Are Pay-to-Win Games as Profitable as Online Casino Games?

An interesting terminology that came around the major video games that introduced small transactions in their so-called “free” games. From PrivateCasinos, we want to clarify for you what this means and do you win something better than the best casino games. For more details about the online casinos, please visit the platform’s official site.

Advantages of Pay to win games

If you usually don’t spend a few hours per week playing games, you probably don’t know what they can give you as a return, except the entertainment. Research shows that video games, for example, develop fast and combinative thinking, multitasking, and imagination. Nowadays, a pay-to-win game gives you, even more, when you invest a small amount of money and receive a significant advantage in the game itself. 

The trick is that when you don’t pay, you can’t advance, achieve a certain level or win the game. Or at least it will be challenging for you compared to when you pay for weapons, for example. But the purpose is not only to move forward with the game; sometimes, you can buy features that make the game more realistic, more colourful, and exciting. So bear this in mind and plan according to your desires and budget.

PrivateCasinos recommend these games

We are specialized in overviewing everything related to online casinos, but we still have an opinion about what the online world offers to our clients. So here is the best Pay to win games that we believe will intrigue you.

  • Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (Xbox one)
  • Maple Story
  • Angry Birds Go!
  • Clash of Clans
  • Warframe
  • Cooking Fever
  • Dr. Mario World

The idea of the possibility of paying to win is that you save time and avoid tedious processes that make your journey not that pleasant. Of course, it’s not a must for you. Proceeding without paying it’s allowed, but it doesn’t give you the maximum joy of the game.

What to choose – Pay-to-Win Games or Online Casino Games

Let’s clarify something before being able to reply to this question. Even if you invest thousands of dollars into a Pay to Win game, the goal is not to win back cash. The investment helps you enjoy the process, assemble troops quicker, for example, or achieve a higher rank on the leaderboard. But it doesn’t promise you or offer you a money award. 

On the other hand, online casinos are different. You invest money that you try to recuperate and even gain additional income while enjoying the exciting combinations of the Slots or the variations of Roulette. You can check the best payout online casino Canada on

Advantages of Online Casino Games

The difference with Pay to win games is that while enjoying the blossom of the game itself and improving your skills and tactics, you have the chance to win real money. This is the primary goal of most Canadian players. Another good side is that nowadays, even the new casinos are developed as high-quality mobile casinos that you can access from everywhere anytime and even receive special mobile bonuses and promotions.

And last but not least, the online platforms offer huge jackpots, and you can win massive amounts from even small deposits. A good piece of advice here is to be aware of your own goals, budget, skills, and time that you can spend. As you probably know, there are big Poker tournaments where professional players have developed their skills to the point that it’s no anymore only about casino games. They have acquired psychological analytical minds, brainstorming the opponent’s behaviour, predicting its moves, and hiding their feelings. It’s a game on a different level. 

Roulette is another game that you could enjoy while learning its rules. If you are not so devoted, you can start with the Slot machines, and they are fun, relaxing, and easy to understand. But for more details about how to find the best casinos and games in Canada, check this source.

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