an experienced model and has been featured on Maxim's Hometown Hottie (April '07), Curves Magazine (June '07) and was the first place winner for Miss Hawaiian Tropic International (May '07). When she's not modeling, Katie likes to read during the day and then parties like an animal at night with the likes of Vida Guerra and Tera Patrick. She has her Master's in Forensic Psychology, so... yeah. Don't f*ck with her. Please don't let that dissuade you from looking at her pics and stats after the jump because ignoring them is also criminal.

May 10, 2011


Elyssa's a 21 year old model and graduate of San California State University, San Bernardino who's currently living in LA. She's been featured on,,, in addition to appearing in an Aveeno TV commercial, and a spread in the Turkish edition of Esquire. After shooting with Surfer magazine, the publication stated she had "the world's most beautiful legs". Her official website reassures our shorter readers not to be scared, "I may be tall, but I'm not out of reach." Well I'm sure we all hope that this is true, but until that becomes a reality, check out her stats and pics after the jump.

May 9, 2011

Passion Of The Bar Refaeli: 12 Photos From Her Passionata Lingerie Shoot

With Kate Upton making new headlines just about every other day, we tend to forget about the women who monopolized our mindset for so many years. One woman, in particular, has temporarily slipped from the spotlight after raising the Bar for supermodels everywhere: Bar Refaeli. Seems other than her potential break up with Leo, she's kept things pretty low key. Then she poses topless for a military-themed pictorial in GQ Italia, places 6th on Maxim's Hot 100 list, and gives us these photos from her shoot with lingerie company Passionata. Check 'em out after the jump!

May 7, 2011

33 Sexiest Celebrity MILFS [PHOTOS, POLL]

The 1999 film American Pie, and more specifically Stifler's Mom, introduced us to the MILF (Mother I'd Like to F**k). Since then it has only become more mainstream. Whether it be a celebrity, your friend's mom, or even your mom (whoa), we all know a MILF. What better way to celebrate Mother's Day than with some smoking hot, celebrity moms. Check out our rankings then vote in our poll after the jump!

May 7, 2011

NYU Undie Run 2011 [22 PHOTOS]

NYU students dropped trou and took off running Friday night for the 1st Annual NYU Undie Run in Washington Square Park. The Violets' turnout was definitely less impressive than the infamous UCLA and Arizona State charity dashes, but we've got to give props to Sigma Phi Epsilon and Virgin Mobile for bringing out the Naked Cowboy and Cowgirl.

May 5, 2011

Top 11 Hotties Shamefully Snubbed By Maxim’s Hot 100

As we mentioned earlier, Rosie Huntington Whiteley was #1 on Maxim's Hot 100 list while Brooklyn Decker took a backseat to Avril Lavigne and Miley Cyrus somehow placed above Diora Baird. Plus, Cameron Diaz at #4? Yeah, she loves porn and flying cross country for d*ck, but still. With any list, the creators are bound to be skewered and scrutinized - that's part of the appeal.  Overall, Maxim's was pretty solid, but we think there were some glaring omissions that deserve some credit for their bodies... of work. Check out the 11 sexiest snubs from Maxim's "Hot 100" after the jump. Ladies, if you need a shoulder to cry on, ours are super absorbent.

May 1, 2011

Miss COED April 2011 Is…

A few weeks ago, we asked you to vote for who should be Miss COED April 2011. Your choices were Ysania Agurcia, Erika Jacobs, Nadia Marcella, and Laura Colleen. Each of these ladies is a winner in our book, but only one could triumph. The winner took 39% of the total votes. This 22 year old Morganette and Hooters Girl parties at the Playboy Mansion when she's not serving sunshine and smiles at Marquee nightclub. She's one of Maxim's Holiday Hotties and was named Kaboom Magazine's October 2010 Bombshell of the Month. Who is she? Find out after the jump!

Apr 30, 2011

100 Very Fit Brits [PHOTOS]

Do Americans realize that we are not the only country with beautiful women? Is there another land overloaded with talent?...

Apr 30, 2011

104 Fast and Furious Photos of Hot Import Car Models

It was the summer of 2001 when The Fast and The Furious introduced the world to street racing. Sure, street...

Apr 27, 2011

76 Super Sexy Secretaries for Secretary’s Day [PHOTOS]

April 27th is Secretary's Day (or Administrative Assistant Day to all you PC sissies).  When we think of secretaries, our minds drift to Maggie Gyllenhaal's performance in 2002's "Secretary". Keep in mind, every time she came on the screen during The Dark Knight, someone in the theater made a fart noise with his mouth. However, in "Secretary", she got placed in our fantasy file. That brings us to the purpose of this post - secretaries are super sexy. There are a few fantasies every man would love to fulfill: schoolgirl, cheerleader, teacher, and SECRETARY. Maybe because it's against company policy or we seek the sense of empowerment. Regardless, we've grabbed a ton of sexy secretaries for your enjoyment. Happy Secretary's Day! Check out the pics after the jump!

