Game Face On: A Beginner’s Guide to American Football

As the days pass, everyone in the world is anticipating witnessing a spectacular event. Avid fans call it the most remarkable sporting event globally. The halftime  entertainment led by celebrities is another spectacle most fans will watch out for. Super Bowl 55 – America’s most prominent football games are coming this February.

If you want to get hyped with other fans and you do not know much about this sport, then do be afraid to learn about football. You can study the rules and the teams who are playing in this season to get into the game. American football is a trendy sport in its origin and in other countries. 

Offense and Defense

Football teams work on this straightforward tactic. Each team will split into two units: an attack or offense and defense. The attacking team players on the pitch have more control of the ball. The players on the offensive side will attempt to move the ball forward to score touchdowns. Other players on the offensive team will vigorously protect the ball during the attacking part to make sure that it’s not stolen by the defending team.

On the other hand, the team that doesn’t have the ball is the defense ( defensive team). The defensive team’s role is to stop the opposing team from getting points. They can do this by tackling the ball-carrier, causing a fumble, or getting steals or intercepts. Kansas City’s defense is considered the best in the National Football League. You can place your bets on the best teams, so visit FanDuel Super Bowl’s Moneyline Odds for more information.

The Quarterback

A team’s quarterback is the leader and throws the ball a lot of times during the game. This season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will face the defending champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, which promises to be a fantastic game. Tom Brady, the play-maker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, won the Super Bowl six times with his former team, New England Patriots

With his new team, everyone expects to witness his greatness in the field and win the game. Brady is a traditional player and is known for being called a “pocket passer.” His tactic is to stand in one spot with the protection of his team and will throw the ball to a teammate. His move is traditional, but it has proved successful in the league. 

1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Down

These downs will always pop up all the time and are the key to the game. Knowing this will make you sound like a pro. Downs are the four attempts for each team to move the ball 10 yards. The players can achieve these downs by either passing or running with it. If the team can make 10 yards, then the team is given another set of four downs. 

For example, if a team makes three yards, next in its 2nd is five yards, and 3rd is seven yards, and they failed to make ten yards in those four downs, then the other team gets the ball. On the other hand, if the team fails to make 10 yards in the first three attempts, the team will probably kick it away on their 4th down. This strategy will make the other team go further to score. 


In American football, there are four ways to score during a match. Each way has different points to bear. Fret not; you can easily distinguish them without a sweat. The highest score to get is the Touchdown. This is when a team crosses the opposing team’s goal line with the ball or collects or catches the ball at the end zone. The team will garner six points for Touchdown. 

A Field Goal, which is equivalent to three points, is tried on the fourth down if the team’s kicker is close enough. The kicker can then kick the ball through the uprights or the post. Extra points can be either worth one or two points. This type of scoring is made by kicking the ball through the uprights immediately after a scored touchdown. 

Lastly, the Safety which is equivalent to two points is given to the defense when they tackle a player(with the ball) from the opposing team in his own zone. 

Super Bowl Half- time Show

This show is not a compulsory part of the Super Bowl, but eventually, it becomes one of the event’s highlights. The half-time show is also what the fans are waiting for since who does not want to see legendary celebrities perform in the crowd? From Michael Jackson to Beyonce and Lady Gaga to Bruno Mars who entertain the fans with their spectacular performance. 

The Canadian singer The Weeknd and Miley Cyrus headlining in the pregame show will entertain this year’s Super Bowl half-time. During the last year’s half-time, Sharika and Jennifer Lopez shocked the stage with their performance watched by 104 million people. This is why half-time shows are also the star of the event. 


The Super Bowl season is coming around, but it does not mean that you are too late to know everything about American Football. Learning the basics is enough for you to get hooked on this sport. You still have time to find the best team you want to place your bet on and be thrilled while watching the game.

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