Mar 15, 2019

Hip Hop Music Makes Your Cheese Taste Better, According To Science

If you are a fan of cheese, you better start listening to more hip hop, too. Why? Because it will...

Jun 4, 2018

It's National Cheese Day: How Are You Celebrating?

Wow, I could really go for a nice warm block of cheese right about now. Good, now that all vegans...

Jul 25, 2017

National Wine And Cheese Day 2017 Memes: Best Jokes, Funny Photos & Gifs

Welcome to National Wine and Cheese Day, folks! Enjoy that creamy, cheesy goodness mixed with a mound of grape-infused alcohol....

10 Crazy Things To Grill This Summer

You're an innovative sort of manly man, right? When you grill, you want it to be exciting. You know how to throw an awesome barbecue, but steak and burgers are cliché, dude. And while you know other things to grill, you're still more daring than most and seek new heights of cuisine. Crack open a beer, try these bizarre recipes, and impress the ladies with your culinary charm.

The Freedom of Work: Why Slacker Summer Jobs Rock!

I work in a sh*t-hole on the verge of bankruptcy, and I love it. I’m currently employed by a locally...

Jun 27, 2008

The Daily Shocker: Attic Cash Stash

Man finds $100K in attic, ends up fighting cops, widow, demon inside him that says “f*** it all, move to...