New betting sites put to test: Is it safer to rely on the old bookmakers?

Online betting has gained popularity with new betting sites being launched every now and then. Though the betting industry is regulated, users are left in a dilemma on whether to use the new betting sites or the old bookmakers.

How safe are the new bookmakers with your money and personal details? The good news is there are well-trusted new bookmakers in the industry. But this does not mean all are safe. Keep browsing to learn more.

Online betting on new betting sites versus on old bookmakers

Whether it’s your first time or you are an expert in online betting, the first thing you want to know before placing a bet is the safety of your funds and personal details.

Sadly, scammers are everywhere regardless of the betting site you are using. There is no saying old bookmakers are safer or new betting sites are safer. How safe an online betting site is depends on how well you can spot red flags and avoid the risks involved.

A good number of individuals walk home with big wins from betting. In the same way, several people lose a lot of money from betting sites. And though whether old or new doesn’t give a safety reassurance, the trick is to use a trusted betting site.

How to identify a trusted online betting site

Since you it’s hard to determine how safe a betting site is on matters of if it’s old or new, the next question is how do to identify a trusted bookmaker. Well, here are several ways to do this:

  1. Authorization and standards

The very first thing to check is whether the betting site works with any independent organization. Such companies oversee the site’s activities and check that it meets national and industry standards.

  1. License

A trusted bookmaker will have a license. In the UK, the license comes from the UK Gambling Commission. This means any betting site offering services to UK customers without a license is not legit. And this is a red flag that could leave you at risk.

For the commission to issue a license, a bookmaker must meet certain standards which prove protections to protect clients and prevent crime are in place. And if the site is providing services to several countries, you might notice other licenses from different authorities.

To see if a bookmaker has a license, check its website. The footer of the web page should show a statement where the license is from as well as show a license number. Click on the license number or search it on the UK Gambling Commission website to prove its legitimacy.

  1. Regulation

A license points towards regulating gambling activities. This includes software a company is using, technical standards on technology and how the site processes and holds client funds.

A bookmaker should set its terms and conditions, which communicates placing valid bets. This establishes a fairground and adoption of industry-standard practices.

A sportsbook should also work with independent bodies that handle financial claims and complaints. Also, ensure you see a mediator logo on the website before placing a bet.

  1. Security measures

A trusted betting site should take action to ensure client data and funds are safe. Every bettor should feel comfortable that their personal and financial details are protected. A sportsbook can ensure safety by adopting tight security measures that raise bettors’ confidence.

  1. Information handling

How well a site is trusted is about compliance, reliability and trust. This is where the site’s privacy policy comes in. it sets out clients’ rights and details on how data is managed.

It may touch on security measures taken, especially how the sportsbook handles, stores and shares data. The site should use clear language and embrace transparency to help build trust. The privacy policy should give confidence that no personal data is accessible to third parties. Besides, it should show removal of information in case you delete your account.

Why try new bookmakers?

Though safety is not promised on the newest betting sites, you can try them out if you ascertain they are trustworthy and legit. Besides, new betting sites offer innovative products compared to established ones that may still offer traditional products.

Since they are already established, old bookmakers might be reluctant on the need to change what they already know. Besides, new betting sites may have more excellent features than established ones. The logic is simple. Old bookmakers have been in the industry and attracted clients, so upcoming bookmakers must be extra and unique in different ways to compete with them.

In the same line, they may have attractive offers to attract clients and as a bettor, it’s wise to take advantage of such discounts. People make good money by taking advantage of bonuses, offers and discounts. And if the site is legit in all ways, why not?

There are new up to standard betting sites that offer amazing services and ensure clients’ safety. But in the same way, not all are good.

You can also try a new sportsbook for a new experience and explore the new site’s design since different sites have different designs. Again, a new site may be easy to navigate and secure as it uses current technology and more advanced features.

Bottom line

How safe a betting site is depends on factors like regulation, licensing, security measures, among others. But if you judge safety depending on how old or new a site is, you will be totally wrong. Besides, you also influence safety by avoiding the risks involved.

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