Music Albums in 2021: 5 Artists Who Should Drop

Another year means another jam-packed year full of album releases. Last year was a pretty big year full of album releases, we were lucky to receive not one but two Taylor Swift albums, a wonderful return to form from Fiona Apple, a very fun ride with Lil Uzi Vert and so much more. And after J Cole released his latest album, The Off-Season, just a few days ago the question still remains: what artists are expected to drop in 2021? Well here are just five to name a few.

5. Pusha T

In 2018, the New York rapper dropped his most acclaimed project titled Daytona. He would then be featured on albums from beloved artists but has not dropped anything since that last album. Now in 2021, he finally gives us news. He claims that it will be the best album of 2021 and that he is almost finished and is working with Kanye West as producer, last time he did this was his previous album. Whatever he drops, it’ll sure be magical to hear!

4. Lorde

Ever since the pop icon took the world by storm in 2017 with her sophomore effort, Melodrama. The New Zealand star has been radio silent on her upcoming projects. However, recently she has been active on social media which is fairly rare for her due to her completely shutting out of the public eye since her last album release. Only time will tell until she brings us her latest masterwork.

3. Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs brought the house down with his 2020 masterpiece, Alfredo, as he collaborated with fellow producer The Alchemist. Now, Freddie constantly teases fans with new singles and photos of him and other collaborators. When asked about the album, Gibbs gave fans the working title, SSS, and he claims that’ll be the best album of all year. If he manages to do so, maybe Gibbs can finally win the Grammy he rightfully deserves.

2. Drake

Drake is undoubtedly the biggest name in the music genre as of now. He constantly is #1 on every chart when new albums, EPs, or singles are released. The Canadian rapper was supposed to drop his latest album, Certified Lover Boy, in early 2021 but delayed it indefinitely. However he did release a small EP titled Scary Hours 2 that gave fans a taste of what he has been working on. It is only a matter of time until Drake releases more information about his upcoming album.

1. Kendrick Lamar

If there is one artist that is unanimously agreed upon as one of the best in the genre, it is Compton-born rapper, Kendrick Lamar. His entire discography has been consistent with classics upon classics, and fans of his have been frothing at the mouth for what he has next. It has been four years since his last album DAMN, which ultimately won him the Nobel Prize for his efforts in the musical field. His collaborators and producers have been giving fans tease but nothing major. Hopefully, King Kenny delivers this year, and it’ll rock the world when we finally have some news.

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