Is Bitcoin Different From Blockchain Technology?

Cryptocurrency has lately emerged as one of the alluring sources to mint money. Many people around the world are cashing in a lot of money using these cryptocurrencies. Albeit the hefty money-making source, there has been a debate concerning the legitimacy of the use of cryptocurrency to make money. However, the debate addressed this issue and the two different terms, which are bitcoin and blockchain technology.

It is amusing how people are making a lot of money through these sources, yet they can’t differentiate how Blockchain technology is different from Bitcoin. In fact, people also consider Bitcoin as a gold investment, but Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies. 

It becomes important to note here that Blockchain is a technology, and Bitcoin is based on it. Blockchain technology was successfully back in 2009. Let’s first understand these terms.

What is Blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology is a computerized, digitally-driven payment gateway that enables and keeps down records of transactions between the parties involved on a constant basis. In other words, we can say that Blockchain technology is a kind of distributed ledger that encompasses digital assets only, including Bitcoin, of course. The payment gateway allows multiple parties to exchange, transact, share, and pool valuable resources and data in a secured way.

Blockchain technology is known to have originated in the year 1991. However, it gained popularity only after the emergence of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Blockchain technology has three important aspects:

  • Blocks: The pertinent aspect of Blockchain technology blocks. Each chain has a block for recording all the critical data related to the transaction. Each block is significantly different from the other as it has a unique hash and nonce. The blocks are placed chronologically and are not easy to track or fiddle.
  • Miners: They are responsible for creating multiple blocks, which is an unparalleled difficult task to do, taking into consideration the structure of the neighborhood.
  • Nodes: Nodes are important to understand the Blockchain decentralization system. The nodes ensure that no organization gets rein over the Blockchain and there is no breach of privacy. As most of the currencies are controlled by the government, they can be influenced by the political parties of the respective state or the country. However, cryptocurrencies are not influenced or controlled by any authority and the transactions on cryptocurrencies are completely transparent. 

Overview of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first efficient use of Blockchain technology. Bitcoin offers a low transaction cost compared to other payment gateways. Bitcoins are not physical coins, and they are completely digital currency. Bitcoins use algorithms that secure the number strings stored on a public or private key. For better understanding, it can be said that the public key is just like a bank account number, and a private key is like today’s ATM pin.

To get bitcoins, you need to have a bitcoin wallet, a software platform to receive, send and store the funds transacted. You can easily use it on your PC, mobile or any other digital device depending on its type. You can also sell your Bitcoins and earn some money, and you can also use your nearest ATM to withdraw your cash. You need to bear an additional cost for ATM transactions, and you can use a crypto exchange platform to save your cost. 

Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology 

Following are the points that significantly differentiate between Bitcoin and Blockchain technology:

  • Blockchain is a computerized, digital payment technology, whereas several cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin make use of Blockchain technology for safe and secured transactions.
  • Blockchain works on a transparent mechanism, whereas Bitcoin deals with anonymity criteria.
  • Blockchain technology has wider use, whereas Bitcoin is confined to the digital exchange of currency.
  • For bitcoin trading, a secure trading platform is crypto superstar .
  • The Blockchain contains various aspects such as digital assets, proprietary information, and digital rights, etc.
  • Blockchain technology helps you to maintain record transparency, auditing of supply chains, while Bitcoin only deals in exchange for digital currency.


Blockchain and Bitcoin are two different but related concepts. Blockchain is the foundation on which Bitcoins are created. Blockchain works as a digital payment gateway, recording transactions, and auditing them. At the same time, Bitcoin is secured by algorithms and used in digital exchange platforms for online transactions.

Is Bitcoin for Real? Let’s Understand!
Is Bitcoin for Real? Let’s Understand!
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