ICYMI: Lady Gaga Rumored To Play Harley Quinn In Joker Sequel

Joker director Todd Phillips teased the highly anticipated sequel to the famous film of 2019 on his social media recently, causing a stir with fans about what the sequel could entail.

One piece of the puzzle for the sequel could involve huge casting news, with Lady Gaga becoming a comic icon.

Rumors suggest that Lady Gaga will take on the role of Joker’s most notorious love interest, Harley Quinn.

With Todd Phillip’s story of the Joker being a separate entity from the DC film universe, Margot Robbie should still be expected to play Quinn in future films in the DC extended universe.

Lady Gaga has already proven she has the acting chops to belong in huge roles after her successful roles in A Star Is Born and House of Gucci.

The Joker sequel will have big shoes to fill after the first film’s success, which included Joaquin Phoenix bringing home the Academy Award for Best Actor in 2019.

Details are still scarce on Joker 2. However, the potential casting of Gaga has fans gushing over what could be with her, and Pheonix sharing the big screen has the most troubled romance in comic book history.

The casting of Gaga has yet to be confirmed by anyone associated with the film.

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