It's National Cheese Day: How Are You Celebrating?


Wow, I could really go for a nice warm block of cheese right about now.
Good, now that all vegans and those who are lactose-intolerant have stopped reading, let’s speak freely about how to commemorate this special day. Frankly, I’m as surprised as anyone that I wasn’t given the day off work to celebrate National Cheese Day today, but the Holiday is still important as ever (I bet Wisconsin is so lit right now). Whether you’re worshipping in private, with your family, or with your local community, here are some great ideas for how to get-your-cheese-on on this special occasion.


Apparently, London goes hard when it comes to cheese. If you have an extra 1.5K burning a hole in your pocket, splurge on a plane ticket to this “Cheese Bar” across the pond. If you don’t happen to have the time or money to make that trip, you can probably at least get some creative inspiration from this special tour of The Cheese Bar’s menu.


More than likely, you’ll probably be forced to make a grilled cheese in your apartment later to pay your respects. There’s no shame in making a classic grilled cheese, but if you’re feeling a bit more daring, you might want to experiment with this sexy lineup put together by Williams Sonoma.
Recipies include Ricotta Parmesan Tomato Tart, Summer Vegetable Lasagna, Gruyère Parmesan Souffle, Summer Squash Parmesan, Parmesan Custard, Bacon Leek Quiche, and Fondue. Honestly though if you’re putting cheese on anything, it’ll probably turn out all right.

Binge Watch Wallace And Gromit

Wallace And Gromit, the British mini-series chronicling the adventures of an eccentric inventor (Wallace) and his silent but loyal companion (Gromit) represent the inner cheese-lover in all of us. Perhaps there are no characters in the cinematic universe that eat more cheese than these two.
The entire franchise consists of 7 films: A Grand Day Out, The Wrong Trousers, A Close Shave, Cracking Contraptions, The Curse of The Were-Rabbit, A Matter of Loaf And Death, and World of Invention – you can probably get through all of them by sunset. By the way, the official cheese of Wallace and Gromit is Wensleydale Cheese, and you can find more about it here.

Cheese Sculptures

The utility of cheese reaches well beyond its flavor. The consistency of certain cheeses lends itself to artistic potential, and on National Cheese Day, sculptors have their way with it. If you struggle with carving a jack o’ lantern during Halloween, maybe this isn’t for you. But if you are up for the challenge, the cheese gods will look favorably down upon you. Check out some of these cool cheesy renderings.

Sign Up For A Cheese Church

Finally, if you’re looking to take your relationship with whatever cheese overlord you worship, join an official cheese community. Currently, the Scottish Macaroni Appreciation Club (SMAC), Cheese Club Scotland, and are accepting new members. Their application process is not particularly competitive. As a member, you will be able to attend monthly cheese events and mingle with fellow cheese enthusiasts.

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