Why You Should Contact Personal Injury Lawyers Directly After an Accident

After a personal injury, victims need to discuss their case with an attorney to determine if they have a viable case against the defendant. There are a wide array of laws that pertain to different case types, and victims may need to file the claim as quickly as possible. 

The Events That Led Up to the Injury Are Fresher

The victim’s recollections of the events that happened during the event that caused their injuries are often fresher right after an incident happens. They have a better chance of remembering even the most minuscule details of the event right after it happens unless they sustain a brain injury.

If they have been injured due to no fault of their own, the victim needs an attorney to start a legal claim, and they may have the ability to recall all the information if they contact personal injury lawyers immediately. 

You May Have a Limited Time to File a Claim

Some personal injury claims have a more restrictive statute of limitations, and it will take time to collect all evidence and request medical records from a doctor. The average turnaround time for getting medical records from a doctor is around one month.

When collecting evidence, the attorney must contact several parties, and time is not always on their side. If the claim is against an elected official, the victim is limited to one year to file the claim. The statute of limitations starts on the day the victim sustained their injuries. 

You Need to Get Evidence As Soon As Possible

In some cases, time is of the essence, and if the attorney doesn’t file a motion to get the evidence, it could disappear. This is more probable in criminal proceedings, premises liabilities, and worker’s compensation claims. Video surveillance footage can provide substantial evidence in a case and must be acquired as quickly as possible.  

You May Not Have the Money to Cover Your Medical Costs

If the victim doesn’t have the money to get all the medical care they need or is underinsured, they may face difficulties getting the care they need. If a doctor caused their injuries, they may not have enough coverage to pay for additional medical care.

If victims file a legal claim, they can use their existing medical records to show they have serious or profound injuries that required additional care. Surgical errors can lead to further medical costs that may not be covered by the victim’s insurance.  

An Insurer Is Trying to Get You To Settle Out of Court

After an accident involving public transportation, such as buses or trains, insurers are more likely to make attempts to get the victims to accept a lower settlement from the authority that manages the transportation services. To avoid low-ball offers, the victim can refuse to speak to the insurer and get help from an attorney.  

Under personal injury laws, there are some limitations that require faster action, and if the claimant doesn’t file a legal claim quickly, they could lose their chance to collect. The type of case determines how long they have to get started. After an accident, the victim may recall details about the event that caused their injuries more accurately. If they contact an attorney immediately, they may be better able to provide all the information and increase the viability of their claim. 

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How and When Should You Speak to an Attorney About Your Injury Case?
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