Most Popular Australian Games

Most Aussies consider sports as their favorite leisure time. They’ll dive into any game if there is a crowd to watch the game and there are competitive elements, which is why it’s not surprising that they’re pretty big into fun activities such as sports betting and casino games, and even Esports are now getting the attention of Australians.

There’s a lot of sports that are considered hot in Australia, but to find out the “hottest”, we might need to see some statistics of viewers’ numbers and player popularity of the major sports available in Australia. 

In this article, we will discuss the three most popular games in Australia. So, let’s dive right into the topic.

Australian Rules Football (AFL): 

The AFL might not be the most popular sport in some parts of the country, but we can see from the viewers’ stats in Australia, it has huge popularity as an entertaining sport in all the other parts of the country. 

Almost 4 million Australians watched every round of the 2020 season of AFL, which makes a total of 75 million people watching all the home and away fixtures of the tournament. 

So, on average 500000 people watched each game of the tournament. Which is a huge watch time. The Grand Finals always attract the most viewers in every season.  

All the post or pre-game segments and grand finals of AFL were the highest-rated TV shows in Australia last year. Over 3.8 million viewers tuned in for the AFL, which is almost 15% of the country’s total population. Throughout the year, AFL had almost 1 million more viewers than any other sports show in Australia.

The Australian Football League (AFL) continues to increase its popularity year after year. For example, the grand final ratings were 29% more than the previous year. The main reasons are every year AFL showcases new talents as many young stars are rising and willing to play the game.  The popularity of this game is still increasing and it will keep its place in the leaderboard for the most viewers for a very long time. 

National Rugby League: 

The AFL might be the most popular game in the south and west part of the country, but Rugby League is a famous and entertaining sport in all the parts of Australia. The National Rugby League Draws almost 70 million viewers every season with an average of 439,000 viewers for each match. 

The viewers’ numbers surely compete with the AFL viewer number. The Grand Final of the National Rugby League attracts more people than usual. Almost 3 million people tuned in to watch the NRL Final as it was the last match of the Rugby star Cameron Smith.


Undoubtedly Cricket is one of the most popular sports in Australia, In which they are the most successful team worldwide. 

The Aussie Cricket team has won 5 ICC World Cups. Between them, three were three in a row, in 1999,2003 and 2007. 

The recent landmark in cricket by the Aussies was the 2021 T20 World Cup. They have won their first T20 world cup ever by beating New Zealand with 8 wickets in hand. 

The first match ever played on Australian soil was back in the 1803s in Sydney. In between all these years, Australia has produced so many Cricket legends. Sir Don Bradman was the first to get the highlights. He made the fastest hundred back in the 1930s in just 22 balls. He holds the record for the highest career batting average which is 99.94. Sir Don Bradman is known by every cricket fan all around the world. 

Summing it up

Because Australians have such a diverse sports culture and they participate in a wide range of sports, it’s difficult to pick the most popular among all the choices. According to the number of views and player popularity, we can say that these three are now the most popular. However, there are several sports that they play often and are popular among Australians, such as golf, football, tennis, etc. 

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