Make Sure You Do This Studying Remotely in 2021

Remote learning in 2021 is no longer strikingly scary for those in education. The thing is that when the whole remote way of life has happened to us quite unexpectedly, it’s been hard to preserve at least some normality, learning-wise including. In 2021 we are still learning how to adjust, however, doing it way more comfortably than it’s been done before. Online learning is not new. People have been engaged in remote studying since the 1840s. This is when the first idea of the creation of commercial correspondence colleges appeared. Yet, this article is mostly devoted to those who were forced to move from onsite to online learning and are still trying to figure out some functional algorithm for progress and success. Here are some useful things to include in your system. 

Remember: it is still learning.

No matter whether you are going three blocks to school, or just moving to the study from your bedroom, you have to follow the schooling policies that are equally required in the educational establishments and online classes. You do not usually go to school, courses, or training in pajamas ( of course, if it is not a themed day or something). This means that your online class also requires some dress code, and in general a neat look. Also, make sure not to skip classes, hoping to get the idea from the recorded material. It is not the same, at all. Any learning is about interaction, recorded video allows pretty much no interaction at all. Always be professional, mind deadlines ( no excuses like “it is still so new for me” – you have a paper to submit on Tuesday night, make sure that happens exactly that time). The list may go on, but you have probably gotten the idea already.

Use time wisely



“Remote way” of life ( learning life as well) requires even stricter scheduling requirements in order to avoid getting slouchy and “too” comfortable. There should be a definite space for studying time, which is never compromised and sacrificed for the sake of “not feeling like….” Also, homework time should be clearly defined, as well as certain time for some extra practice, or extra research. Moreover, there is a chance that with a remote way of studying you save the time on getting to your school and back home, which means you may devote this time to enhancing your skills or finding a way to figure out what you are good at. A great idea to help your close ones with their needs. Let’s imagine your friend has started some business, and what a coincidence, you are making the first steps in graphic design. Well, you should definitely make a poster and design cards for your friend. The gist is to use the time sensibly and benefit from it.

Welcome learning platforms

To succeed as an online student you must engage in versatile educational resources in order to enrich your learning potential. There is always a possibility of you not grasping the material to its fullest. Your teacher may not be available for the meeting and discussions. Therefore, you must consider using online educational platforms ( GoReact, KhanAcademy, Discovery Education Inc, TechSmith Knowia, etc.). It is not exclusive solely for remote studying, however indeed useful, since it reminds the format of the educational process you have. A more familiar type of extra practice keeps you in tone and lets you assimilate problematic learning concepts much better.


Remote studying does not imply that the only role you have is to be a very attentive listener and that is it. You must interact with every step provided for students to express themselves in certain matters. I am sure that your teacher gives all of the groupmates plenty of possibilities to not just sit, thinking about life, but communicate, share, explain, and entertain in some lesson-related way. If there is a project you must do, make sure you do it the way people want to listen, discuss, and even argue. Or, maybe you listen to your classmates presenting, then make notes, think of provokingly interesting questions, share some of the experience you have, let others join the conversation, and have the lesson passing lively. Engage in group work. Gather together online, delegate the responsibilities, brainstorm, act as a real team, even though you may be hundreds of kilometers far from each other. “Remote” is not about isolation, it is about finding a way to solve matters effectively, reaching out to those who hold solutions.

Do not forget about fun

Remote learning may cause burnout and come to the point when there is little sense will be possible to find in anything you do. The whole ritual of starting the lessons, sitting through them, and then getting down to homework, or research work may one day feel overwhelming and quite discouraging. People you can share your feelings with are on the other side of the screen, and reaching them has the same algorithm as entering the lesson, which may totally divert you from the idea. Therefore, in order to have a balance, you must always remember about immersing in some fun. Suggest your teachers and groupmates to have themed lessons, or funny news-starters, or let Thursdays be the days when the students and the teachers are not allowed to enter the meeting without a red something, or cup of a favorite beverage ( school appropriate, of course), etc. The bounty of ideas is available for you to act upon yourself and involve the group in it.


Perfection is unattainable. However, constant improvement is always possible and way more effective. When there is something you do, and then you start doing it even better – this is already perfect for the given moment. As it’s been said before, remote studying is not new and has a general, well-defined system. It is true, but every year ( if not month) brings novelty ideas and suggestions for how to improve the remote learning process. Students know their needs and demands and can adjust, by coming up with the most suitable methods of material assimilation.

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