2023 Wedding Trends To Watch Out For

Pinterest predicted Bridgerton-inspired themes, forest venues, and sustainable practices for 2022, and surprisingly, we witnessed all these trends and more that were also predicted. So what’s in store for 2023 as far as wedding dresses, colors, themes, venues, and guest experience?

Here are the top wedding trends to watch out for in 2023, according to Pinterest,  Etsy, and wedding experts. Pinterest and Etsy analyze trends based on the most searched terms on its platform. With over 400 million Pinterest users and  96.3 million Etsy buyers by the end of Q1 in 2021, these make the two platforms reliable sources. Pinterest, for instance, has proven to be correct 80% of the time in its trends forecast.

Colorful Wedding Dresses

The first trend we are likely to see in 2023 is colorful wedding dresses. Looks like bridal designers are ditching the all-white collection that graced 2022 and going for more vibrant and cheerful colors. Expect to see a lot of bold colors like burnt orange, pastels like blue and blush, terracotta, and copper hues. According to Pinterest, there has been a 695 percent increase for the search term “burnt orange wedding themes,”. Other search terms that have seen a noticeable increase are  “terracotta bridesmaid dresses,” and “orange wedding centerpieces,.”

And these colors will not only be on the dresses but will also pop up on flower arrangements and the entire decor. 

AW Bridal

Extravagant anniversary celebrations

According to Pinterest trends, 2023 is a year of extravagant wedding anniversaries for baby boomers as well as Gen X. This does not come as a shock, given how small and intimate these celebrations have been since the Covid year. Get ready for grandiose golden anniversary parties and cookie-decorated 50th anniversaries.

Non-traditional weddings

We are also likely to see a shift from the typical traditional wedding settings and even attire that we are so accustomed to out-of-the-norm weddings. According to wedding planner Erica Estrada, “clients are wanting to step outside of the ‘norm’ as it relates to wedding traditions”.

This can mean so many things, including ditching large wedding parties and opting for intimate, intentional weddings. Or not doing the bouquet tossing.

Intimate experience with the guests

As we move towards small, intimate weddings, we expect to see couples prioritizing their guest’s experience. More focus will shift to making the day memorable for the guests and ensuring they have an incredible day(s) as well.

Multi-day Destination weddings

One trend we are almost sure we will see a lot of this 2023 is the multi-day destination weddings. Destination weddings have become huge after the Covid confinement, and it looks like it’s only getting bigger and better.

According to Wedding planner Bryan Rafanelli, couples are overwhelmingly buying out hotel venues so they can enjoy themselves together with their guests throughout the wedding celebrations. They are also booking for multiple days of up to a week instead of the normal Friday through Sunday.

Mismatched bridesmaids dresses

2021 and the better part of 2020 was all about the same color dress but different styles on bridesmaids. 2023 won’t be much different either, only that each bridesmaid will choose their color, style, and cut.

This trend will allow each bridesmaid to wear a dress that flatters their individual body type and style preferences. Additionally, mismatched dresses can add a unique and eclectic look to the overall wedding aesthetic. And what better way to show off your bridesmaid’s different personalities than each being in their own unique style?

Colorful decorations

Colorful decorations are most certainly making a comeback after seasons of minimalism and whites and nudes. We will see a lot of color in wedding designs and settings, and although we loved the black-and-white aesthetic, we are definitely excited to see pops of color.

2023 Wedding dress ideas to watch out for

High-slit dresses

Towards the end of 2022, we saw a lot of brides and their maids choosing high-slit dresses. This is a trend we are definitely carrying all through 2023. When tastefully done, the high slits look very elegant, especially on ballgowns and A-line dresses where they are undetectable.

AW Mariah Wedding Dress

Feathery dresses

Wedding dresses with feather embellishments are another trend that’s going to make a statement this 2023. You can go all in with the feather details or just hints here and there on your gown or dinner dress for a whimsical aesthetic.

Asymmetrical necklines

Necklines are an important detail in wedding dresses, and that is why we keep seeing new trends every season. For 2023, expect to see lots of asymmetrical necklines. This has been hinted at by the Spring 2023 collections, where THEIA, Anne Barge, and Romona Keveža all incorporated this neckline design in their pieces.

Other wedding dress ideas we can expect to see in 2023 include:

Bow details

AW Maraca Wedding Dress


AW Bridal

Large floral motifs

Client Approved

AW Sultana Wedding Dress


Client Approved

AW Nena Wedding Dress


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