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Jan 21, 2017

WATCH: Bill Clinton Seemingly Got Caught Ogling Ivanka Trump And Absolutely No One Is Surprised

It was a strange sight to see the Clintons on the dais yesterday while Donald J. Trump was being sworn...

Nov 8, 2016

The Bill Clinton Memes Are The Most Important Result Of This Election

Bill Clinton has a real shot at becoming the first First Husband in United States history. As the husband of...

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Dec 18, 2014

Andrea Catsimatidis — Woman In Bill Clinton Photo — Files For Divorce

Update: We’ve added Andrea’s hottest photos in the gallery below. Va va voom! Andrea Catsimatidis–the woman photographed with Bill at...

Jul 23, 2013

Bill Clinton Singing ‘Blurred Lines’ Is Everything That Is Right With The Internet, America And Life

So much hot fire in one video that it may in fact burn the intertubes from the inside out. Killer...

Mar 4, 2013

Bill Clinton, Lady Killer, Gets The Over-The-Top Portrait He Deserves [PICTURES]

Hopefully by now you’re familiar with those incredibly over-the-top portraits of American heroes. SharpWriter just released his newest work: a...

Sep 26, 2012

Finding Out Monica Lewinsky Probably ‘Stimulated’ Bill Clinton’s ‘Anus’ ‘Orally’ Was Worth The 15 Year Wait

See all the black in the image above? For those of you who aren't lawyers or scientists or whatever, that's called "redacted" text. In layman's parlance, that's the part of Monica Lewinsky's sworn deposition where she probably admitted to licking our 42nd President's ass. According to The Smoking Gun (possibly the foremost authority on presidential salad tossing)...

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Aug 20, 2012

Yes, This Bill Clinton “I’m Here for the Free Pussy Riot” Moment Happened [52 PHOTOS]

You can be sure that if one American politician is paying attention to Pussy Riot, it’s Slick Willy–and that guy...

Yes, This Awkward Bill Clinton Beej Moment Happened [47 PHOTOS]

It’s for reasons like this that Bill Clinton will be the coolest President ever. Barack Obama might have the media...

Jul 11, 2012

Brooklyn Lee’s 19 Sexiest Twitpics

By now you’ve probably seen the Twitter picture of porn stars Brooklyn Lee and Tasha Reign along with non-pornstar friend...

May 24, 2012

Commanders-In-Cheef: 9 Presidents Who Smoked Trees

F*ck the Netherlands, America is the country of cannabis. Our history is based on that sh*t, man. Presidents of the United States of America have been smoking 'headie of state' since the country was founded. Don't even get me started on the Declaration of Independance, either. It was written on motherf*cking hemp paper. Boom. Game, set, match. So, in the spirit of Independence Day, COED has compiled a list of some of the commanders in cheef aka Presidents who puffed the green stuff. Check it out after the jump.

Jun 29, 2011

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Feb 21, 2011

Top 10 Presidential Sex Scandals

Where there's power, there's usually sex.  And no office is more powerful than the President of the United States. And what is a good presidency without secret children, hush money or naughty interns? Presidential sex scandals go back as far as the Founding Fathers, and so as we celebrate Presidents Day, we stop to remember our former leaders by taking a look back at the top 10 presidential sex scandals that rocked the political world. See who made the cut after the jump!

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Jul 30, 2010

Top 10 Most Notorious Cheaters In The History Of Sex

For as long as men have seeked fame and fortune, they have also cheated on their wives and girlfriends. Yet there are some men that go beyond simple cheating. These are the low down dirty, no good, crazy ass, DAWGS! Here are the ten most ridiculous cheaters in the history of sex.

Jul 17, 2010

10 Politicians Crazier Than Sarah Palin

Give Sarah Palin credit. It takes a special person to live in a land where bears and moose can end up on your front door step on any given morning. However, the research team here at COED would like to present ten other politicians (in no particular order) that are just as nutty, if not nuttier than the former vice-presidential candidate.

Mar 21, 2010

Politicians’ Love-Children (Not ‘Politicians Love Children’)

Sex and politics go hand in hand, just ask Eliot Spitzer. What happens when sexual improprieties turn into twenty-years of diapers, food, clothes, and college tuition? Here are 5 politicians who got a little more than they bargained for when they hopped into bed:

Feb 13, 2010

Celebrity Cheaters Ruin Valentine’s Day for Everyone

“Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like new kitty cat while your woman shops for your gift.” – Oh please.  How...

Feb 1, 2010

Five People Killing America

The beauty of American democracy is that regardless of how many people want to see things change, there are a...

Aug 27, 2008

Clinton vs Biden: DNC Speech Hitmen

Tonight, two of the Democrats’ most vocal and vicious speakers will take the stage at the Democratic National Convention in...

Jun 12, 2008

Coming To The Big East In 2010 – Men’s Lacrosse

Coming To The Big East In 2010 – Men’s Lacrosse The Big East conference is forming a new men’s lacrosse...

Mar 12, 2008

Geraldine Ferraro Wishes She was Black

Geraldine Ferraro thinks that Obama is on political easy street because he is black. Oh Geraldine, I remember when my...

Mar 11, 2008

Bill and Hill Get Desperate!

First they made a photo of a bigger and blacker Obama, and now they are looking to join forces. There...

Feb 4, 2008

Politically Inept? Drink and Do Some Research

Like any good twenty-something, I’m on several random email lists, usually of the happy hour variety. When one of my...

Nov 5, 2007

Hillary Clinton Lesbian Sex Scandal?

Once again a member of the Clinton family can not seem to keep it in their pants. At first it...

Sep 21, 2007

The Daily Shocker: Beer-Retrieving Dog

This “Beer Retriever” is truly Man’s Best Friend. (CollegeHumor) Former President Bill Clinton jokes that he may “slit his throat”...