Ultimate Guide to Shipping Your Car to College

It doesn’t matter how old you get. Your parents will worry about you any time they can’t see you because it’s just what parents do.  They’re thinking about you being gone to college along with your car and wondering if other people will be safe or risky drivers. To ensure you and your car get to your college safely, start with some research so you know what to expect.

Research the Cost to Ship a Car

To help alleviate their worries, consider shipping your car to college. Start by researching how much you can expect to pay to get your car shipped. Average costs are approximately $1 per mile for shorter distances. From there, different companies start to have different rates that depend on the mileage you’re going. The longer the distance, the lower the rate.

Given that getting to college can be financially challenging, you want a combination of the lowest rate and best reliability if you ship a car. For example, if you read Easy Auto Ship reviews, you will see the company tends to have the best overall value.

Look for a Great Deal

If finding the least expensive service is your priority, compare quotes or consider using a platform like uShip. This one might take a little longer to find someone to ship your car, but it will often score you the best deal. With uShip, you’re responsible for working with the carrier, so the process differs from working with a company or broker.

uShip connects you to a driver who has extra space on their carrier. If they have space and are going along the route you need, you will work directly with the driver to work out pick-up and delivery. This is different from working with a company or a broker because you’ll have to verify insurance needs, open or closed transport options, standard fees, and pick-up and delivery dates. Check out uShip reviews if this option sounds good to you. 

The Length of Time to Ship Your Car

Shipping a car can take a few days to a week or so, depending on how far you’re going. You can expect a driver to travel several hundred miles per day, but unexpected delays can happen. To get a time estimate, you’ll need to have your pick-up location, make and model of the car, the condition of the car, and the distance you’ll need to go.

When you call, don’t expect guaranteed pick-up or drop-off dates. These times are typically given in a range. A few companies offer guaranteed pick-ups, and you’ll see that when you read Montway Auto Transport reviews. You’ll also need to be onsite at delivery a day or two before you’re supposed to have your car delivered. Don’t try to pick it up the day you get to your home away from home—it will be too much and add stress to your day.

Balancing the Feedback

Public transportation isn’t available everywhere, so if you’re going somewhere without it, you want to ship your car. Ask for feedback and read reviews on Yelp or Google to be better able to choose the company you will want to use. You can also ask your parents or family friends for suggestions because they may have experience working with car shipping companies.

Many experienced shippers will suggest a company like Amerifreight. The company has tons of discounts, including student discounts, to help you lower expected fees. It’s possible to get the best rates from Amerifreight, and with the knowledge that the company has a positive reputation, it’s another car shipping company that may be the best choice for you.

Check on Insurance Options

Every carrier carries minimal insurance as it is required by law. Most college students aren’t transporting a super expensive car, so you’re probably okay with the minimal coverage. If you’re not sure, always ask the carrier company or broker. 

Also, contact your existing insurance company to let them know your car is going to be shipped. They may require extra premiums or information, so they are ready for when your car arrives. For any questions relating to insurance, ask the company you’re working with or contact your insurance company for definitive answers.

The Bottom Line on Shipping Your Car to College

The cost of shipping a car can be expensive, but it’s worth making sure you get to your destination safely. If you’re looking for the best deal, compare quotes from different companies to get the best deals. Remember to have your pick-up and delivery dates ready when you call or request an online quote so you can get an idea of how long it will take for your car to travel without you. Get reviews from real people by checking Yelp and Google reviews or on social media. Don’t forget to check on insurance options, and once you have all of the information, you’re ready to get your car shipped to college.

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