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Dec 2, 2015

DJ Ellis Sexton: Hottest Photos of Eleonora Verbitskaya

DJ Ellis Sexton is the Russian DJ who was fired from her government job for being too hot. The problems...

Dec 2, 2015

Hot Russian DJ Fired From Her Government Job For Being Too Hot, We Feel Her Pain

You know what sucks? Being fired for being too hot. UGH, it’s like SO frustrating, brah. But nothing beats Eleonora...

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Oct 7, 2013

Meet Ruby Rose: We Like Demi Lovato’s (Alleged) Taste in Lesbian Lovers [PHOTOS]

So it seems that Demi Lovato might be a Method Actor when it comes to her lesbian love scenes in...

Mar 27, 2013

Crowd-Surfing SpongeBob Ruins Party [VIDEO]

SpongeBob always starts acting that way when he gets too coked up....

Mar 7, 2013

Yes, This Dangerous Pool Party DJ Moment Happened [PIC DUMP]

Just wait until you hear the beat drop, it’s gonna be electric. Hand to God that joke is the worst...

Mar 6, 2013

The 5 Most Important Pieces Of Strip Club Etiquette From A Strip Club DJ

Guest blogger Dee Simon was a strip club DJ in San Francisco in the mid-2000s. He recently wrote a memoir...

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Sep 20, 2012

Vira Solovei Is Officially My New Favorite Maldovian DJ [PHOTOS + GIFs]

I can’t say that I’m aware of many Maldovian DJs, but I think you’ll be hard pressed to find one...

Kim Jong “Ill” and Other Rulers That Can DJ [‘SHOPPED]

Drop bass, not bombs. After Deadmau5’s attack on “push play” DJs in Rolling Stone, it looks like a bunch of...

Aug 11, 2012

Pierce Fulton Shows You What A Real Home-Studio Should Look Like [VIDEO]

It’s not every day that electronic music artists let you into their home studios, but this new video of Pierce...

Jul 13, 2012

Spring Awakening Festival Rocks Chicago

As I walked up to Soldier Field for Spring Awakening Music Festival, I couldn’t tell if I was hearing boat...

Jun 18, 2012

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Apr 24, 2012

Party With 311 On A Private Cruise/Island This Summer

How does 4 days in the sun partying on a private island with 311 sound? Pretty dope, right? We agree...

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Mar 29, 2012

The Best of Ultra 2012 Twitpics [32 ARTIST + AUDIENCE PHOTOS]

A quick search of “ultra” on Twitter and you’ll come up with some pretty memorable photos and videos. That’s whats...

Mar 28, 2012

The Hot Girls of Ultra 2012 [28 PHOTOS]

Hopefully more than a bunch of you made it down to Miami for Ultra Music Festival. The weather was perfect,...

Jul 29, 2011

High Contrast Puts His Record On Hold For COED [Interview]

This Labor Day, NYC is hosting Electric Zoo, one of the world's premier electronic music festivals. With so many artists and genres represented, we're highlighting some of our favorite acts coming to the Big Apple. This week, you'll meet High Contrast, one of the world's premiere drum and bass DJs. COED scored an exclusive interview with the legend, so check out what he has to say about his new album, vegan food, and dubstep after the jump!

Jan 23, 2011

Crystle Lightning Photo Gallery

Crystle first started acting in 1994 and has appeared on the TV series Touched By An Angel and the soap opera Days Of Our Lives in addition to starring in the TV movie, Saving Jessica Lynch. Her most notable performance to date came in 2005 when she played "Chloe" in the movie American Pie Presents: Band Camp. She also lent her voice to the video game Prey, as the role of Tommy's girlfriend, Jen. While not acting and modeling, she works as a DJ. See her pics after the jump!

Jan 20, 2011

5 Masked DJs Currently Dominating Electronic Dance Music

The electronic dance music scene, also known as EDM, has seen a surge of masked DJs over the past decade. From classic house producers like Daft Punk, to newer electronic mixers like the Bloody Beetroots, these masked DJs have mesmerized the massed with their musical pursuits. Some say Leo DiCaprio's 1998 movie "The Man In the Iron Mask" was based on a house DJ. Let's get to know the men (and women?) behind the masks!

Dec 3, 2010

BroBible Presents The Winter Elixir Concert Featuring Big Boi is hosting a holiday event that's sure to cure those wintertime blues - the Winter Elixir concert. Side effects include Big Boi, a DJ set by Calvin Harris, LA Riots, and The Knocks. It all goes down Wednesday, December 22, 2010, at Terminal 5 in New York City. To buy your tickets now, go to!

Nov 8, 2010


It's baaaaaaaaack! In collaboration with world renowned DJ's such as Tiesto, DJ Qbert, Deadmau5, and David Guetta. DJ Hero 2 is here, and we're happy to report it's better than ever. This time with more than 100 songs mixed into 80 fresh tracks for your listening, cross-fading, and scratchin' pleasure. Reeeeguuulaaatoooors... Mount up!

Mar 6, 2010

DJ Reach: Stylin’ from New York to Sin City

While you’re fumbling for your fake, DJ Reach has half-naked models bumpin’ on dance floor. All work is … all play when work is DJing at the country’s top hot spots.

Feb 10, 2010

Valentine’s Day Music Lovers Gifts

She can be a DJ for $120 (And you can borrow it) No, it’s not a correspondence course.  Sidney Blu,...

Jan 27, 2010

Bring Out Your Inner David Guetta

The software also features “Automix”, a feature that allows you to build a playlist and let the application take care of the mixing while you fist pump and rock out on the dance floor.

Jan 22, 2010

Sexy DJ Babes: Volume 1

TGIF motherf**ker! It’s Friday and we know that you’re going to hit the bars hard tonight. To get you in...

Sep 28, 2009

Up Your Cool with the Hercules DJ Control Steel

C’mon, admit it - you think you’re good enough to call the shots on the tunes being played. So forget about waiting for DJ Hero and pressing colored tabs and go the real route. Show those songs who’s boss with a digital dual mixing deck complete with all the bells and whistles. And about as advanced and portable as you could ask for.

Apr 25, 2009

Insanely Good Beat Box Kid [Video]

These days, it seems like everyone's a beat boxer. They're not, of course, but it certainly feels that way. But when someone as dope as this dude comes along, you've got to stop and take a listen. Like all of the best, it's hard to imagine how the f**k he's actually making some of these noises. I guess if I knew, this video would be of me...

Dec 13, 2008

Hard and Heavy: COED Interviews Pendulum

A heavy-hitting blend of rock, drum & bass and electronica, Australian band Pendulum is guaranteed to knock your socks off....

Jan 25, 2008

Corey “Party Boy” Delaney is Now a Promoter

When I threw a pajama-party at my parent’s house in New Hampshire a few years back, about 70+ people showed...