Marvel’s Black Widow Box Office Numbers Predict A Big Summer Opening Weekend

We are knee-deep in the summer movie season, with films such as A Quiet Place Part IIF9: The Fast Saga, and In the Heights proves that people are not afraid of returning to cinemas worldwide. And it also good to show that these tent pole blockbusters are at their best when seen on the biggest screen with the largest crowd possible.

Marvel has contained themselves into the summer movie season with their latest release, Black Widow. This will be their first theatrical release since Spider-man: Far From Home after they have been busy with debuting their latest MCU series onto Disney+. The film releases this Friday, and fans are ready to see the origin story of everyone’s favorite red-haired assassin. While the film is debuting into theaters everywhere, it will also make its way not Disney+ with an additional $30 fee with the Premier Pass program offered. The film already is receiving critical praise with an 83% Certified Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

While many fans are stoked to see it in theaters, the box office predicitons show that it might be the latest Fast & Furious installment, which dbuted a few weeks ago. According Box Office Pro, the Marvel film will make almost $80-110 million over the opening weekend,  beating the Fast family’s already $70 million weekend last week. Keep in mind that is only for in theater numbers, who knows how many will watch the blockbuster from the comfort of their own home.

Black Widow releases everywhere in theaters and on Disney+ this Friday!



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