Useful Tips for Creating a Casino Logo  

Creating and designing a high-quality casino logo is a very important part of the branding process. Casinos are glamorous places that capture the imaginations of millions of people around the world. Quite simply, they epitomize the human experience of fun, action, and thrills. Therefore, all of this must be transferred into a visual centerpiece: the logo. 

Many casino companies successfully create excellent logos – but some do not. They might be an excellent casino, but their logo and branding are not good, which is a major disservice to their offerings. 

So, let’s go through some tips on how you can achieve the perfect casino logo that is going to get noticed and perfectly represent your company. 

Make the logo colors consistent with the rest of your branding 

The colors of your logo need to be identical to your other branding colors. If not identical, they need to be complimentary. For example, you could have a red logo with a black website – this works. But if you have a green logo and a website with a pink aesthetic, it is going to look strange because pink and green clash with each other (and not in a nice way). 

Ruby fortune casino is an excellent online casino with perfect branding. They have an enticing, purple diamond logo with a black and white website aesthetic – which creates a nice, complementary effect. They are a good logo example to take notes from. 

Differentiate from competitors 

The casino market, from physical casinos to online casinos, is oversaturated – particularly in the United States. This means that competition levels are high. A great way to battle against this is by differentiating your logo from competitors, i.e. make it look so different and creative that it is impossible not to notice. This will make your logo more memorable, whilst also protecting you from any potential trademarking problems. 

If most of your competitor casinos all have logos with playing cards in them, you need to avoid doing this. Instead, you need to add an element to your logo that is completely different from anyone else – it needs to be original. This could be the colors you use or the symbolism.  

Provide incentive 

When casino-goers look at your logo, it is important to incentivize them – why should they care about your casino? What are you offering them that others are not? For example, if your casino is heavily focused on slots, you need to include slot machines in the logo – even if it is just a minor part; or if part of your branding is that you are ‘a casino for everyone’, make your logo incredibly diverse with different aged people and ethnicities in the background in animated form. 

Focus on the font

If you are going to include text in your casino logo, you need to use an appropriate style font that looks good. Casinos are for mature audiences, so child-like fonts should be avoided. Aim for fonts that convey themes of luxury and fun. 

Finally, create multiple versions of your logo 

A common practice for brands these days is to create multiple versions of their logos, usually in different colors. This is done to increase their marketability. For example, if you have a website available in light or dark mode, you could have 2 different logos for each version. It is smart marketing. 

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