Lime-A-Ritas And The Best Bud Light Cocktails For Cinco de Mayo [RECIPES]

Today is the glorious holiday known as Cinco de Mayo. You may know it under other monikers like “Cinco de Drinko” or something else childish but if you’re that unfamiliar with the holiday, just know that it involves guacamole and drinking.
If you’re looking to switch it up from beer on Cinco de Mayo (or ever), you can always head to the store and pick up some of Bud Light’s more refreshing drinks like Lime-a-Rita, Mag-o-Rita, Raz-ber-Rita, and Mang-o-Rita. Or if you prefer to be a little more hands-on, you can use these awesome new drinks as starters for even more festive cocktails like a Jalapeno Mang-O-Rita.

We had a special piñata come through our office containing all four of the new “Ritas” so we can attest to the fact that they’re a great way to get the holidays started… Even if they do wind up on a Monday.

16 Ways To Drink Tequila For Cinco De Mayo [RECIPES]
16 Ways To Drink Tequila For Cinco De Mayo [RECIPES]
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