10 Celebrities That are Skilled at Casino Games

Celebrities are not only famous for their great acting or singing skills. Some celebrities are far more talented than anyone realises. Casino gambling takes some skill and luck if you want to win, and the only difference is that celebrities can put a much bigger bet down than the average person. 

Some celebrities play for the extra recognition, while others play to escape the limelight of fans and relax when they’re not making millions. Here are 5 celebrities that love online casino games, and are surprisingly good at them too.

Matt Damon

This world-famous actor has always loved his blackjack and poker games, but it wasn’t until he acted in the poker-themed flick Rounders that he become talented at gambling. He prepared for the movie by shadowing 10-time World Series Poker champion, Johnny Chan. The story of Rounders was based on true events.

Matt Damon is quite skilled too, as he has won many games at casino tables. When he has a break in between movie shoots, he plays online poker. Many have said that he is quite a nice guy to play with and seems to be down to earth. 

Ray Romano

He was one of the biggest names in family TV history but is still considered a high-powered name in Hollywood. Ray Romano at one point had a gambling addiction; however, he has since learned to manage it and still plays, but with more caution. His co-star Brad Garrett is also a well-known name in the gambling world.

Charlie Sheen

Known most recently in the tabloids for drugs and sex addition, Charlie Sheen also participates in some serious gambling sessions. He earned over $1 million for each episode of Two and a Half Men, so he had plenty of money to spend and roll the dice with. In the early 2010s, he was reportedly spending more than $20,000 each week on sports bets.

Ben Affleck

Best friend and regular collaborator with Matt Damon, Ben Affleck is one of the biggest celebrity gamblers around. He is often captured on camera at casinos and has won the California State Poker Championship in 2014. Sadly, he was recently banned from Hard Rock Casino because he has the natural ability to remember the cards already shown. Some call this card counting, but maybe his memory is just that good.

Ben has signed up to online casinos that he regularly plays on and you can do the same. Whether you like to play in a live casino environment just for fun or you want to compete in tournaments and earn extra money like these stars, click here. Play Live has playbooks and guidelines for all casino games so that you can learn the rules before you invest. With Play Live you will also receive regular updates to any games and upcoming tournaments that you can enter. You may even end up playing against some of these celebrities.

Paris Hilton

This female socialite once won $30,000 at her favourite Las Vegas casino. Not many women are known for partaking in casinos, or betting for that matter, but Paris Hilton likes to play anonymously. Not only does she enjoy regular trips to Vegas, but Paris Hilton also plays online casino games. 

You may even be lucky enough to run into her at an online gambling casino, but you probably won’t know it’s her.

Dana White

Dana White is the current president of the American Mixed Martial Arts (MMS) company and is known for his love of blackjack. When he is not managing his billion rand martial arts company, he can be regularly found at a casino. He once told reporters that on a very good night he has gone home with more than $5 million just by playing blackjack. These kinds of winnings either show true talent or genuine luck.

Tiger Woods

This famous golfer is not only known for his love of women and special charm, but gambling is also one of his very favourite pastimes. With high rolling bets of up to $25,000 per hand, you know Tiger Woods is playing for serious money. Either that or he thrives on the competition and adrenaline. The MGM Grand Casino even had to limit his bets to $1 million, and he is one of the highest rollers in casino history.

Victoria Coren Mitchell

Another lesser-known female name in the gambling world, but a renowned English presenter and columnist for The Observer. She hosted the British game show Only Connect, and in 2005 she was the first female to win the European Poker Tour championship. She also won the tournament again in 2014 and to date has won more than 2 million euros by playing Texas hold ‘em poker. She is still a regular poker player at the Victoria Casino in London.

Pamela Anderson

Not the first actress you would picture sitting at a poker table. Famous for her various roles playing a dumb blonde, this famous actress also loves to play poker regularly. According to some news, she lost a bet to another professional player Rick Salomon, and in her defeat, she agreed to marry him. Quite a hefty price to pay on top of losing $250,000 to a man you married three times.

Bruce Willis 

Lover of baccarat, a popular and simple card game, Bruce Willis won $500,000 in a single game. He considers this game just a hobby, but he has been playing more and more of it each year. He even finds time to play when he is on set in between scenes. His favourite casino is located in Atlantic City but he can be found playing all over the world.

If so many celebrities gamble and play casino games, there must be something to it. Even with busy filming and business schedules, these celebrities have still managed to earn a decent amount of money gambling. They are celebrities for a reason and seem to be talented in far more ways than the average person. Take up online casino games and you may just encounter your favourite celebrity.

Protected: Tips and Deceives For an Effective Bet 
Protected: Tips and Deceives For an Effective Bet 
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