Tiesto Net Worth 2023: How Much Is Tijs Michiel Verwest Worth Now?

If you’re a huge fan of EDM, then it’s almost impossible to not know who Tiesto is. This Dutch EDM giant has created waves in the music world since his first debut in the late 1990’s.
With an early interest for music in his early teens. He started by experimenting with different genres of music that were popular and mixed them. It didn’t take him long to realize that mixing became the passion that led him to become the music giant he is today. His career jump started after being signed to the record label, Basic Beats Recording that helped him land chart-topping songs. Today he is signed under his own record company, Musical Freedom. Other than the fame that grew during his career, his net worth doesn’t seem to be far behind either.

Tiesto As Of 2019: $150 Million

$150 million landed Tiesto to be the second most paid DJ’s in the world after Calvin Harris. With his expensive fee to perform and renowned fame that stirs up crowds in parties,  he gets to take home around $250,000 after every show. That’s a quarter of a million after every performance! This year so far, Tiesto alone and with other musicians has released multiple songs such as “Jackie Chan”, “Coming Home” and “Dawnbreaker” thåt set the Billboard Charts on fire.

Early Life:


Born to the name Tijis Michiel Verwest on January 17, 1969, At the age of 8, he showcased his talent in music by mixing different genres of song that soon evolved into something that stuck with him forever. At his teens, he managed his finances with menial part-time jobs at restaurants and selling his own mixtapes. He always felt that the type of music he loves should be shared, and that led him to fall deeper in love with DJ’ing. When he was 14, he quit his job and started to perform at house parties and eventually moving on to clubs around his town and then in Netherland.


Tiesto enjoying his beats


In 1994, Tiesto caught the attention of record label Basic Beats Recording’s manager, Arny Bink, who thought of his music to be very catchy and upbeat. Tiesto’s career started to rise as he released an album series called The Forbidden Paradise that solidified his fame as a producer and helped him catch on the attention of other labels. In 1997, Tiesto and Bink left Basic Beats Recording and started their own label under the name “Black Hole Recordings”. Through his name label, he released another album series named Magik. Tiesto also started a duo production team named Gouryella (which means Heaven in Australian) with his alias Ferry Corsten.


During this time, the name Tiesto has been blowing up in the charts and countries around the world. Invitations to play at huge festivals such as “The Area Festival” and “Dutch Dimension Festival” helped bolster his career and feats like playing 9 consecutive hours at one of his festivals also stuck to his name. In the span of 5 years, Tiesto has secured himself 55 music awards winning Best Dj in the Netherlands over 5 times. Perhaps one of the biggest accomplishment he achieved in this interval was his open ceremony performances for the 2004 Summer Olympics Games in Athens, Greece. He played 12 songs to an audience of over 72,000 people.



Tiesto left Black Hole Recordings after he felt like his taste in his music did not match with what the record label was looking for. He started his own record label under the name Musical Freedom in 2009 to further pursue his new outlook on Dj’ing. His new record label skyrocketed as chart-topping songs such as “Maximal Crazy,” “Wasted,” “Red Lights” and his album Kaleidoscope. Musical Freedom is also known to sign other major artists today such as Martin Garrix, Hardwell, and Quintino that also made their marks in the EDM world. During this time, his net worth was already at $75 million dollars. In 2015, Tiesto won the Grammy’s Award, an award that is given to artists by the Artists Academy to recognize significant achievements in the music industry. Today, he is still doing what he loves at the age of 49, performing for his audiences around the world and enjoying the massive success he accrued. Even at his age, this musical giant has shown no sign of slowing down. His most recent popular songs as of now are “Jackie Chan” and “Wow” which was just released on August 24th, 2018, are now all available at Spotify, SoundCloud, Youtube, and many more.


Tiësto tweets on 12th January that the Official music video for Grapevine is out now on his tweeter account.

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