Blockchain: Prospects that can’t be ignored

Are you looking for new investment opportunities in the crypto space? If so, you’re welcome to read our guide. Here we are going to look beyond the purchase Bitcoin tip that most people repeat – we’re going to dive deep to find the most promising blockchain prospects that can’t be ignored. Let’s start.

Binance Coin

Binance has become the most important cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Therefore, it’s not weird to see that their coin, the BNB, has risen so much in the last few months. It has literally gone from under $10 to breaking an ATH of over $350 USD – and we firmly believe that this price will only keep rising.

It’s logical because Binance keeps accepting more users, and hence, they receive even more money. The BNB coins are used for activities such as paying for fees, and therefore, its market capitalization will only keep growing. Given the growth of the network, it might not be unrealistic to see its price go beyond the current Ethereum price today.


You must think of ICX as the Korean Ethereum. It’s a blockchain platform where companies and people can develop apps, dApps, perform transactions, develop DeFi apps, etc. All in all, you can do all sort of things on ICX – and at a much faster speed than ETH with lower fees.

The project has plenty of solid fundamentals behind it. The Korean Gov loves ICX, and therefore, it’s already being adopted and used in the country. 

With a current price of $1.90, it has a lot of upside potential. Given the current situation of the market and the predictions for this bullish market to continue for the next months, we could see it meeting and even surpassing its old ATH of $13. 


If you’ve been researching blockchain and cryptocurrencies for a while, then you already know that NFTs are the narrative right now. From NBA Topshot to digital art tokens selling for millions of dollars, the craziness of NFT is here to stay.

SOUL is a marketplace and platform designed to develop and list NFTs. From collectibles to digital art, you can do all sorts of things with SOUL.

Based on its fundamentals, it’s a solid project that can help artists and companies to develop and promote their own NFTs. It’s not enjoyed the same popularity as Open Sea, for example, but given the current situation of the market, it might be about to change.

Given its low marketcap of only $50M, it could be a good idea to invest some money into it because it could match the market cap of more popular options such as Wax and Flow.


Similar to NFT, DeFi is another strong narrative in the current crypto space. As smart investors, it’s wise to catch up on these trends because they can end up making you a lot of money. Reef Finance is one of these projects.

It’s a liquidity and protocol aggregator with multi-chain functionality, which is exactly what the DeFi sector needs right now.

Reef Finance makes it possible to get liquidity for anywhere, anytime. From DEXS to CEXS, Reef Finance aims to solve all the liquidity problems that affect the current crypto markets.

Based on these great fundamentals, it’s easy to see why it could grow a lot in the next months. It’s not financial advice, but it might be a good idea to look into the project, and if it resonates with you, go ahead and invest some money that you can afford to lose.

The DeFi scene is only growing strong, and with the rise of projects like Reef Finance, it might receive even more money influx.

Kylin Network

Kylin Network is a novel project that aims to build the structure for DeFi and Web 3.0. By using data decentralization and validation, it can help all sorts of projects based on lending, analytics, forecasting, and more to get accurate and incorruptible data.

The Kylin Network project is an advanced data feeding protocol with multi-chain functionality. Therefore, it can get information from different sources with total precision, which is exactly what we need for financial services.

Furthermore, given that it can extract precise data on demand, it also offers a full array of analytical tools that companies can use.

Based on these fundamentals, it might be a wise idea to invest in Kylin Network. Given that it’s a new cryptocurrency with not much exposure yet, it could have plenty of room to grow.


The 5 projects that we have discussed today might make the great investment opportunities you were looking for. We invite you to analyze each one of them with patience, to determine the projects that will make their own into your portfolio. For answers to your questions, write to us in the comments.

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