Been in a Bad Car Accident? Here’s What to do Next

Car accidents present detrimental circumstances for victims, and they must start a legal claim to collect compensation for their injuries. Before they can get started on a legal claim, the injured party must follow vital steps to get the evidence they need. 

Contact Law Enforcement

After a motor vehicle accident, all parties involved in the accident must contact law enforcement and emergency services. Law enforcement officers come to the scene to find out what happened and who caused the accident. They interview all parties about the accident and determine if there was more than one accountable driver.

They create an accident report for the accident and file it with the appropriate agency. All parties must file a copy of the report with their auto insurance provider. Victims involved in the accident contact a car accident lawyer to get started on a legal claim. 

Seek Medical Attention

Medical attention is a must for all parties involved in the accident and determines if the victims have any accident-related injuries. Even if they don’t feel like they are injured, the victims should still go get checked out.

Sometimes, after an auto accident, they have higher levels of adrenaline and cortisol in the body and could mask the pain from injuries. X-rays and a physical assessment show underlying injuries and allow doctors to find and treat the injuries. When filing a legal claim, the victim must present medical evidence or records to the court. 

Gather Details About the Accountable Driver’s Insurance

It’s necessary for all victims to gather insurance information from the accountable driver. They need the details to start an insurance claim through the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier. If the at-fault driver doesn’t have auto insurance, the victims must start a legal claim to collect compensation. Non-compliance with insurance laws can also result in fines, and if they cause injuries, the at-fault driver could face additional charges. 

Collect Invoices for Medical Costs

For the legal claim, the victim needs invoices from their doctor to show the exact cost of all medical expenses related to their accident injuries. If the victim requires ongoing medical treatment, they need to get an estimate from their doctor showing the projected medical costs.  

Collect Information About Additional Economic Losses 

Additional economic losses may include auto repair expenses and lost wages. The victim needs to get estimates for their auto repair costs and a financial statement that shows how much they lost in wages while recovering from their injuries. They calculate all these expenses and provide evidence of the costs to their attorney. The claim requires a total for all the victim’s economic losses, which is the total they would receive if they win their case. 

If they sustained a permanent injury or disability, the court may allow some additional claims. This could include pain and suffering or mental anguish. However, the injuries must be serious and life-changing.  

Car accidents produce serious injuries for some victims, and they may need a legal claim to collect any compensation. Many at-fault drivers don’t have auto insurance and cannot provide coverage for medical costs and auto repair expenses. A legal claim gives the victim a chance to get compensation to cover all their economic losses. By hiring an attorney, the victims can get started on their claim now. 

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