Have You Been Injured in an Auto Accident and Don’t Know What to do First?

Auto accidents can happen for a variety of reasons including adverse weather conditions, moving violations, and mechanical failures. When they happen, the victims must take action to seek compensation. They will need evidence of all economic losses incurred because of the accident, and they need an attorney to submit the claim to the court. 

Call Highway Patrol

The first step after an accident is to call the highway patrol and emergency services. There could be victims that need to get to the hospital quickly, and law enforcement officers must find out what happened in the accident to create an accident report.

The officers will determine what party is at fault for the accident, and they will provide information about what happened in the report. All parties involved in the accident must submit a copy of the accident report to their insurers. If you were injured in an accident, it’s time to contact an attorney to start a legal claim. 

Determine If You Need Medical Attention

Even if the victims do not think they need medical attention, it is wise to at least go to the hospital for an assessment. The doctors can find any underlying injuries that happened in the accident.

Medical records are a must for anyone who needs to file a legal claim against the responsible driver, and the records show if the injuries are minor or serious. The severity of the victim’s injuries defines how much compensation they will receive if they win their case.  

Do You Have A Higher Level of Auto Insurance?

Victims with a higher level of auto insurance could file their own claim to collect compensation for their medical costs and auto repair expenses. However, if the insurance doesn’t cover the full cost of these economic losses, the victim can still file a legal claim and collect compensation for these losses. They may also get some awards for tort-based allegations if they sustained a serious injury.  

Does the At-Fault Driver Have Auto Insurance?

The law enforcement officers will determine if the at-fault driver has auto insurance coverage. The victim must get their insurance details to file a claim through their insurance carrier. If the at-fault driver doesn’t have insurance, they will face fines for non-compliance, and the victims must file a legal claim to collect compensation through the court.  

What Economic Losses Did You Incur?

The victim must include all their economic losses in the legal claim. This includes all medical costs, auto repair costs, and all lost wages. The victim needs invoices from the doctor that provided medical treatment, three estimates for auto repair costs, and a financial statement from their employer that shows all wages they lost when recovering. 

If they sustained a permanent injury or disability, they may include lifetime earnings to present the full loss incurred by the accident. The court will decide how much the victim is entitled to receive according to the injuries they have.  

Auto accidents could cause a life-changing effect on the victims, and they need to start a legal claim to collect compensation. The victim must disclose all their evidence to their attorney to get started, and the attorney starts the claim after collecting all the information. By starting a legal claim, the victim is trying to hold the at-fault driver accountable for their actions. 

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