Licensing & Regulation Aspects in Sports Betting Business

If you want your online sports betting site to function and serve customers legally, then you need a gaming license. Without this document, you will not be able to take a step. Services for obtaining a gambling license in Europe are available for owners of online casinos and bookmakers. Having a gambling license will allow you to connect to the Merchant Account for gambling projects and start getting profits!

Options to Consider

Fortunately, you are not limited to a single option. For gaming licenses, you can apply to the following jurisdictions: Alderney, Curacao, or Gibraltar. The workflow is quite easy: first, you build a dedicated sports betting site. You can either build it in-house (be ready to spend a lot on the programming stuff) or purchase ready-made sports betting solutions from software design companies. Once you are done with the site, you can choose a license for the purchase.


Alderney is an offshore jurisdiction for obtaining a gaming license. It is the third-largest of the Channel Islands. One of the most popular offshore zones for gambling companies. It is characterized by strict licensing conditions, rigorous due diligence of license applicants, and constant monitoring of licensees’ operations.

  • Licensing authority: Alderney Gambling Control Commission


Curacao is another reliable offshore jurisdiction for obtaining a gaming license. An excellent communication system and internal infrastructure contribute to the fact that it is in Curacao that most of the offshore business of the islands is concentrated. Gambling companies registered in Curacao are targeted toward clients from the USA and the Netherlands. To provide gambling services in that area, it is necessary to obtain a license from the Ministry of Justice of Curacao or get a sub-license from the main license holder.

  • Licensing authority: Since 1996, the main licensing body authorized by the Ministry of Justice of Curacao is Cyberluck Curacao N.V.

In 2002, Curacao decentralized the online gambling business. Currently, online gambling is regulated by the National Ordinance Offshore Games of Hazard.


It is the favorable legal and regulatory environment of the offshore zone; its culture and laws helped to develop a positive opinion about Gibraltar and attract a large number of gambling operators. The legal basis for online gambling is the 2005 Gambling Act. The law gives the official authorities a wide range of powers to investigate and, if necessary, interfere with the activities of gambling enterprises. 

It is the Gambling Commissioner who is responsible for monitoring the compliance of gambling enterprises with the terms of the licenses obtained. Besides that, the regulator is fully responsible for ensuring that the licensees’ operations of gambling establishments fully comply with the principles of maintaining a good reputation in Gibraltar. 

  • Licensing authority: Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

The price of game licenses can vary; it all depends on the jurisdiction and type of license. In some jurisdictions, it is possible to work under both a basic license and a sub-license, which is much cheaper. 

Practicing before playing for real money — any need for this?
Practicing before playing for real money — any need for this?
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