What Aspects To Contemplate Before Investing In Bitcoin

Nowadays, cryptocurrency has gained unprecedented traction in the economic system. Crypto currencies were launched for the people to transact their money without controlling by any individual or central authority. It is easy to use and allows freedom of usage, which you cannot find in the existing federal banking system. 

A prominent entity of this revolutionary system is Bitcoin. However, people have some doubts as Crypto is not controlled or monitored by any government. To find a concrete answer, one must understand its concept and its emergence. You need to bear a hefty transaction fee when you deal with normal currencies, but you can save your cost by using digital currencies like Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies are controlled by open-source code and these currencies are completely transparent in nature. They are available for modification and redistribution.  For trading bitcoins, you can consider the app called Bitcoin Prestige .

What is Bitcoin and why did it emerge?

In today’s world, everyone’s money lies in the control of a third party, thanks to the centralized banking system. Whenever we deposit cash in a bank, the bank regulates the money by making investments. Hence, one’s deposit is always at risk. This implies, if the bank makes a wrong transaction, one would not be able to withdraw their hard-earned money at all. For example, you can find the rapid changes in the interest ratio in banks because they have complete freedom to change or modify their products and terms according to their will.  

Moreover, the system is vulnerable to corruption and many other issues. Since the system is maintained in a single record, it becomes easy to manipulate. Hence, while the system promises security and integrity on the outside, it is highly fragile.

Decentralization of currencies is important because it can be controlled by the owners, and you can track your investment according to your needs. A digital currency called cryptocurrency was introduced to give you this freedom. Though the concept existed before the 21st century, it gained a huge popularity in 2009. 

Who introduced the idea of bitcoin?

In 2008, under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, someone or a group of people whose identities remain unknown hitherto published a proposal for Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer, digital currency that makes use of blockchains and a cryptological algo.

The cryptographic system ensures privacy, while the peer to peer-to-peer blockchain ensures transparency and reliability. The owner would have more control over spending their money since there is no central body to control it. 

Bitcoin is a digital currency. The owner can make transactions to buy goods or services from companies that have validated the currency.

Things To Consider Before Investment

It would not be wrong to say that we are slowly entering a Bitcoin age. Bitcoin is a revolutionary approach in regulating economic transactions and seems to be more advantageous and favorable. Bitcoin appears to be good, but is it a good and safe investment?

Bitcoin is a safe and long-term investment option as per experts. You can check the previous records to understand the returns on Bitcoin. One Bitcoin was sold for under $150 in 2019; and today, you need to pay more than $62,000 for each bitcoin. Reputed companies like Square and PayPal have added Crypto Currency to their platforms, and large investors like Square, MicroStrategy, Galaxy Digital Holdings, and Tesla have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in Bitcoin. But, as digital currencies are not controlled by any government or institutional authority, you need to consider a few things before you invest in Bitcoin. 

  • Purpose of investment: 

The purpose of investing in Bitcoin plays a vital role. If someone is making the investment as a primary source of income, the decision can be immature. However, if the purpose is to have a secondary income through the extra money, the investment can be lucrative. This is because the value of Bitcoin is susceptible to rapid change.

  • Value of Bitcoin

The value of Bitcoin is directly related to its demand. The concept is as follows:

  • If there were 10 buyers for each unit of XYZ object, the value of XYZ would be determined by the highest amount one can pay.
  • So, suppose, 9 of the buyers have 80 dollars, while the last one has $81, the value of XYZ would be $81
  • Out of 21 million total bitcoins 18 million have been mined.
  • The limited supply coupled with high demand determines the worth of a Bitcoin.
  • Volatile nature and time frame: 

The initial value of Bitcoin was about $1. In the same year, its price rose to 32 Dollars, however at the end of the same year, the value dropped to 2 dollars. Hence, someone who financed in the very beginning managed to double their investment. However, the people who invested when the prices were $32 suffered losses. Today, when the price is above 68 thousand dollars, both groups have made an unbelievable amount of profit.

Since everything from the public ledger to the blockchains exists online, hackers can break into the systems. There have been several such incidents earlier. Investing in Bitcoin is also risky due to its volatile nature. With time, it is possible to tackle the issues with its fluidity in the near future. Hence, it is something everyone should look out for closely in the upcoming months.

Is Bitcoin Different From Blockchain Technology?
Is Bitcoin Different From Blockchain Technology?
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