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Aug 2, 2017

WATCH: Eli Manning And Teammates Bust A Move Like Total Goofs In The Giants Locker Room

The party culture of the New York Giants is on the rise. Quarterback Eli Manning makes his team proud by...

Jun 28, 2014

Even We Have To Admit This Groomsmen Dance Is Pretty Damn Cool [VIDEO]

I don’t know how many weddings you’ve had to stand up in, but the most that’s ever been expected of...

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Sep 6, 2013

5 Reasons Why This Weekend Won’t Suck [9/6 – 9/8]

The weather is going to be perfect - get out there and rage!

Aug 14, 2013

Kid’s Bar Mitzvah Celebration Is Off The Charts

Ah, to be 13 and officially a man. Oh and to have more money than I will at any point...

Apr 8, 2013

The ‘Hump And Dump’ Should Be Everyone’s New Go-To Dance Move [VIDEO]

Say hello to 2013’s Cat Daddy or Crip Walk or Bernie or Electric Slide or whatever the hell it is...

Mar 24, 2013

These Russian Bitches Can Dance [VIDEO]

Getting beaten by your teachers does make you better at things. Just ask these ridiculous dancers....

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Mar 11, 2013

Old White Dude Schools Two Younger Black Dudes At Dancing [VIDEO]

Now that the sequester has gone through, who will train our public employees to dance??...

Dancing Lego Michael Jackson Could Be The Best Michael Jackson Yet [VIDEO]

It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white when you’re made out of Lego....

Feb 21, 2013

49 Harlem Shake Videos At Once [VIDEO]

And you thought the Harlem Shake was giving you a headache BEFORE....

Feb 11, 2013

This Festive Butter Dancing Video is How Every Holiday Greeting Should Look [VIDEO]

Christmas is fast approaching and if you have a zip code, chances are you’re getting non-junk mail for the first...

Dec 13, 2012

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Dec 12, 2012

Learn All The Hottest Christmas Dance Moves At ‘The Charlie Brown School Of Dance’ [VIDEO]

A Charlie Brown Christmas is a holiday TV classic. And like all classics, it’s ripe for lampooning. And like all...

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Oct 3, 2012

Here’s The Hottest Video You’ll See This Side Of Endor: A Belly-Dancing Wookiee [VIDEO]

Some videos speak for themselves and need no explanation. This is not one of those videos. So let’s dig into...

Sep 26, 2012

Democrats And Republicans Can Both Agree That This President Obama Dance Video Is Great [VIDEO]

I don't know much about politics except that you should always vote for the candidate who has the craziest video of a guy wearing a mask of him doing kick ass dance moves on YouTube.

Sep 11, 2012

Shanti Lowry [See Her Tonight on DON’T TRUST THE B—– IN APT 23]

22 pics! She started off as a dancer, but Shanti Lowry didn't get many chances to show off her talents on TV or film--although she did manage one memorable turn in that episode of That '70s Show where Tommy Chong redecorated the basement. She's worked steadily as an actress, though, and these pics will show you that Shanti's got a real presence...

Jun 27, 2012

College Candy’s Most Influential Under-25s: They’ve Got Some of Our Faves!

Our colleagues over at have chosen the 25 Under 25 Most Influential Women on the Web–and we have to...

Jun 19, 2012

Denna Thomsen: The Dancer Who Got Shia LeBeouf Nude! [PHOTOS]

Have you seen all the wild nudity in that new video from Sigur Rós? It's definitely Not Suitable for Work--but if you made good career decisions, we've got a link inside to the clip. Shia LeBeouf's nudity is getting all the attention, but you also get to enjoy the tight bod of dancing Denna Thomsen, whose uninhibited performance is worthy of an epic summer blockbuster. Check out these pics and see why Denna was the perfect choice for some hot high art...

May 27, 2012

Eurovision Contest Winner “Euphoria” Makes Loreen the Best Singer in Europe (Like It or Not) [VIDEO]

This is Loreen, who just won the annual Eurovision Song Contest with her performance of “Euphoria.” That doesn’t guarantee international...

May 17, 2012

Donna Summer, RIP: Queen of Disco, Godmother of Techno [VIDEO]

It’s a shock to lose Donna Summer right after the death of soul man Chuck Brown. They were both incredibly...

May 2, 2012

New Kate Upton “Cat Daddy” Sexy Handbra Outtakes [14 PHOTOS]

Clearly Terry Richardson is doing something right. How else could you explain why anyone in their right minds would let...

May 1, 2012

Kate Upton Does The Cat Daddy Dance For “Uncle Terry” [VIDEO]

[vimeo w=600] Kate Upton is good at so many things. You’ll no doubt recall that she’s a talented model,...

Dec 1, 2011

Make It Clap With This Lap Dance Playlist [FREE DOWNLOADS]

If you're a rapper who likes to make it rain or addicted to the smell of baby wipes, dim lighting, and flowery-smelling lotions (i.e. me), you just can't enough of the strip club. A lot of dudes think it's just one big wallet-draining cock tease, but those of us with ingenuity know to wear silk or stain shorts without underwear when receiving a lap dance. Still, with the economy sucking dong, we long for the days when, as N.E.R.D. put it, "You can get this lap dance here for free". Well, now it's come true with RCRD LBL's Lap Dance playlist. Check it out then download all the tracks for free after the jump.

