Serious Question: Is This The Creepiest/Most Cringe-Worthy Dude To Ever Walk The Earth?

Wow. If you haven’t heard of or seen this new TLC show Love At First Kiss, then, well, prepare yourself… it’s a doozy. It came out about a month ago, yet it’s just started popping up on the internet this past week. Naturally, it may be the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever experienced.
Meet Josh. He is 27 years old, and he’s never kissed a girl, which makes him the PERFECT candidate for a show about kissing being your first interaction with a stranger. So the show throws 3 cute girls at the dude, with the goal of either A) getting the dude his first kiss, B) to disturb audiences across the nation, or C) both. I’m going with both.
In all honesty, I truly feel sorry for the girls who were put through this, because, frankly, the results are nothing short of horrifying:

Then, he finally has a “successful” kiss (even though, like, seriously, what is TLC’s definition of successful? Because this is by far the most brutal kiss I’ve ever witnessed in my life.):

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'Modern Family' Stream: Watch Season 8 Premiere Online
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