Sports Betting Trending Among College Students

College students all over the country are finding ways to make ends meet financially and many have taken up betting on sports. With so many states now offering legal online sports betting, this activity is widely available and has become a top trend on campus. Many students are placing bets online and quite a few have earned payouts, keeping them going back for more action and taking more risks.

Many college students who begin wagering on sports do so because they have reached the legal gambling age. Others do it to earn some money to pay for things since many students face financial struggles while enrolled No matter the reason, studies have shown that there is a drastic increase in the number of college students who are regularly engaging in online betting, informed

Based on research from the National Center for Responsible Gaming, more than 75% of college students have gambled in one way over the past year. 

More Deals, More Advertisements

One reason many students are drawn to online sports betting is due to the amazing bonuses that are advertised by operators. Some offer a 100% refund on the first bet of that bet loses. Others provide free money when you make a deposit to a new account. These free offers are appealing to younger bettors and are a successful marketing tool that gets new members to create real money accounts. 

As more sportsbooks launch, there are new and exciting deals that will turn heads. With college students looking for a way to enjoy their favorite sport and have a chance to win money, online betting is quickly becoming a top trend on campuses all over the US, reports

Betting is Widely Accessible

One reason that many students have taken up sports betting is because of the ease of access. Years ago when betting online was illegal, bettors had to place trust in offshore sites operating in other countries. Today, the states in the US all have the ability to legalize online sports betting and more than 24 states have done just that, with many more working on passing laws. 

Not only are there amazing online sportsbooks operating but these sites also run mobile platforms, College students have multiple mobile devices and with these, they can place bets, watch live games, and earn payouts in between classes, or just about any time while on campus. 

As more states pass laws, there will be even more betting opportunities. While members do have to be of the legal age to gamble, that age can vary and range from 18 to 21 in different states. This is right in the age bracket of college students, so it opens the door to younger bettors who want to get their feet wet with sports betting.

The Trend Continues

US betting analysts at say that, with so many students in New York already engaging in gambling, you can expect sports betting to continue to gain popularity on college campuses. Male athletes are more prone to place bets on sports due to competitive personalities and the need for action. However, sports betting is common among female students as well and this trend will continue for years to come.

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