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Aug 14, 2016

WATCH: Chinese Diver Says Yes To Marriage Proposal After Winning A Silver Medal

Chinese diver He Zi won a silver medal today in the Women’s Diving 3m Springboard Final, but that wasn’t the...

Jun 23, 2013

Happy 25th Birthday, Isabella Leong [PHOTOS]

Isabella Leong’s been hot and making movies for a few years, completely under your radar...

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Jan 4, 2013

Yes, This China Ferrari Sex Orgy Death Crash Happened [PIC DUMP]

That’s what happens when you live your life in the fast lane. In related news, both this headline and this...

Nov 12, 2012

Nothing Tastes As Good As A Live Scorpion On A Stick [VIDEO]

They say you haven’t lived until you’ve eaten a scorpion kebab. Wait… Did I say “they?” I meant “idiots.” Idiots...

Oct 31, 2012

Man Sues Wife For Lying To Him About Being Ugly And WINS

According to the Daily Mail, a Chinese man recently won the equivalent of $120,000 after suing his wife for concealing...

Oct 1, 2012

Restaurant In Kentucky Shut Down After Roadkill Was Found In The Kitchen …But At Least It Was Only A Deer, Right? [VIDEO]

Guys, did you even watch the video above? The owners said, “They didn’t know they weren’t allowed to do that.” ...

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Aug 26, 2012

Sexy Chinese Actress Bai Ling Needs No Body Double [PHOTOS]

Finding body doubles for yourself seems to be all the rage right now. Jennifer Anniston’s getting into the action on...

Can You Find The Asian Artist In These Pandas? [63 PHOTOS]

Besides Emilia Earhardt, the internet seems to be going all abuzz about this wall of panda toys… or so it...

Mar 20, 2012

60 Reasons To Celebrate Asian “White Day” [PHOTOS]

Newsflash: March 14th isn’t only Steak and Blowjob Day. In South Korea, China, Taiwan, and Japan the residents celebrate “White...

Mar 14, 2012

Just Chinese Soldiers Playing Hot Potato With A Live Grenade [VIDEO]

We’re still questioning the validity and authenticity of this video. We know military training is intense, you have a drill...

Jan 24, 2012

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Mar 22, 2010

Kt So

This Chinese cutie can't keep the fellas off of her back in her home town of Los Angeles. Her website is quickly becoming one of the top destinations for discerning dudes, and with her tiny waist and smokin' bod it's no wonder she's blowing up Google.

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Aug 5, 2009

Internet Addiction Camp Counselors Beat 16-Year-Old Boy To Death

What the heck is going on in China. Today, Wall Street Journal is reporting that a 16-year-old kid was beaten to death in “internet addiction” camp by his counselors. They were supposed to treat him but became agitated with him and ended up killing him instead.

Jul 9, 2008

Student Designs Counter-Strike Map of School, Gets Arrested

I’d like to say ‘this seems fake,’ but these days even the most ridiculous bullshit is turning out to be...

Jun 28, 2008

The UN is a Waste of Rhetoric!

Sitting her on a Saturday morning, after the gym, after breakfast, middle of coffee – and I find 3 stories...

Jun 17, 2008

Big Brother Gives Sweden Pink belly, People Outraged.

In a fit of fear inspired by terrorism and Internet crime, former privacy-is-sacred country Sweden has decided to change their...