Top 5 Half Time Super Bowl Performances

For some people, the best part about the Super Bowl is the betting. For others, it’s the halftime performance!

Year after year, the super bowl creates outstanding shows that are enjoyed the world over! Phenomenal stars come from around the globe to sing and dance during the biggest sporting event on American soil. 

Today, we are going to relive the 5 best super bowl performances of all time!

2007 – Prince!

The artist formerly known as Prince created the most extravagant show the super bowl had ever seen! His guitar was in the shape of his named-sake symbol, and he opened up with his old band’s classic “We Will Rock You.” As you can expect, this energy-building song was met with screams and applause as the whole crowd went wild. Prince then followed up the Queen song with “Let’s Go Crazy”.

The Florida University marching band joined in with the legend, dancing with glow sticks to the sound of “Baby I’m A Star.”

The show ended with fireworks in the sky and a massive backlit silhouette of the Purple One himself with a guitar shred of “Purple Rain.” All of this happened in the pouring rain. A truly iconic moment!

2012 – Cee Lo Green, LMFAO, Madonna and Nicki Minaj

From a one-person masterpiece to a collaboration beyond words. Madonna was the queen of the performance in this star studded line up. She joined the stage looking like a literal Greek Goddess as Spartan-dressed soldiers carried her in. Nothing can top the glamor of this timeless pop royalty. 

Admittedly, the LED light show that lit up the stage to create swirls of color to light up the dancers and choir was almost too much! But glitz and glamor is what we expect at the super bowl!

Madonna started off with “Open Your Heart” and was joined by Cee Lo Green and LMFAO to create an outstanding mashup of style, as they played a phenomenal remix of “Music” and “Party Rock Anthem.”

Madonna then brought Nicki Minaj into the mix with “Give Me All Your Luvin,” which wasn’t her best hit, but the whole show seemed effortless, fun, and truly brought the spirit of the game!

2013 – Beyonce and the Reunited Destiny’s Child

If you are a Queen Bey fan or not, this show was a jaw-dropping extravaganza! Entering the stage in all back costumes, the ladies of legend brought an air of sophistication matched by no one. The collaboration from our favorite 2000s band showed us a revamped “Crazy in Love,” which sprung to an outstanding “Baby Boy,” and then a flying touchdown to “Halo.”

Beyonce being Beyonce did make the show all about her, as her previous bandmates only sang “Single Ladies” (which isn’t even one of their songs), and the background stage was a giant image of the number one Child herself.

Regardless of these criticisms, the show was unforgettable, and the women created a performance of a lifetime!

2001 – Aerosmith, Britney Spears, Mary J Blige, Nelly, and NSYNC

A mixture of names you would never expect together created a fantastic show in its day. Looking back, the metallic outfits might seem dated, and their “Bye Bye Bye” single doesn’t have the same pull, but the fanfare that came with NSYNC gave a palpable energy that today’s boy bands cannot match! 

2001 was the first year that super bowl fans were allowed to get on the field and surround the halftime stage, creating an actual concert feeling. A moment like that is enough to make the show stand out, but when Justin Timberlake shot fireworks from his hand, the show became more than a “first time to…” record. 

To top it off, Britney, Mary J Blige, and Nelly were surprise guests that came out to sing “Walk This Way” to a crowd that lost their minds! 

2015 – Katy Perry, Missy Elliott, Lenny Kravitz

This particular show might not have been so memorable without the meme-creating “Left Shark” on Katy Perry’s performance. Still, the show was an absolute success when Katy Perry sang “Roar” while riding a giant lion puppet. She was then seen flying across the sky during her “Firework” single. 

In between the two songs, Missy Elliott sang three of her own, adding the 2000s vibe to her adoring audience.

Even writing about these legendary events is enough to get us into the betting mood! Check out Fanduel’s Super Bowl picks for this year, and let the celebrations last all season!

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