Oct 15, 2018

How To Deal With Anxiety: 5 Useful Tips You Should Try

It’s a common issue, having anxiety. Something we can’t explain, it affects us in different ways individually. It’s an issue...

May 15, 2017

Trump Further Panders To The Fat & Uneducated Who Voted For Him, Says Exercise Is ‘Misguided’

So I guess Donnie Freedom is going all in on this whole ‘f*ck science’ thing, huh? First, he denies climate...

Jun 28, 2013

How Did We Not Know There’s Been A Video Of Star Wars Yoga For Years

As we explained to you a few weeks ago, Star Wars Yoga was kind of a thing. I use the...

Jan 27, 2012

COED’s Spring Break Fitness Program Courtesy of Men’s Fitness [WEEK 3]

What’s up, COED Nation!? My name is Mike Simone and I’ve been working with COED contributor Charlie Romano for the...

Jan 12, 2012

COED’s Spring Break Fitness Program Courtesy of Men’s Fitness [WEEK 2]

Spring Break is creeping up and we are one week closer to the day you thank COED and Men’s Fitness for...

Jan 5, 2012

COED’s Spring Break Fitness Program Courtesy of Men’s Fitness

Spring Break is closer than you think. If you want to hook up with the girl out of your league or be able to outrun the police or win that push up contest, you need to get your @ss in shape. That being said, COED teamed up with Men’s Fitness to hook you up with an 8-week transformation to get you ripped by Spring Break. Click to get fit.

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Aug 16, 2011

A Registered Dietitian Wheys In On Packaged Protein

Broke ass college dudes can live off protein shakes and power bars in lieu of meals, especially in the post-spring break "Damn I'm fat” gym-heading season. But can these cheap ass meals-in-a-bar actually replace real food? Some say yes, as the lack of moisture can keep packed goods from decaying and the powdered form is more easily broken down. Others say you miss the grit from the real source. We have Registered Dietitian Rachel Tobin, M.S., R.D. whey in on the matter. Check out the good, the bad, and the ugly after the jump.

The Captain Morgan Workout Will Blow Your Face Off Your Skull [VIDEO]

There's a totally new fitness workout that's about to take the world by storm! And it's hosted by non-other than Captain Morgan himself - because we all know that there's three things pirates are famous for: looting, pillaging and developing high intensity/ low resistance workout programs. So forget about all those fad diets, expensive gyms and complicated machines. If you want a truly chiseled body just follow the Captain. So, check it out then vote for our Morganette Nicole in the Captain Morgan BracketMaster Challenge on Spike.

Mar 12, 2011

5 Easy Ways To Relieve Your Stress

COED has a few tips on quelling that "jump-off-a-bridge" feeling you may experience in light of returning to a full-time schedule or paying back mountains of student loans. Whatever you're dreading, keep these five ideas in mind and remember to breathe.

Sep 13, 2010

5 Signs You Suck in the Sack

Tired of being thrown out at 2 AM after 5 minutes of awesome sex?  Awesome for you, maybe, but the...

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Aug 13, 2010

7 Exercises to Avoid at All Costs

Think you're hot stuff at the gym when you're lifting heavy weights and rotating your body in every which way? Think again. A lot of popular gym exercises cause more harm than good to your body. The next time you're in the gym, avoid these seven exercises like the plague -- your ligaments and joints will thank you later.

May 14, 2010

5 Most Sexually Misleading Infomercial Titles

It's late, perhaps you're a little drowsy or even buzzed. Plopped down in front of the tube, you begin scrolling through the cable or satellite menu when... bam! Jolted from your semi-conscious stupor, you see words like 'naked' or 'booty' and the blood begins pumping again. What then did you stumble upon? Only the most misleading, deceptive, grab your attention marketing strategy on television yet: The infomercial!

Apr 5, 2010

How to Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse

So we all know it's coming at this point, the Zombie Apocalypse is inevitable. The only question now is, do you have the stamina, speed, and intelligence to fend off your neighbors, the mailman, and that hot chick from the gym as they attempt to eat your brains?

Jul 29, 2009

The Shake Weight Reminds Me of Something… [Video]

I understand that keeping in shape is important. But sometimes traditional weight lifting can cause a woman to bulk up faster than you can say "Carrot Top." Which is why the Shake Weight is such an ingenious idea: Not only does it strengthen and tone, it also hilariously makes whoever uses it look like their jerking off a robot. It's win-win!

May 26, 2009

In America We Love Our Nut Shots

• In America We Love Our Nut Shots • Greasy Hot BabeSexiest Exercise Videos Ever Seen • Jerry Seinfeld Makes $85 Million A Year • Avril Lavigne Bikini Pics • The Hotter Younger Sister

Mar 23, 2009

5 Video Games That Are Actually Good For You!

New high-tech research from Nottingham Trent University claims that playing video games has the potential to become part of a beneficial daily physical exercise regime. Which is reassuring, if hardly news for anyone who's been dabbling in the more vigorous side of video-gaming in recent years. Here's five of the best that just might make you tone up...

Mar 13, 2009

This Cyclist Is Insane [Video]

OK, I get it - riding an exercise bike in a basement or a gym is really freakin' boring. It's nicer to get outdoors, have something better to look at than sh!tty TV shows. But apparently this dude didn't get the memo that they actually make bicycles that move, because he decided it would be a good idea to strap one to the roof of a car.

Oct 22, 2008

Epic Squat FAIL

Moron Fails on Terrible Squat Thrust – Watch more free videos I’m not much of an exerciser. Sure, I understand...

Jan 30, 2008

The Air Down There: Hawaii Chair

Now, look: I’m lazy as f***. I don’t go to the gym and don’t ever plan on purchasing any of...

Dec 14, 2007

The Krankcycle: Another Reason to Avoid the Gym

I’ve went to the gym a total of four times in my entire life, and never plan on going again....

Dec 5, 2007

The Daily Shocker: Fat Can Be Fit

• Recent studies show that it’s the lack of exercise, not body fat, that’s unhealthy. • Experts break down the...

Nov 12, 2007

Refresh After a Workout with…Beer?

After a grueling workout at the gym, the only thing I want is a glass of ice old water…or a...

Nov 9, 2007

Look Absolutely Ridiculous with Six-Pack Surgery

Hey fellas: want to know a sure-fire way to get a chiseled body without foolish, time-wasting activities like exercising and...

Oct 12, 2007

The Daily Shocker: Way to Go, Jena Six

Way to go, Jena Six: your copycats are even more ignorant than you racist pricks. (WCBSTV) Way to go, Jena...

Oct 11, 2007

Kids Pole-Dancing: Hot or Not?

In a world where strippers make more money than most political figures, is it wrong to teach the youth of...

Sep 28, 2007

Beer Diet!

Hey fatty, need to lose weight in a hurry? Try going on the beer diet! The sexy, 86-pound Liv gives...

Sep 10, 2007

Freshman 15: Redonk Abs in a Few Minutes a Day!

“Quick-fix exercises are generally poor substitutes for hard work, but the following exercises are simple enough to do in the...