How to Pick the Best Online Pokies

Looking for slot machines online is overwhelming, especially when you are unsure what to look for. The market is currently awash with many kinds of options.  And newbies are at the receiving end for most scams and poor decision-making. Consider your preferences when searching for a slot machine online.

With your preferences in mind, chances are you will make the right decision. It is also essential to consider your place of playing and the funds you have set aside for that purpose. The amount of money you stake will determine your final payout.

This article explores what you need to consider when selecting an online slot machine. Let’s get started.

Compatibility and Flexibility in Betting

We are all different, and our preferences, therefore, differ regarding the gaming devices we use. Some people may enjoy gaming on the go while others may prefer to sit and concentrate. Yet, some players may choose both options. So, based on those options, the best online slots are compatible with PCs and mobile phones.

The best pokies should be flexible enough to cater to every individual’s needs. For instance, some may wish to invest more funds than the rest. This is where coin value comes in. The coin values help in leveling and allow players to game per their budget.

Consider Volatility and RTP

Return to Player (RTP) is the average rate of funds a player stakes, and these funds go to the player at some point. While searching for a slot machine online, check for the RTP percentage. 

Typically, slot machines are likely to pay out when the RTP percentage is higher, but the final decision remains with you. Here is a breakdown of RTP percentages and what to expect from each.

The best slots have more than 97% RTP, and those with less than 94% have a low RTP. Between 95% and 96% is an average RTP. The RTP tends to be constant but can also change depending on the specific features in the slot machine.

Volatility is the risk involved in the slot game. For example, low volatility may give lower returns but with lower risk as well. On the other hand, high volatility may provide higher returns but with an increased risk involved. That is the same case for medium volatility.

From the above information, it is best to settle with minimum volatility. As much as you may not get high returns, the risk factor is low, and this will give you more chances of playing just in case.

Look for Additional Features

The features can be compared to the themes of slot machines, and they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Unlocking some of these features impacts the RTP discussed above positively or negatively. Also,these features define the quality of slot machines.

Gaming programmers are constantly working on the features to help them stand out and improve the performance of the machines. But what are the key elements to look for when selecting a slot machine online? 

Firstly look for Multipliers because they boost your winning by a given number of times. If multiple slot machines are offering multipliers, then consider the one with the highest or best options. 

Another feature to consider is the achievements. This feature is available in a few slot machines, but it is essential to consider one with it. The achievement features boost the chances of winning depending on the expertise level, which means your chances of winning continue growing with time.

Compare their Jackpots

Jackpots are essential aspects to compliment ordinary plays. Like most jackpots, participants have chances of gaining extensive with a single play. However, the jackpots are getting improved by programmers to be better and lucrative.

Some of the common jackpots that you can find include progressive jackpots. These kinds of jackpots increase in value when a specific slot is played. Pooled jackpot is another option that involves several slots that stand a chance of winning from a shared prize pool. Finally, there are the local jackpots that participants from a specific location play.

You need to check the jackpots available before settling on any slot machine online. It is also important to note that smaller pots are better in winning probability than big ones. Furthermore, the chances of winning decrease as the value of the final prize goes up.

Check for Free Spins or Bonuses

Free spins are bonus features in slot machines. These are free rounds that a player is allowed to boost wins. In most cases, the option is available after playing a given number of matches, and you need to play to unlock the option. Consider going for a slot machine that offers free spins after a few rounds of play.

While you consider the number of free spins a slot machine offers, It is also essential to consider what the reels provide. The swirls also vary in what they offer. A free spin may give you some amount to play with, or others may provide you other options. So the final decision should be based on what you get in the long run.

Select from a Casino Comparison Site

It is overwhelming to spend time looking for the best online slot machines. Best slot machines offer the best payout and other additional features. Comparison sites have turned out to be the best places for identifying slot machines. Slot machines are reviewed independently in the wesites.

All the info about the slot machines that you may need is highlighted here. For example, check on the number of pay lines, dates of last wins, RTP, and more.

Bottom Line

Selecting a slot online is relatively simple when you have background information on what to look for. You should always give RTP priority in the consideration list. Also, consider other features with your preferences in mind. Stake what you are comfortable with at all times.

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Protected: 10 Tips for Successful Betting
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