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Sep 22, 2016

Serious Question: Is This The Creepiest/Most Cringe-Worthy Dude To Ever Walk The Earth?

Wow. If you haven’t heard of or seen this new TLC show Love At First Kiss, then, well, prepare yourself…...

Jul 7, 2016

Want To See Selena Gomez Kiss Another Girl? Good. Because She Did.

I remember when I was in my freshman year of high school, back in 2007, there was this show on...

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Apr 9, 2016

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Feud: Gene Simmons Vs. NWA Continues

There were a few feuds to be settled at last night's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions — and one got started...

Aug 21, 2015

First Jared Fogle And Now Gene Simmons? KISS Member’s Home Searched For Child Porn

A search warrant was sent to the Los Angeles home of KISS co-founder and frontman Gene Simmons, but before you...

Jul 6, 2015

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kissing That You Should

What’s better than a good makeout session with a hot girl? Not much – not even boning. According to science...

Apr 4, 2014

Thanks To His #KissForPeace, Mike Wynalda Is Off To The Final Four With Axe And COED

What’s in it for people who joined the AXE Peace movement by daring to #KissForPeace? Well, in the case of...

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Dec 31, 2013

Drunken New Year’s Eve Girls Kissing [PHOTOS]

Check out over 100 pics of ladies welcoming in the New Year by saying goodbye to their inhibitions!

The KISS Army Turns 38 Today: Not A National Holiday

The KISS Army–a music fanbase that is so committed to their cause that they have signed up to wage war...

Nov 21, 2013

Make A Fire-Breathing Gene Simmons KISS Pumpkin [Video]

Learn how to make your own fire-breathing KISS Pumpkin featuring the demonic face of Gene Simmons--and don't forget your KISS Army Knife!

Oct 29, 2013

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Jul 12, 2013

French Girls French Kissing for Bastille Day 2013 [158 PHOTOS]

Sacrebleu! Sunday, July 14th is Bastille Day, which means we have to celebrate with photos of French girls French kissing...

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Dec 5, 2012

Here’s A Dog Making Out With A Kangaroo [VIDEO]

Thanks to Obama’s America these two can now legally marry....

Sep 25, 2012

12-Year-Old Gets First Kiss From Carrie Underwood Live On Stage [VIDEO]

You gotta hand it to him: this kid has balls. Not as big of balls as if instead of saying "lip to lip," he had said "lip to p*nis," but still... None of this, however, gets him off the hook for being at a Carrie Underwood concert. Dude, you're 12. It's time for you...

Jul 23, 2012

Yes, This WTF Is Happening Here Flying Cat Moment Happened [61 PHOTOS]

Finally, here’s a cat who really knows how to party down! The timing could be a little better, though. That...

Jul 10, 2012

How To Make Boozed-Up Gummie Bears–And Enjoy Them, Too!

Did you know you can soak gummy bears in alcohol and they will absorb all of the liquid? It leaves...

Jul 6, 2012

Saucy Girls Making Out for International Kissing Day

Today is International Kissing Day.  What began as a celebration of locking lips in the United States has now been...

Jul 3, 2012

Cheap Date Tony: Smoochin’ On Famous Dead People’s Graves

Wouldn’t it be great to get physical with a hot lady while on top of Jimi Hendrix? Pay homage to...

Jun 28, 2012

Jimi Hendrix Fires Ted Nugent–And 9 Other Legendary Rock Concerts!

The Flaming Lips have been busy for the past several hours trying to set a record for the Most Shows...

Jun 27, 2012

AC/DC Wine: 10 Rockstar Booze Brands To Get You F-ed Up!

For those about to cork – we salute you! If you’re not in the know, the previous sentence is a...

Jun 27, 2012

Dilshad Vadsaria [See Her Tonight on MELISSA & JOEY]

15 pics! You might wonder why we're tuning in to a show that stars Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence. It's because tonight's episode also features a guest turn by Dilshad Vadsaria--who first caught our eye on the ABC Family show Greek, where she was a sexy sorority gal who once even kissed a girl. ABC Family turned into Cinemax so gradually that we barely even noticed--but we've got pics you can't miss, along with that Greek video!

Jun 13, 2012

18 Things You Didn’t Know About Hair Metal

The amazing sound of hair metal has never been bigger! Or at least that’s what the producers of Rock of...

