Top 5 Martin Scorsese Movies

All movie fanatics are familiar with the work of Martin Scorsese. The American filmmaker, producer, screenwriter is known for his violent and over the top films that have become quite influential to filmmakers today. His work is quite unique given that his directing style is like no other. He will often use some narration to accompany his films in the middle of a recorded sequence.

Scorsese was born and raised in Little Italy, NY in 1942, where some say his main source of inspiration comes from. He has worked with tons of famous actors from DiCaprio to Liza Minnellli, and he has won tons of awards, without even mentioning that aside from his amazing contributions to film history, he has served as inspiration for tons of producers or directors.

While there are mixed feelings when it comes to Martin Scorsese’s films, his directing style is famously recognized in Hollywood as one of the greatest of all times. The famous director has had over 13 Oscar nominations and in 2005, he even won an Oscar for being the best director in the film The Departed. At 78 years, he has directed some of the best films of all time.

Here are 5 of the best Martin Scorsese’s movies that everyone should watch.

  1. Casino

Casino was a film released in 1995 directed by Martin Scorsese. This epic film is a crime and drama movie that is about a mafia associate who runs casinos in Las Vegas. The movie has it all from crime, action, and even a love twist. This famous film even led the main actress to be nominated as the best actress in a leading role by the Academy Awards. 

There is nothing more exciting than a casino movie with a plot in Las Vegas. Viewers are immediately drawn to the scene, and they feel like gambling away. So if you think you’ll have better fortune than the characters in Scorsese’s casino, try out the live blackjack at Casumo and  recreate the feeling of being in an actual casino in Las Vegas.

  1. Goodfellas

This is by far one of Martin’s most famous films. This movie is extremely addictive and easy to watch over and over again. The movie is about a group of criminal gangsters and their beginnings in the streets of New York.

  1. Shutter Island

People might know this famous film because of the appearance of Leonardo DiCaprio in it. The thriller is supposed to happen in a mental institution, and it is a mixture of mystery and suspense based on the novel of Dennis Lehane.

  1. The Wolf of Wall Street

It is not a secret that Leonardo DiCaprio is famous for featuring in Martin Scorsese’s films. The Wolf of Wall Street is no exception to this; the film is about a cheap stockbroker who builds his way up to the top until he is able to reach unimaginable wealth.

  1. Taxi Driver

Who doesn’t love a Robert DeNiro film? While the actor has also starred in numerous Scorsese’s films, the movie Taxi Driver caused quite a sensation in Hollywood. The story tells a story of an ex-marine and war veteran, in this case Robert DeNiro, who drives a cab in the city of New York. This dark but twisted drama gets quite interesting while the entire life of the taxi driver is exposed to numerous dramas and events of the busy city of New York.

In this movie is where Robert DeNiro’s famous line comes from “You talkin’ to me?”

This legendary filmmaker, producer, and screenwriter has definitely made a name out of himself in Hollywood. Not only is Martin Scorsese one of the best film directors in the history of film, but this Oscar winner now serves as a sample for tons of directors and film producers who are trying to source inspiration for their upcoming films.

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