3 Raps Albums To Listen To If You Like Tyler, The Creator

If you have been paying to the modern music scene, especially the current rap one, then the artist Tyler, The Creator should ring some bells. He consistently changes his style of music from hardcore rapping to actual production signing. Let’s just say, he is not formulaic or basic, his production and vocals change within every album. While Tyler has made himself a household name, there are other rap albums that are on that caliber of Tyler’s.

I Don’t Like S***, I Don’t Go Outside by Earl Sweatshirt

Before Tyler, the Creator claimed himself as a phenomenon, there was his group Odd Future. And one of the members was none other than Earl Sweatshirt. His rapping is very experimental and often times dives into the personal mental health of Earl. It is like Tyler in the sense that his lyrics tell a story, offering more about the artist than we know before.

Camp by Childish Gambino

This album is on par with Tyler’s CHERRY BOMB. It is loud, audacious, and is packed with so much energy and good beats with pretty unique features. In my opinion, this is Gambino’s best album. Everything he has wanted to perfect and fine-tune is in this album. Camp contains some of the most hyper-active songs Gambino has ever put out as well as his most iconic. You cannot go wrong with triple threat Donald Glover.

Alfredo by Freddie Gibbs

In my opinion, Freddie Gibbs is THE best modern rapper of our time. His flow is so airtight and brisk-less, his beats are catchy and euphoric and the production by The Alchemist is just all-timer levels of good. Sure, Tyler is featured on the track Something to Rap About but it’s more than that. His lyrics are fun and catchy while also poking fun at the hip-hop scene. If people claim this to be his best, I cannot even wait till his next album. Just give this track a listen and I’m sure you’ll be hooked.

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