Why Are Clear Glasses In Style?

When I first realized I had vision problems, at the age of fourteen, I didn’t tell my parents. In fact, only about a year later, struggling every day to see the board at school and the TV back home, did I finally admit that I needed glasses. For some reason, I believed that glasses would make me look like the biggest loser around.

The first pair of glasses I wore was revolutionary for me, if only because I suddenly knew what clear sight looked like again. However, they weren’t particularly fashionable. They were what we could afford.

Still, as the years passed, I fell in love with my glasses, and they’ve since become my flashiest fashion accessory. I have a number of different pairs in different shapes and colors. They always make me stand out, no matter where I am or who I’m with.

Which is why clear or transparent glasses seemed like such a strange direction for eyewear fashion to take. At first, I assumed that they were merely for people who didn’t want their eyewear to stand out. But is it more than that?

Accentuating Shape

One of the things I’ve learned to love about clear glasses is the way they accentuate both the shape of the frames and the shape of your face. With strong colors, frames with interesting shapes tend to become the shape of a person’s face. This is particularly true if the glasses are oversized.

However, transparent frames can be any size and shape and will complement your face shape, rather than overtaking it. With relatively thick frames, a pair of America’s best glasses will still stand out, but in a subtle way.

Tinted Frames

The clear glasses trend makes a lot of sense to me when they are tinted with a color. If the color is too strong, you can lose the benefit of the transparency without the impact of regular frames. But if you get a subtle color or combination of colors, they can give you the best of all worlds.

Viewed In Low Light

Clear glasses really become the feature when they are viewed in low light. If you are sitting at a candlelit table, your clear glasses will reflect the light to give your face a glow. In photos, you will look much more vibrant with transparent frames than you otherwise would.

Clear glasses are therefore a particularly good for events at night, especially if they are outdoors in a low lit space. Together with a light-colored or white outfit, your look will be eye-catching.

A Statement Outfit

Finally, there are occasions when transparent glasses are perfect precisely because they do not draw as much attention. This is true when you have an outfit that really makes a big statement. In these cases, not only do you want the outfit to do all the talking, but having a striking pair of glasses might make the entire getup look busy as well.

Clear glasses go with any outfit, and are always going to be an option. They really make a great addition to my collection!

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