Apr 27, 2011

Miss COED: Lindsey Knight

Lindsey's a 24 year old model from Indianapolis now living in Hermosa Beach, California. She's been featured in the Russian edition of Penthouse, Krown magazine, and on,, and She's also done a handful of shoots for TeaseUm, and was named "Miss Hoosier Hottie" 2009 and "Miss Certified Knockout" 2008 in addition to being a finalist for Miss Caribbean Tan. When she's not modeling, she can be seen working the ring as a card girl for the UFL or partying at the Playboy Mansion in bodypaint. Here's a fun fact: Her grandma, June Cochrane, was Miss December 1962 as well as Playmate of the Year 1963. Let's hope she follows in her family's footsteps. Check out her stats and pics after the jump!

Apr 25, 2011

Chelsea Brooke Pereira

Chelsea's a 19 year old Brazilian, Portuguese, French and Norwegian model and actress from Costa Mesa, California who's pursuing her degree in Merchandise Marketing at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in California. She's a self-described foodie listing cooking and eating as her favorite things to do. She used to teach cooking classes full time and she loves Hip Hop dancing. She's posed for Playboy's "Student Bodies" magazine (link NSFW) and is currently competing to be Girls Gone Wild's Hottest Girl in America so make sure to vote for her. Her stats and pics are after the jump.

Apr 22, 2011

Bethanie Badertscher Named Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Year 2011

Playboy announced Thursday that Bethanie Badertscher is the 2011 Cyber Girl of the Year! She was originally Playboy's Cyber Girl of the Month for June 2010 and now it looks like Bethanie is on to much bigger and better things! While we're all very proud of her achievement, it wouldn't be fair not to acknowledge all of the Cyber Girl of the Year winners throughout the years since it's inception in 2005 (that's 5 years of sexy right there). All of us at COED would like congratulate Bethanie on this prestigious accolade and to celebrate, hit the jump to see all the previous winners for yourself!

Apr 21, 2011

Kate Upton Boob Bounce Gif FTW!!

Oh my God! Just when I thought Kate Upton couldn't get any more incredible she does this. Greatest GIF ever? Maybe so but these 12 Super Sexy Kate Upton Animated GIFS aren't too shabby either. I bet you won't even get this far in the text without being distracted but Kate Upton’s 15 Sexiest TwitPics Revealed and 42 Super Sexy Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Animated Gifs are pretty damn sweet too.

Apr 17, 2011

Ashley Sky’s 34 Sexiest Facebook Photos [PLUS VIDEOS]

We featured Ashley as our Miss COED of the Day back in late January 2011. Since then the Miami based model has been featured on theCHIVE, Barstool Sports, The Sky Society, The Whiskey Barrel, Hockey Hot Chicks, and MIA Sports Guy. We'd say the sky's the limit for this mamacita but we think that's not even high enough. To celebrate her rise to superstardom, we've gathered her sexiest photos from her Facebook album along with a few behind the scenes videos from her photo shoots. Enjoy!

Apr 17, 2011

Who Should Be Miss COED April 2011?

Last month, we crowned Kari Nautique as our Miss COED March 2011. This month, our four finalists are Ysania Agurcia, Erika Jacobs, Nadia Marcella, and Laura Colleen. Each of these ladies has got it goin' on, so we don't envy you guys for having to vote for the one who should be our Miss COED April 2011. See their stats and pics below then vote in the poll at the bottom. Try not to think about how disappointed you'll make 3 fine ass women when you do.

Apr 8, 2011

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn was a model, singer, and actress who was named "Sweetheart of the Month" in the first issue of Playboy magazine, which debuted in December 1953. She graced the cover of that issue, which featured her wearing a dress with a neckline cut almost to her navel when she acted as Grand Marshall at the Miss America Parade in September 1952, and while a nude photograph of Monroe, taken in 1949, appeared inside the magazine. She made her first appearance on the cover of Life magazine in April 1952, where she was described as "The Talk of Hollywood". Check out her other accomplishments, stats, and pics after the jump!

