The Best TV Shows of All Time

Television has produced bountiful extraordinary shows which have taken our attention throughout history. While someone prefers comedies, the others are more into thrillers, and again someone else rather fancies fantasy shows, we all have to agree on certain all-time stars in the cinematic and TV world. In this regard, we want to recall some of the most memorable pieces of art ever shown on television. Of course, it is impossible to name them among the plethora of options, so please do not mind if we, by any chance, missed your specific favorite. 

Batman (Animated Series)

‘People will always argue about the ultimate best Batman character’, said John Pentin, research analyst at newjerseysafebetting. Some prefer Michael Keaton, others (majority) rate Christian Bale high, but nobody can deny the popularity of Kevin Conroy’s animated superhero show. It is like a dream for all Caped Crusaders’ fans, featuring an exquisite collection of heroes and villains in a world full of fabulous Batman stories. Many people consider it the best show of all time and who are we to argue? 


Sherlock Holmes is a character who told his story to various media outlets. You have books, movies, and even a special show named CBS Elementary. Nevertheless, the one specific version that conquered the planet by a storm is BBC’s Sherlock show. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman earned the highest ratings on IMDB as Sherlock and Watson. Each episode lasts for 90 minutes which makes every single Sherlock story a small movie. Everything about it is just perfect as we constantly unlock the new chapters that simply force us to continuously ask for more. 


The list of the best TV shows of all time just can’t be completed without Sopranos. This intense series followed the story of a New Jersey mafia boss in an attempt to find the balance between his family and business issues while asking for psychological help along the way. Ever since they saw the daylight back in 1999, the Sopranos have become a constant subject of discussion due to their numerous controversies. The only constant factors were people who always came back for more without losing the smallest portion of interest in the process. The Sopranos have collected a wide array of the biggest prizes in the niche, including as many as 20 Emmys.

The Wire

Located in Baltimore, The Wire told a realistic story about law and criminals. The director David Simon made the show super raw and honest thanks to the experience from his journalist days back at the Baltimore Sun. It is very interesting to note that The Wire never won significant industry awards despite being widely considered one of the best TV shows of all time. Either way, we dare you to find a better police show that made the likes of Idris Elba, Michael K. Williams, and Michael B. Jordan huge stars. 

Game of Thrones 

Game of Thrones is the most ambitious TV show ever made. It was an epic TV series by all parameters, certainly including the one concerned with the money involved. Normally, this type of series struggled to catch people’s attention, but Game of Thrones set bountiful records. It gave birth to some iconic characters such as Jon Snow, Arya Stark, and Daenerys Targaryen, as well as some unforgettable scenes like the Red Wedding or the Story about the Origin of Hodor. The mere ending of the series was discussed heavily among people all over the planet and although the majority found it bizarrely subpar, it did not destroy the overall reputation of the show. 

Breaking Bad

We will finish the list with Breaking Bad, a phenomenal drama that made every single episode across five seasons super-important. The story was about Walter White, a chemistry teacher who was diagnosed with cancer. He cooked and sold methamphetamine. He pushed himself to the limits and as such represented one of the most interesting characters ever shown on TV. One thing particularly worth mentioning when it comes to Breaking Bad is the highest level of quality throughout the whole series, something only a small portion of shows manage to accomplish. 

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