How To Deal With Anxiety: 5 Useful Tips You Should Try

It’s a common issue, having anxiety. Something we can’t explain, it affects us in different ways individually. It’s an issue that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Some people who don’t have anxiety look at us like we are crazy and we are overreacting about something like having anxiety. But, explain the attacks? The times you feel like you can’t breathe, you feel alone like your space is being taken over. It’s not a comfortable feeling. A feeling that is indescribable. Imagine a time in your life where you felt alone, stressed, scared, then add rapid heart rate, sweat, chills, shaky body, every nervous feeling and times that by ten and you have an anxiety attack. Imagine having them every day, and when you finally think you have it under control, you have another attack. It’s difficult to treat, medication is not a good option because it adds to the anxiety of taking drugs. Staying away from any medical drugs, some home remedies may be the best type of treatment for anxiety. Takes these tips and use them, we promise they will help.


Exercise can be great stress and anxiety reliever. Creating your own space by yourself in a gym or even at home working out can clear your head of all the negative energy. Anxiety can corrupt your mind, by working out your body is able to focus on something else and relax. After exercising there is a sense of relief that flows through you. A bit of happiness of finishing an exercise and knowing you were able to space out without worrying that whole time. Something so simple to help lower anxiety.


Meditation can be used in different ways to lower anxiety. Listening to music, sitting with your eyes closed, deep breathing, or even sleeping. Taking a small moment in your day to clear your head with simple breathing and relaxation exercises. To make the experience even more effective, add in smells that make you feel happy or think about a moment in your life where you were the most comfortable. Something about meditation allows you to escape the world you are in and find a place where you feel so powerful and free. You almost forget you have anxiety because you are in such a peaceful place.


It’s going to sound stupid, but writing is one of the best ways to deal with anxiety. Taking a piece of paper or a notebook and writing out all your fears, anger, situations, or even just a random story. It’s peaceful to go into a state of mind where you can vent onto a piece of paper. Writing is not judgmental at all, writing cannot talk back at you or make you feel guilty. You are the writer, you control what happens with pen and paper. And sometimes writing out all your anxiety out kind of help clear your head and let you see your struggles right in front of you in words. It can even be five minutes of writing that can clear up maybe a week of stress and anxiety.

Being With Loved Ones And Friends

It doesn’t need to be a dozen people or your whole family. It can be a really close friend, cousin, parent, aunt or uncle, anyone can be a security blanket for you. Find a friend or family member who, you know, will listen and could give you advice on how to deal with your anxiety and stress. Whoever you choose a person you can vent to, scream out all your problems, and, ultimately, be there, in the end, to help you calm down. That is the person who you should always hang onto.

Spending Time With Animals

Saving the best remedy for last. Animals are the best medicine when it comes to any mental issues. Dogs, cats, hamsters, any pet can help calm nerves and anxiety down from a level ten to a level one. Those fluffy friends can turn a frown into a big smile. It doesn’t have to be your pet; it could be a dog walking with their owner on the sidewalk. You can even go to the local shelter and spend some time with a dog or cat. Just be careful, or you will end up walking out with one.

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