Must-watch Crime Shows on Netflix

Crime shows are extremely addictive purely because the viewer becomes infatuated with the reality of the crime and those involved. Being inquisitive is common and so many people love crime shows and documentaries as they get to delve deep into a crime, the background behind it, and the personality of what is most likely to be a murderer or serial killer. Digital TV has presented us with many crime shows over the years particularly on BBC One and ITV within 2021, providing that Freeview can provide to our crime infatuation needs. Click here for aerial TV installation to access Freeview services. However, alongside this, streaming services have provided us with a much larger platform of crime content that is available for us to watch when we want. Netflix in particular truly has no shortages in the crime department and quite often it can be difficult to navigate yourself towards one that you will thoroughly enjoy, so keep reading as we will present you with a few of the best crime shows on Netflix.  

Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez 

This crime documentary, released in 2020, dives deep into the life of the former NFL star who was one of the New England Patriots‘ main assets. After he is convicted of murder, the audience is shown a deeper side to Hernandez including personal issues, family problems, and more importantly the constant pressure of the NFL and how these all associated with his behavior which led to convicted killings. With flashbacks to the crimes, personal interviews, and several phone calls from the jail between Hernandez and his close family and friends, the viewers get an all-around view of Hernandez and his issues before his suicide in 2017.  

White Lines 

Although this fictional storyline focuses on the partying lifestyle out in Ibiza, White Lines displays a deeper routed issue which involves young Zoe attempting to solve the mystery behind her brother’s disappearance. As one of the best modern-day crime shows on Netflix, the audience does not need to witness the reality of a true-crime show however, can follow the mystery and encounters that lead to finding out what truly happened to Zoe’s older brother as he flew out to the island interpreting a life of partying and fun times which really took a turn. 

Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes 

This four-episode docuseries is one of the best crime shows on Netflix as it takes a look at one of the most notorious serial killers in American history. The show gives the audience an insight into Bundy who got away with so many crimes due to his charming image falling under anything but a serial killer. With over 100 hours of interviews with the killer himself alongside victim interviews, we truly see the evilness and wickedness behind this man and his crimes. 

Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich

One of the best crime shows on Netflix, focuses on the harmful American Financer who was able to commit many crimes, mainly focused around sex trafficking young girls. The dramatic plot of the series is the true corruption of the American Justice System after public figures such as Donald Trump, and The Royals, and even Bill Clinton are brought into and know about his vicious circle of crimes. Through interviews with some of his victims, we can witness the real effects his acts of violence have had on females and how they believe a lot more could have been done to stop this monster.  

Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel  

Focusing on the disappearance of a young Canadian student named Elisa Lam, the viewers are led to believe that something wicked has happened to her after discovering the history and background of Los Angeles’ Cecil Hotel. Home to many over the years, including the homeless, the mentally insane, and even serial killers and murders, this crime docuseries dives deeper into the property and displays the shivering content of Lam right before her disappearance that leaves the audience chilled. We don’t want to leave any spoiler’s here, so to find out what truly happened, check it out on Netflix today! 

Abducted in Plain Sight  

This hour and a half documentary leaves viewers extremely bamboozled once they understand that the crimes committed on a young girl are actually known about by her own family! Considered as warped by many, this true story focuses on a young girl who is constantly kidnapped, abused, and raped by her family’s neighbour and close friend, Robert Berchtold. Hearing the family speak about instances throughout the documentary, the viewer is left extremely confused and sympathises with young Jan for what she had to go through as a child all because of her parents being ‘misled’ and ‘gullible’.  

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