May 9, 2012

Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace Indulge Some PASSION [VIDEO]

Brian De Palma used to be one of Hollywood's hottest directors. He's best known for Scarface, but he had lots of hits in the '80s and '90s. Then he lost his touch. Now De Palma's trying for a comeback with Rachel and Noomi playing lesbian power games in the new Passion. We'll give him a second chance--and so will you after checking out the video of his earlier attempt at a hit with a bisexual Rebecca Romijn.

Apr 23, 2012

How to Photobomb the Girl-on-Girl Party Picture [62 PHOTOS]

We’ve been running a lot of photobomb pics lately, but it’s become clear to us that our audience loves that...

Dec 29, 2011

End Your Year Looking At Drunk Girls Making Out [151 PHOTOS]

New Year's Eve can either be a big success or bust, depending on who you go with and how well it's planned. While you should hope that yours goes according to plan, it's almost a guarantee that you're going to see some pretty amateurish chicks getting too hammered and making out with each other. In preparation of the inevitable, we've pulled together two years of "historical evidence" so that you can know what to expect. Knowledge is power, right? Check out these girls kissing goodbye to the New Year and their dignity after the jump!

Nov 15, 2011

The Best Way To Get A Kiss From A Hooters Girl

These kids from Gug Nation either know a lot of different Hooters waitresses, or have a big ol' pair of balls. I'm not going to tell you what happens (because that's called cheating) but I'll give you the set-up. This guy challenges himself to drinking a beer in two seconds, and if he's successful, he gets a kiss on the cheek from his Hooters waitress. The fact that he does it with a huge afro wig on is part of what makes this video so awesome, that and he calls his shots before he even takes them. Confused? Watch the clip after the jump and you won't be.

Oct 23, 2011

Hot Drunk Ghouls Making Out In Sexy Halloween Costumes [68 PHOTOS]

On October 20th, Yahoo News reported that a study conducted by Boise State University revealed that most women are bisexual. The reasons aren't that far-fetched. Chicks are more in tune with each other, more emotional, more vulnerable. When they get drunk, it's only natural for them to be intimate with each other because they're so comfortable with the other person. For us guys, it's the greatest show on Earth. What's better than drunk girls kissing? How about drunk girls kissing in sexy, revealing Halloween costumes? Yeah, we thought so, too. Check 'em out after the jump.

Oct 19, 2011

What To Do When Your Girl Sucks At Hooking Up [He Said / She Said]

At what point does a guy call it quits when he finds out that the girl he's hooking up with sucks at kissing? Or giving head? Or at sex in general? Contrary to what girls might think, that stuff actually matters to us guys. We can close our eyes and imagine that you look different than you really do, or think of our favorite Linkin Park song when your voice annoys us, but how are we supposed to get off when your actions physically turn us off? It's almost impossible. Find out how we try to work with [and around] 'The Worst Hookup In the World' after the jump.

Sep 25, 2011

40 Most Common Mistakes Men Make During Sex

You might think that you lay some serious wood on the ladies, but chances are you're not perfect. Everyone can use either a tip or two (that's what she said) or some practice. That's why we had one of our female contributors pull together the 40 most common mistakes a man can make. Keep in mind that each girl is different, but these 40 things are definitely a no-no until you become a little more comfortable with the lucky lady. Once that happens, you've got the green light from us! Check out the 40 most common mistakes you might make in the list after the jump!

Sep 2, 2011

Say Goodbye To Summer With 21 Simmering Hot Photo Galleries Of Sexy Girls!

Uh, what the H happened to summer? Did we just black out / time travel the past 3 months? Labor Day could be the sh*ttiest of sh*tshows and we mean that in the most praise-worthy way. It's the last chance - the culmination of all your summer partying efforts. No more time to waste - you gotta go out in a blaze of glory. We're talking Bucket List type sh*t. To get you in the mood, we're bidding adios to the sexiest season with 21 photo galleries of sexy girls doing summer things like washing cars in bikinis, rocking microkinis, and Jell-O wrestling to name a few. Check 'em out after the jump then let us know what you'll miss most in the comments!

Aug 31, 2011

How To Pick Up A Shot Girl [PART 2]

A couple weeks ago, our British Bisexual Babe Hayley Quinn, devouched details from her efforts to pick up a shot girl, which even as a chick, is harder than it seems. Picking up a girl at her place of work would take real pimp / baller moves. Sometimes you have to lay the foundation before you can lay the sensation. That's why she played it cool and got her number. So, what happened next? Find out after the jump.

