How to Set up a YouTube Channel?

Did you know that YouTube is the second-most visited site right now? When people are not using Google services, they are viewing videos on YouTube. It, therefore, makes a perfect channel for creating brand awareness. YouTube provides a chance to reach your target audience because it attracts young and older people alike. Whether you offer casino bonus 20 euro or another service, you can use a YouTube channel to reach your audience. But how can you make this channel and make money with it? The process is easy, and we will describe it below. 

Steps of creating a YouTube channel

There are five easy steps you should follow when creating a YouTube channel. They include the following: 

Step One: open a Google account

If you do not already have a Google service like a Gmail account, open a Google account today. It is a simple sign-up process requiring basic details about your identity. 

Step Two: Start creating a YouTube channel

After creating a Google account, you have one of the top requirements for opening a YouTube channel. Having a Google account gives you automatic power to make a personal YouTube account. If you are looking to use YouTube for branding, you need a Brand account for your business. So, move to the YouTube account page and click on Create a Channel. 

Enter the name for your new Brand account, and it will be all set. If other people want to give access to this account, you can offer admin rights easily. By having a Brand account, you can have full access to YouTube Analytics that provides insight into how your videos perform. 

Step Three: Personalize your channel

After you finish creating your personal YouTube channel, you can customise it in various ways. Move to the channel dashboard and click on Customize channel. You have access to three customisation options: Layout, Branding, and Basic Info. Enter data that make the channel yours and optimise it for the target audience. 

Use keywords for search engine optimization purposes. Make sure that those keywords relate to the channel’s topics and industry. Next, upload your channel art and icons by clicking Branding. These will improve the appearance of your channel and help the audience connect with your YouTube channel. 

Step Four: Add your first YouTube video

Now you are almost done as all you have to do next is to upload a new YouTube video. So, click the Create icon in the top right corner of your computer screen. Follow the instructions that come next.

Step Five: Promote your YouTube Channel

If you have suitable video content you want to present to an audience, you need to promote it first. People will not view it right after you upload it. To help people discover your channel and subscribe to it, you should know how to promote it well. 

How to optimise your YouTube video content

Start by writing your video titles in a way that attracts search engines and humans. Make them descriptive and include search-engine-friendly keywords. As internet users first view titles when looking for things online, make creative and concise titles. Similar to video titles, ensure that your video descriptions are keyword-rich and have links to helpful content. 

In addition, make sure you add tags that you consider relevant to the content you are offering. Tags can get you viewers who have an interest in your content. It is also good to learn how the YouTube algorithm works to optimise your content accordingly. Lastly, promote your videos on Facebook or other social media pages by adding a link to the channel.

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