The ultimate guide to rainbow riches casinos

Some games are pretty popular, like poker, blackjack, roulette, and bingo – and there there are the most played games on the internet, like slots. 

When you consider all of the huge perks that come from playing slots, like the variety, the prizes, and the features, it’s no wonder millions of people play. 

And while there are slots like Jurrasic Park, Immortals, and Starburst that have a huge amount of players. Rainbow Riches casino is in a league of its own. 

Rainbow riches has a wide selection of games, and they are played both online and at land-based casinos globally. 

What is Rainbow Riches?

The Irish theme, bright colors, and a friendly leprechaun are just a couple of reasons why Rainbow Riches is so popular. 

Rainbow Riches is a game with many additional features and symbols for users to explore. The Pot of Gold feature is why Rainbow Riches is so popular. Each of the variations of Rainbow Riches will have different bonuses, symbols, and win potential. There is something for every type of player. 

What made the 2008 launch of Rainbow Riches unique from many other slot machines on the market was that it had two screens. One screen showed the player their Road to Riches, and the other showed a 5 x 3 reel. 

The Rainbow Riches casino is where you can play all of the Rainbow Riches slots, including Megaways, Daily Rainbows, and Jackpot O’ Luck. 

Between 2008 and now, there have been many releases of Rainbow Riches games, increasing its popularity. 

Can you play Rainbow Riches like other slots?

One of the things that make slots so enjoyable is that, for the most part, they are the same across almost all themes. While some of the features might differ slightly if you have played one slot, you already understand the game. 

When you have an account with your chosen casino website, you will select your bet amount, confirm your bet, and start spinning. 

As you spin, you will be looking for specific combinations of symbols, triggers, wilds, and more. 

Some terms that you need to know about are: 

Reels – the reel amount is how many spinning reels you have. You will typically see 5 and 3. 

243 ways to win – the number 243 denotes a fixed payline of 243

Payline – a payline is the slot lines where your winning combinations need to land to win. 

Bet max – the maximum amount you can bet per spin

Bet min – the minimum you can bet per spin 

Autospin – you can select several auto spins per play.

Spend some time understanding the different terminology for slots, and you will have a more enjoyable time. You can take advantage of autoplay, autospins, and more. 

What are Rainbow Riches games available?

While you might like the classics, there are some game variations that you might find more enjoyable. 

  • Rainbow riches Drops of Gold
  • Rainbow Riches Free Spins
  • Rainbow Riches Pick N’ Mix
  • Rainbow Riches Home Sweet Home
  • Rainbow Riches Megaways
  • Rainbow richest Leprechauns Gold
  • Rainbow Riches Feels of Gold

Of all of the Rainbow Riches games, a few are more popular. Rainbow Riches Pick N’ Mix and Rainbow Riches Megaways. 

Pick N’ Mix is popular since it offers plays some options for bonuses. You can choose from Free Spins, Cash Crop, Magic Toadstools, Road to Riches, and Pots of Gold. You can also use the Big Bet feature to instantly trigger your bonus. This means you can customize your Rainbow Riches game to your play style. 

How can you get the most from your Rainbow Riches?

Like any game you play, you want to make the most of your game time, and there are plenty of ways to do that with Rainbow Riches. 

Highest RTP

You should play the one with the biggest return on investment. Although all Rainbow Riches slots have a high RTP, a few have an RTP of 97.75 percent.

Big Bet 

If you have access to the Big Bet feature, this can be one of the biggest tools to help you secure a win. It allows you to skip the regular game and enjoy the bonus rounds.

Rainbow Riches Casino

While many casinos host some of the Rainbow Riches slots, you should play at one that specializes in Rainbow Riches, like Rainbow Riches casino – this way, you have access to all of the games. 

Golden Charms

Playing Rainbow Riches Golden Charms games is a good idea if you get the chance. The Wishing Well is a big feature in several Rainbow Riches slots. However, it will only pay the maximum amount if you activate it while enjoying a Golden Charms version.

Lucky Clover Bonus

If you land the Lucky Clover, you will be awarded 4x your stake and additional rounds that include the Leprechaun’s bonus, the Super Leprechauns bonus, and the Grand Pots Gold bonus.

The Leprechaun Bonus

The Leprechaun Bonus becomes active when you get between three and five leprechauns on your reels. Although the bonus is random, some players believe that you have a higher bet value, you are more likely to scoop the prize. 

Overall, Rainbow Riches is one of the most popular slot games for a reason. There are many options, and no matter how you like to play your slots, there is something for you. 

Want to know more about basic play? Check out this post for everything you need to know about paylines: What are slots paylines, and how do they work? 

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