What Are the Biggest Mobile Games Of 2021 So Far?

2021 has seen the introduction of many new mobile games, some of which have been fantastic. Below we take a look at some of the new releases that have proved popular plus some of the older mobile games that continue to set the standard.

GeoGuessr is perhaps not the type of game you think about when considering what mobile game to play next but it has become a big hit in 2021. With many people unable to travel due to the restrictions in place, GeoGuessr has grown in popularity. It is a simple game and the mobile app places you in a random Google Maps Street location and you have to guess where you have been dropped. You are awarded points based on how close you are with your guess and despite the simple premise, the game has taken off in 2021 and is extremely addictive. 

Those searching for a console quality mobile role playing game need look no further than Fantasian. The game begins with Leo waking up following an explosion with only his name and a singular memory. There are two robots, Clicker and Prickle and they help Leo to try and piece together more memories in a bid to find out what happened. A combat tutorial shows you how to attack enemies and once you have killed the first wave of robots, the game begins. The beautiful scenery in the game is created by 3D-scanned dioramas and at times, it is difficult to believe you are playing a mobile game. The way the game moves from one scene to the next is stunning and that alone will keep you coming back for more. Fantasian is without doubt one of the biggest mobile games of 2021 so far and a must play.

The great thing about playing mobile games is you are not restricted to role playing games and there is a huge variety of options. Casino games are becoming more popular as developers create games perfectly suited to the smaller screen. You will find a wide selection of online slots that are perfect for playing on a mobile device and you can choose if you want to play for fun or with real money.

As mentioned above, there is a huge selection of different types of games available for mobile phones and one of the most intriguing is Full-motion video. Known as FMV for short, this style of mobile game uses pre-recorded video as way to display what is happening in the game. Night Book is one of the biggest FMV mobile games of 2021 and this horror game follows the character Loralyn, who works as an online interpreter. She works night shifts and you view the action through her screen, where you can see her virtual calls and security camera footage. Throughout the game, you are given decisions to make, some of which are trivial whereas others have a significant impact on the course of the game. Due to the fact there are several ways the game can develop; you can play Night Book several times and always discover something new.

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