Aug 31, 2011

Super-Sized Sorority Girl Lingerie Soiree [132 PHOTOS]

Sorority girls can be a super fun time IF you’re partying with the right sorority at the right school. Sadly,...

Aug 14, 2011

Sororities Throw Seriously Sexy Slumber Parties [76 PICS]

Greek life, times were awesome. Dudes were killing kegs and hazing pledges, while girls were... Actually, besides getting slammed, I have no idea what they're doing. Probably having naked slumber parties. Yeah, that sounds about right. Here is some documentary proof displaying these sorority girls in their natural environment - for research purposes, of course.

Jul 14, 2011

French Girls French Kissing For Bastile Day [158 PHOTOS]

Forget all the corny French jokes and croissant puns, because France has given us a lot more than mimes. Not...

Jun 29, 2011

Hot Girls Hugging and Kissing on Hug Holiday Day [158 PHOTOS]

June 29th is Hug Holiday Day, a day created by "Hugs for Health Foundation" on the premise that "hugs... are vital components to the overall senior care plan". We believe they're a vital component to gettin' your bone on. We're not really huggers here at COED, but we strongly encourage girl-on-girl hugging. It can only lead to good things. See what we mean after the jump.

Jun 3, 2011

Omega Lota Booba: Sorority Girls Showing Cleavage [101 PHOTOS]

Sororities are both hilarious and hot. Hilarious because no matter how proper and lady-like they try to portraty themselves, we all know they really like to party like animals, bongin' beers and getting down and dirty with dudes (and sometimes with each other... at least in our minds). They'll don a beautiful sun dress from a top designer then do a keg stand. They'll wear their prized high heels and keep them on while pinning their legs behind their heads. Sure, school's out for summer, but does that mean sorority chicks will cease to amaze us? No way. Let's take a look at what makes these greeks so damn chic: BOOBS! Peep the pics below and let us know who your favorite sorority is in the comments after the jump.

Jun 2, 2011

50 Epic Demotivational Posters About Lesbians For Gay Pride Month [PHOTOS]

June is Gay and Lesbian Pride Month. In June 2000, Bill "Bubba" Clinton declared June "Gay & Lesbian Pride Month", which was revised to "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month" by Barack Obama. Why June? Well, it was chosen to commemorate the 1969 riots in Greenwich Village that sparked the modern LGBT liberation movement in the U.S. Throughout the month, GLBT groups and associations hold pride parades, picnics, parties, and memorials (in addition to each other - ZING!). We honor the L word in GBT with a month's worth of demotivational posters celebrating girl on girl. Check 'em out after the jump!

May 28, 2011

COED’s Guide To The 101 Sweetest Things About Summer

You've been waiting for this weekend all year. Now, with Memorial Day right around the corner, everyone's making plans for the best season of the year: Summer. Your plans should obviously include the B's of Summer: brews, broads, barbeques, baseball and the beach but you're missing something else. Have no fear, the professional partiers here at COED have pulled together over a hundred different activities that can help you make this the best summer ever.

May 20, 2011

Kristen Bell Makes Out With a Monkey at Hangover 2 Premiere [21 PHOTOS]

We’ve been big fans of Kristen Bell at COED ever since our photo shoot with her back in 2007. She’s down to earth, funny, and modest. If she didn’t make you remember Sarah Marshall then you’re ice cold, my man. Then, this happens; last night, at the Hangover Part II premiere, Kristen kicked it up a notch with an impromptu make out session with a monkey named, Crystal. Girl-on-girl interspecies love? Screw Hangover 2, we want to see video of her this morning trying to figure out just what the F happened last night. In the meantime, take a look at these pics.

May 12, 2011

Ask A Chick: Douchebags, Girls Kissing Girls, FWB Cuddling

“Ask A Chick” is COED’s regular dating, sex, and relationship advice series in which our special lady friend, Charlsie, fearlessly fields your inquiries you’re too chickensh*t to ask your girlfriend, sister or mom. In this week’s edition of “Ask A Chick”, Charlsie responds to questions about girls dating douchebags, girl on girl, and why bang buddies don't want to snuggle afterwards. See her answers after the jump!

Mar 12, 2011

How To Pick Up A Chick Without Pissing Off Her Friends

We've all been there: you saunter over to the cute girl you've been meaning to ask out for a while then out of nowhere comes her colossal BFF with an attitude. Best friends of the girl you are into can be your worst enemy: they will drag your "target" away, shoot you down and do everything to abort your chances of asking her to go on a date. Here are my top three reasons why this always happens and how you can handle picking up the girl of your dreams, whilst dealing with the girl of your nightmares. Read bisexual British babe Hayley Quinn's tips after the jump!