Nov 30, 2011

The 8 Dumbest Choreographed Dances of All-Time [VIDEOS]

Calling all twinkle toes. Forget words, the power of the dance is the deepest form of expression. The way you sway, swoon, drop it like it’s hot or pop, lock and drop speaks volumes. And some moves should be avoided at all cost. In honor of Dumb Dances Day on November 29th, when you can shamelessly exercise your patriotic right to shake a leg, we've compiled a list of dumb dances to wholeheartedly embrace… just make sure you throw a few back beforehand.

Sep 23, 2011

It’s A Dance Off! A Stripper Pole Dance Off! [VIDEO]

Apparently, this video was filmed after six hours of pole-dancing workshops at UP DANCE Studio. The two women, Ooana Kivela (winner of one Pole World Cup) and Grazzy Brugner (Miss Pole Dance Brazil World) are pretty good at dry humping a pole eight feet high what they do. I'm not going to lie, one of them is much better looking than the other but you have to watch to find out which one I'm talking about. If you have a special lady friend, you really should consider buying her some lessons in this very special art form - just sayin'. Watch the video after the jump!

Sep 21, 2011

Breakdancing With The Stars At The Notorious Ibe 2011 [VIDEO]

If you know me, you know I'm not a huge fan of dance movies or TV shows. You Got Served, Step Up, Honey, Save The Last Dance, So You Think You Can Dance, America's Best Dance Crew - the list is way too long. When they're releasing dance movies in 3D, you know sh*t's done jumped Jaws. But, even with the over-saturation of dance material on every outlet imaginable, this highlight reel from a B-Boy competition held in Heerlen, Holland called "The Notorious Ibe" is pretty awesome. My only question is: where are their wooden shoes and how come the Beaver Boys didn't make the cut?

Jul 23, 2011

Cali Swag District Teaches You 5 Dances Guaranteed to Get You Laid

Like it or not... many women will tell you straight-up: A guy who can dance has a much easier path to a lady's heart! than a wallflower does. That fact is generally understood, although the naturally-uncoordinated fellas out there try to keep this as hush-hush as possible. For the most part, we fit into the uncoordinated category but we figured we should try to help our readers. We then decided to enlisted the professionals known as the Cali Swag District to throwdown the 5 best dances a guy should learn if they want to "get in them drawers."

Mar 31, 2011

Crazy Old Man Led Zeppelin Dance [VIDEO]

Look at this hard rockin' geriatric bust a move! While most senior citizens are sitting around complaining about gout or a nasty case of gallstones, this guy's kicking those things to the curb and getting down to some Led Zeppelin tunes, even if they happen to be sung by a cover band. And for an old man that's clearly inebriated, you really have to give him credit for not stumbling around, falling flat on his ass. It's a real shame that Led Zeppelin won't be doing anymore reunion tours because this old guy would make for one sick opening act! But it makes you wonder, if grandpa is this cool, how awesome is the rest of the family? See this video for yourself!

Jan 22, 2011

100 Youtube Greatest Hits Compilation[Video]

In less than 4 minutes, you can enjoy 100 of the greatest and worst things Youtube has done to us....

Aug 20, 2010

Movies This Week: August 20, 2010

Expendables shot its way to #1 whlie Eat Pray Queef ate prayed and queefed its way into the second slot....

Jul 20, 2010

Life Lessons at the Strip Club

Obnoxiously bright blues, greens and various shades of pink are walking, talking and dancing all around me. For some reason the intensely colored, and revealing dresses are the focus of my attention initially, not the girls wearing them. I can’t help but think this was a bad idea. I’m nervous. This isn’t an excited, happy nervous; it’s an anxious, uncomfortable nervous. I’ve never been to a strip club before.

Feb 26, 2010

Zen Meets Pop with Electronic Pioneers KRAFTWERK

Say hello to Kraftwerks – no, make that go back to 1974 and say hello there. Four decades of electronic...

Jan 25, 2010

Saturday Afternoon Fever at Bagatelle

Just because the secrets out on New York City's biggest afternoon party - Bistro Bagatelle - doesn't mean you'll be able to get in. The Saturday afternoon brunch broadcast live on Sirius Radio BPM (Channel 36) is booked over four months in advance!

Feb 23, 2009

Capoeira Gone Horribly Wrong

Capoeria is a Brazilian martial arts that simulates dancing, which is what these two guys are supposed to be showcasing for a crowd. But in the middle, something goes wrong, and the pretend fighting turns into an all-out rumble. Yay!

Oct 16, 2008

White Boy Can Dance…In Shame

You know, most of the time, I think that dudes only want to dance or know how to dance for...

Jun 28, 2008

Laid Bare: Life Lessons at the Strip Club

Obnoxiously bright blues, greens and various shades of pink are walking, talking and dancing all around me. For some reason...

Jun 20, 2008

Nine Facial Expressions From The LSU Dance Team

Nine Facial Expressions From The LSU Dance Team After slaving away for about 30 straight days, it was time for...

Feb 29, 2008

Inmates Do Soulja Boy and Hammer

Yes, they are doing time – but they are doing the time of their life!...

Nov 5, 2007

Miss COED: Katie Bowden

This Christine Taylor look-a-like made her debut as the “sexy senior prom seductress” in Fall Out Boy’s “Dance, Dance.” Since...