The Best Blackjack Sites in 2021

It’s no secret that blackjack is one of the leading games within the online casino industry. At digital platforms, the card-based pastime is going from strength to strength as it continues to attract new players. However, this modern-day success has had a knock-on effect on the number of available blackjack sites on the market. 

Nowadays, there are more blackjack-focused operators than ever before. As such, there’s far more for players to consider before signing up to one of the many platforms. But which sites are the best in 2021? Well, let’s take a look at a handful and consider where bettors can find top-rated providers. 

What Makes a Good Blackjack Site in 2021? 

In 2018, the American Gaming Association stated that there were around 2,800 actives sites within the online betting industry. Increased internet penetration has been at the heart of this growth. In turn, this has impacted the availability of various forms of digital gambling, including blackjack. Although few operators offer blackjack opportunities comparable to their slot libraries, a handful specializes in the French activity. While you can find more info here about blackjack variants and other tips, it’s worth noting that the best sites in 2021 for the card-based game are powered by Microgaming. Of those, Betway is held in high regard because of its bonus-offering promotions. Not only that, but the platform has over 50 blackjack tables, live variants, and mobile blackjack compatibility 

Microgaming-powered platforms lead by example within the online blackjack sector. The award-winning software provider has also elevated 888casino’s and LeoVegas’ status as go-to websites for the French activity. While the former has Free Play welcome bonuses and proprietary blackjack games, the latter offers mobile gameplay. This means that players can enjoy the much-loved game on smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which opens up into a 7.3-inch tablet

Why Play Blackjack Online? 

While Microgaming is at the forefront of online blackjack experiences, they aren’t the only providers that offer top-level experiences to users. Other well-respected companies like NetEnt and Pragmatic Play also focus on the activity formerly known as Vingt-Un. While next-generation consoles were regarded as the future of gaming, the user-friendly availability of online blackjack puts such a suggestion in doubt. 

At the time of writing, the number of blackjack variants continues to grow. Nowadays, users can immerse themselves in classic versions, 21 Duel, Progressive Blackjack, Switch, and many more. This market variation is one reason why new players are exploring the online casino industry and, in particular, digital blackjack. That, combined with low house edges, live games, and around-the-clock gameplay, makes the most popular gambling card game outside of poker a must-play activity on online platforms. 

Thoroughly Consider All Options 

With 2,800 active sites, finding the right platform isn’t as straightforward as it has been in recent years. However, bettors should embrace heightened variation. Because of the sector’s competitive nature, there are now more bonuses and lucrative opportunities on offer, and these can help to enhance playing experiences. At present, Microgaming is the dominant blackjack force, but that could change over time, so don’t shy away from doing some research before registering. 

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