Mar 1, 2011

10 Celebrity Girl-On-Girl Hook Ups We’d Like To See

With movies like "Black Swan", "Bound", and "Mulholland Drive" exploring the psychosexual rivalry between two women, celebrity lesbianism taps into a very fundamental fantasy for most guys: girl-on-girl action. When hotties like Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis lock lips, one can't help but think of other steamy XX chromosome canoodling. Here's a list of fantasy pairings of the fairer sex we're hoping will turn into reality. You might notice a lot of these hook ups involve celebrity lookalikes or "doppelgangers". Hey, the best way to convince them to do the deed is to think of it as "self-love".

Feb 18, 2011

500 Daytona Spring Break Bikini Party Pics 2011

This weekend's Daytona 500 is sure to be bittersweet for NASCAR fans - it marks the 10th anniversary of Dale Earnhardt's fatal crash and the beginning of another adrenaline-pumping season. For many college students, Daytona is the SPRING BREAK destination of choice. This time of year marks their last chance to get in on some last minute Spring Break deals. To pay tribute to NASCAR's kick-off and to get you amped for a week of wet t-shirt contests and shady hook ups, we present you with a photo gallery of girls gone wild in Daytona to rev your engine. See the pics after the jump!

Jan 16, 2011

Body Shot Babe Bonanza

Nothing combines two of our favorite things in life - hot chicks and alcohol - like the body shot. Sure, it might not be the most sanitary way to get drunk, but it's definitely as hell is the sexiest! We're not even sure what it is that makes these lovely ladies want to lay down on a sticky bar, strip down to nearly nothing, get covered in everything from salt to a buttery nipple...

Jan 3, 2011

Guys Love Watching Drunk Girls Kissing [64 Photos]

Girls, you want to know how to get a guy's attention? If you're at a sports bar, you're up against some stiff competition, but if there's one move that can pry our eyes away from the game, it's you and your BFF swapping spit, locking lips, and/or tongue wrestling. Trust us, we've seen it happen on Halloween, under the mistletoe, and on New Year's Eve. So, what's so great about this gallery? Just check out the expressions on the creepers photobombing these pics of chicks smooching. Like winning the lottery meets winning the Super Bowl. Enjoy!

Dec 31, 2010

How To Have An Epic New Year’s Eve

4....3....2....1! Happy New Year! A brand new year lies ahead, but first we must make it through New Year’s Eve. The best New Years I ever had was when I was nine, and I took out all my parents pots and pans and banged them together at midnight. Since then, there’s been a trajectory course downward in the appeal for this holiday. It’s basically amateur night, with too much pressure on having an ultimate evening out. So here’s a guide on how to have a good New Year’s Eve.

Dec 31, 2010

What Do You Consider Cheating? [POLL]

Cheating. It's naughty. It'9s risky. It's just plain wrong ... right? 2010 saw its fair share of cheaters exposed: Tony Parker, Brett Favre, Jesse James, The Tiger Woods Aftermath, John Edwards. The list is extremely extensive and, quite frankly, depressing! It's no wonder people are more hesitant than ever to dive into a relationship. What's the point if one of you will grow tired of the other and stray? Divorce rates have stabilized but that's only because it's so damn expensive to split. But what really qualifies as cheating? A thought? A feeling? A kiss? It's important to lay out guidelines with your partner as to what constitutes cheating. Of course, that talk in and of itself might set off alarms, so tread carefully. However, when you're first dating, and you haven't had the relationship talk yet, then anything is fair game. In an effort to help you with that talk you'll eventually have, we took a look at the most common instances:

Dec 29, 2010

Drunk Girls Kissing: New Year’s Eve Edition

Lot of people see New Year’s Eve as “Amateur Hour”, a night when novice drinkers get over-served and wild out,...

Dec 27, 2010

Back to the Future, Dinosaurs, and KISS [TV THIS WEEK]

The new year is upon us. Luckily, so are a few new specials and TV programs. So, in between all of your auld-lang-syning, be sure to tune in!

Dec 17, 2010

How To Lose Your Job At The Office Holiday Party [RENATA’S RECOS]

The office holiday party was originally intended to reward employees for a year of hard work, or to distract them from the fact no one's getting a cash bonus. Since most people can see through this little ploy by upper management, it's gone from an evening brimming with holiday cheer to a boozy night overflowing with alcohol-fueled antics. So, if you had a little too much fun at your company holiday party this year, here are some tell-tale signs that perhaps you should seek work elsewhere now, or enter witness protection.