Apr 6, 2011

Kate Upton’s Nude Official Site Intro Movie FTW! [VIDEO]

I don't think I've ever seen a bigger surge in popularity than Kate Upton's. Most know her for as the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, "Rookie of the Year" but she's also currently the face of Guess and has modeled for Beach Bunny swimwear and Victoria's Secret. Uh, have you been to her official site? If you weren't trigger happy with your click finger and actually sat through the intro video, you will not be disappointed. Last week, she taught us how to Dougie, now she's teaching us how to sit and wait. We're like her trick dogs over here. See the video below after the jump!

Apr 5, 2011

Ally Vasic

Ally, or Aleksandra, is an 18 year old model from Oceanside, California who's about five seconds away from being the next top everything. She was one of San Diego Magazine's "50 People to Watch" in 2007 (at the age of maybe 14, which is ridiculous), has appeared in 2 issues of Nostika Magazine, Dice Magazine, TheFixFixFix, and Riviera Magazine. All you NERDS might want to know Ally was a Star Trek model for Comic Con 2010, while you debonair bachelors (*cough*) would appreciate her work as a Playboy Energy Drink girl and her gig at the Playboy Mansion for the the Muscles Cars exhibit. Check out her stats and pics after the jump!

Apr 4, 2011

Sydney Barlette

Sydney's a 22 year old model who was born in Fairfax, Virginia and currently resides in Houston. She was the captain of the cheerleading squad in high school, and attended Baylor University. Her favorite hobbies include working out, painting and yoga. She hopes to become a TV host and is pursuing her degree in communications. She's been a cover girl for Playboy's Special Editions and Krown Magazine. She was also Playboy's COED of the Week in April 2010, and COED of the Month in June 2010. She's been featured on Wrockette, HockeyHotChicks,, Men's Fitness,  The Smoking Jacket and competed in Maxim's Hometown Hotties contest in 2010. Check out stats and pics of this Houston hottie after the jump!

Apr 2, 2011

Miss COED March 2011 Is… [Plus 42 New Photos Of the Winner!]

On March 6th, we presented you with the four finalists for Miss COED March 2011Allie Mason, Jenny Kylen, Jacqueline Suzanne, and Kari Nautique - and asked you to vote for your favorite. The winner garnered more than 58% of the vote in a landslide victory. Who is she? Well, she was a semifinalist in Maxim's 2010 Hometown Hotties, starred in Playboy's 2 Girls, 1 Sub video with Miss June 2004 Hiromi Oshima and appeared on Playboy TV's Beach House. Find out who she is after the jump!

Mar 29, 2011

Rali Ivanova’s 33 Sexiest TwitPics [PHOTOS]

Rali Ivanova is a bartender and model from Bulgaria who moved to the US about 3 years ago. In addition to being a Miss COED of the Day, she's appeared online at YoRaps, Holy Taco, The Smoking Jacket, Men's Fitness, and Bullz-eye. She was on the covers of the Bulgarian Maxim, Vblazin, and Curve, and has a couple pictorials in American Curves. once called her the sexiest woman in Bulgaria. Now, thanks to Twitter, we've hand-picked a comely collection of her sexiest twitpics. View 'em after the jump!

Mar 29, 2011

Erika Jacobs

Erika's a 21 year old from my favorite city in the whole wide world Tampa, Florida. She won the Miss Cinco de Mayo 2010 and has appeared in That's Hot Magazine twice in addition to their calendar. Additional credits include posing for 102.5 The Bone's 2010 calendar, Look swimwear's catalog, and a cover and pictorial in Juicy Mag. It's safe to say Erika is gonna move ya, hit the spot, the kinda girl you feel right through ya. She'll last way longer than Juicy Fruit, that's for sure. See her stats and pics after the jump!

Mar 22, 2011

Girls Of The 10 Drunkest Cities in America

Main St. analyzed data from a nationwide survey of 350,000 adults conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to find the 10 cities that drink the most. They ranked the cities by adding up the percentage of residents who admit to heavy drinking (men having more than two drinks a day and women having more than one) and binge drinking (men have had five or more drinks at a time on one or more occasions and women have had four or more). See which cities made the cut along with pics of their hottest natives and residents after the jump!

Mar 21, 2011

Nikole Kristine

Nikole's a 22 year old model from Tampa, Florida who's got a Bachelors degree in Marketing and Merchandising from the International Academy of Design and Technology. She's been featured in Klazzy, College Mansion, and was WPLR's Babe of the Day. You might've also seen her as an extra on season 4 of USA's Hit Tv Series Burn Notice: Extra. Apply generous amounts of SPF lotion before viewing her scorching hot photos. See her stats and pics after the jump!

Nov 16, 2009

Iva Kubelkova [Gallery]

Sexy pics of  Czech actress Iva Kubelkova....