Types of Accident Injuries: How Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You Recover Financially?

With millions of automobile accidents taking place each year, quite a few people are falling victim to other people’s negligence on the nation’s roadways. On top of that, millions of work-related accidents occur annually, and numerous additional injuries and damages can arise because of carelessness. Fortunately, some accidents result in only minor damages and no injuries to speak of. Of course, not all accident victims are so fortunate. In many cases, the accidents and personal losses are significant and life-altering. 

Understanding the Different Types of Personal Injuries

Several types of accidents and incidents can lead to injuries and losses. They can change people’s lives in many ways and lead to mounting medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses. Contacting a personal injury attorney after an accident can help you recover some of those losses. In the meantime, though, take a look at some common types of personal injuries to better understand when you may need to protect yourself and ensure your rights are upheld. 

Workplace Injuries

Almost 2.5 million people sustain work-related injuries each year in the United States according to recent reports. Those accidents can happen on construction sites, in manufacturing facilities, and in many other types of setting. Some common workplace injuries include slips and falls, amputations, being struck by falling objects, sprains, and broken bones. Some work-related injuries are caused by exposure to harmful substances as well. In certain cases, a workplace injury can stem from repetitive motions. Those are only a few of the possibilities. 

Vehicle Accidents

Personal injuries are also common in vehicle accidents. Those injuries can be minor or serious and widespread. For tens of thousands of people, they’re fatal. Lacerations, organ damage, broken bones, torn tendons and ligaments, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and many other types of injuries can be caused by car accidents. They often leave people facing months or even years of recovery. Some never fully recover at all. Even a minor accident can result in hundreds or thousands of dollars in medical expenses and significant wage loss. 

Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall accidents can happen virtually anywhere and to anyone. You could slip on ice outside of a store. Victims may trip over loose flooring inside an office or shop. Someone might fall down a flight of stairs due to a loose railing or fall off the edge of a deck because there was no balustrade in place. Those are only a few of the possible scenarios. Personal injuries stemming from these types of accidents often require long-term medical care and extensive recovery times, both of which can add up to significant expenses. 

Handling Personal Injuries Properly

Those are some of the most common types of personal injuries, but they may also include birth injuries, medical malpractice, and many other situations. They’re almost always the result of someone else’s negligence in one way or another. Employers may know their workers are at risk but fail to take the necessary steps to minimize the dangers. Property owners may overlook maintenance issues. Store owners often fail to warn customers of possible hazards that could lead to injuries. Sometimes, medical professionals fail to uphold their duties of care. Drivers get distracted and forget to watch out for others on the roads. 

If you or a loved one sustains a personal injury, it’s best to seek medical care as quickly as possible. From there, consider contacting an attorney for assistance. Doing so can improve your chances of proving who is at fault for those injuries and receiving compensation for them. 

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