Dec 9, 2010

220 Famous Faces: Then And Now [PICS]

Growing up is hard. Especially when you're famous at a very early age. Many child actors are unable to lead a normal childhood and turn to the fast lane, Hollywood lifestyle of drugs and booze. Some, like Drew Barrymore, are able to pull out of the tailspin, some fade into oblivion (to the dismay of their fans), and others look like they've never aged! Hell, you might be watching a child star on your TV or in the theater later and not even know it! So, buckle up, hop in our DeLorean, 'cuz we're doin' a little time travel with these "Then and Now" pics of famous faces.

Dec 8, 2010

Drunk Girls Kissing: Mistletoe Edition [72 Photos]

The mistletoe is your ticket to sloppy, wet, mouth hugging, but while we continue to unsuccessfully wait under the one in the office, we thought we'd bring you the hottest same sex mistletoe encounters. If you enjoyed our French Girls Frenching, Oktoberfest Maidens Making Out, and our Drunk Girls Kissing Halloween Edition, we'll hope you'll love these merry make outs under the mistletoe.

Dec 8, 2010

Drunk Girls Kissing: Mistletoe Edition [Gallery]

Sexy photos of Drunk Girls Kissing....

Dec 6, 2010

8 Days of Hanukkah Hotties: Evan Rachel Wood (PICS)

Day 6 of our 8 Days of Hanukkah Hotties features the future Mrs. Marilyn Manson, 23 year old actress, model, and singer Evan Rachel Wood.

Dec 6, 2010

8 Days of Hanukkah Hotties: Evan Rachel Wood [PHOTO GALLERY]

Day 6 of our 8 Days of Hanukkah Hotties features the future Mrs. Marilyn Manson, 23 year old actress, singer, and model Evan Rachel Wood.

Oct 25, 2010

Drunk Girls Kissing: Halloween Edition [68 Photos]

This past June we brought you 429 drunk girls kissing. What's better than that? How about drunk girls dressed in next to nothing kissing? Or maybe Halloween girls KISS-ing? With the countdown to Halloween reaching a fevered pitch, we thought we'd prepare you for what you're bound to see this weekend, a whole bunch of witches, angels, devils, and mummys making out. So, if (and when) you don't score, you can at least encourage hotties to hit on each other. We know the sorority sisters will be sluttin' it up!

Oct 25, 2010

Drunk Girls Kissing: Halloween Edition [PHOTO GALLERY]

Sexy pictures of drunk girls kissing....

Oct 25, 2010

Halloween Girls KISS-ing [PHOTO GALLERY]

Journey of 1000 rockin’ hotties....

Oct 2, 2010

10 Halloween Costumes To Avoid (If You Want To Get Laid)

Yesterday I saw a store selling pumpkins which means Halloween will be here before you know it. Thanks to college, Halloween gives every student the excuse to dress up in their craziest, sluttiest, and most bizarre costumes around. However, just because the night is an excuse to get wild and crazy, some costumes just shouldn't be worn - especially if you're looking to get laid. For example, like these ten ...

Sep 14, 2010

92 Oktoberfest Bier Maidens Making Out

Gentlemen, Oktoberfest 2010 is finally upon us. That means 16 straight days, of beer, babes, beer, fun and beer... and did we mention girls kissing other girls while getting drunk on beer? Needless to say no other holiday so thoroughly satisfies our greatest desires like this busty babe and beer-filled festival. So grab your clogs, your beer steins, and get ready for 92 Oktoberfest Bier Maidens Making Out.

Aug 13, 2010

Sexy Sorority Girl Slumber Party [76 Photos]

To guys, women are still a complete mystery. Unfortunately, most of the time we focus on the negatives of this, like What the hell does "feeling fat" mean? Rarely, however, do we focus on their secret awesome side - the drunk girl-on-girl kissing, pillow fighting in their underwear side. But today, we're going to highlight one of the best and most mysterious of all: their "Let's have a slumber party and fondle each other!" side. It's like they're doing it just to keep our fantasies fueled. Not that we're complaining or anything... Enjoy!

Aug 11, 2010

What Her Drink Really Says About Her

If you're a guy that hits up bars or parties trying to date girls out of your league, or perhaps some girls gone too wild, you should definitely know what her drink really says about her. It wouldn't hurt to know what your drink says about you either. Even if you're a Hollywood assclown just looking to get some ass, learning how to create the ultimate bachelor pad can also guarantee you'll be looking at drunk girls kissing and motorboating for years to come!

Jul 21, 2010

Drunk Girls Motorboating 2010 [112 Photos]

Are you having one of those days where you know there's absolutely no chance that you'll end the night motorboating some girl's boobs. Bummer, right? While we can't send over any real live touch-and-feel boobs, we can offer you the second best option. We're giving you an up close look at other people motorboating drunk girls' boobs. You're welcome.

Jul 19, 2010

TV This Week: Ladies and (Mad) Men

It's a good week for you, guys. This week has some awesome premieres, finales, and a few cool specials. So whether you're looking to rock out to KISS, find out what's making some women have 100 orgasms a day, or catch up with your old pal Don Draper, this week's got you covered.

Jul 14, 2010

French Girls French Kissing [128 Photos]

Forget all the corny French jokes and croissant puns, because France has given us a lot more than mimes. Not only did they generously give us the Statue of Liberty, but they also gave us french kissing. And in honor of Bastille Day we're giving back to France by presenting them with 128 French girls french kissing.

Jun 7, 2010

429 Drunk Girls Kissing

Just because girls kissing girls might be the most cliched PR stunt out there doesn't mean that it's become any less sexy. In this past week we've gotten to see Sandra Bullock touching tongues with Scarlett Johansson and Miley Cyrus smooching someone who will no doubt become famous for smooching Miley Cyrus. And that got us so turned on that we couldn't help but put together these super sexy photos of smoking hot babes hooking up with each other.

Apr 14, 2010

How to Lose Your Virginity Before you Die

I hate to admit, but women have all the power in a relationship. The problem is that more often than not women do not just want to do it just because we do. However, and lucky for us, there are things that can alert us to when they might be in the mood as well.

Mar 4, 2010

The 5 Girls You’ll Meet in a College Bar

When you take college girls, feed them alcohol and put them in a bar environment, a remarkable thing happens: their behavior falls into remarkably consistent patterns. Based on our research, we’ve identified five types of girls you’re likely to meet in a college bar.

Sep 23, 2009

Super-Sexy Sorority Girl Slumber Party [76 Photos]

To guys, women are still a complete mystery. Unfortunately, most of the time we focus on the negatives of this, like What the hell does "feeling fat" mean? Rarely, however, do we focus on their secret awesome side - the drunk girl-on-girl kissing, pillow fighting in their underwear side. But today, we're going to highlight one of the best and most mysterious of all

Sep 23, 2009

Sexy Sorority Slumber Party Girls [PHOTO GALLERY]

Photos from sexy sorority sleepover sessions....

Jul 23, 2009

317 Drunk Girls Kissing

We can't explain it, but there's just something about seeing girls kissing each other that causes a man to drop whatever he's doing and stare. Which is probably why girls get drunk and start slathering smooches all over each other every chance they get. But whatever the reason, it's F'ing awesome. So to celebrate this fantastic female feature, we've compiled photos of 317 drunk girls kissing, for your dirty, rotten pleasure. Enjoy!

Jul 23, 2009

Sexy Drunk Girls Kissing [Gallery]

Pics of amazingly sexy drunk girls making out....

Jun 30, 2009

101 Drunk Girls Motorboating

In the long list of why boobs are amazing, motorboating sits right up there at the top of the best things you can do with them in public, without getting arrested. It's just one of those activities that makes everything in life seem good - we highly recommend it. And with July 4th coming up quickly, there's going to ample opportunity for some drunken party girl motorboating...

Mar 30, 2009

The 5 Girls You’ll Meet in a College Bar

All girls are rare and beautiful snowflakes — this much we know. Yet when you take college girls, feed them...

Jan 16, 2009

Katy Perry Nude Photo Leaked!?!

Sweet fake lesbian Jesus, we may have just hit the sexy pop singer jackpot. Our good friends at (NSFW) have just received this reader-submitted photo of what appears to be an extremely naked Katy Perry. And while it hasn't yet been confirmed whether or not this is actually Miss Perry, we can confirm that this sure looks a hell of a lot like her.

Nov 22, 2008

Which Voluptuous Hollywood Star Inspired <em>I Kissed A Girl</em>?

Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl” was the anthem of the summer. During the warm months you couldn’t go to...