Comparing Bitcoin to Other Cryptocurrencies – The Superiority

Cryptocurrencies managed to revolutionize the world by presenting us with a concept that has tons of advantages over regular payment methods. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and it was invented in late 2008, early 2009. It paved the way for many new cryptocurrencies to enter the market and try to make a name for themselves. 

But, as time passed by, Bitcoin proved that it will remain at the top for a long time and that the cryptocurrency never plans on stopping down. These days, there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of cryptocurrencies in the world, but none of them even comes close to Bitcoin. We wanted to take a look at how Bitcoin managed to stay at the top for over a decade, so let’s dive into the details.  

The Network is Ever-Growing 

Bitcoin’s network is ever-growing, and thus, far more stable than the network of any other cryptocurrency. Some statistics showed that there are over 5 million crypto users in the world, and as many as 90% of them only use Bitcoin. Not only do the average people use Bitcoin to make a profit, but Bitcoin is also accepted as a payment method at numerous companies. 

Some of these companies are global brands. Tesla, Microsoft, Wikipedia, Starbucks, Shopify, and Overstock are a few of the global brands that accept Bitcoin. One additional research stated that there are over 100,000 millionaires in the world who made their fortune by trading with Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin’s Value is Second To None

Speaking of trading with Bitcoin, the second reason why Bitcoin is superior when compared to other cryptocurrencies is that its value is second to none. As of early April 2021, Bitcoin’s value is well over $50,000. No other cryptocurrency even comes close to this value. 

The massive price tag is what motivates people to sign up at reputable trading sites such as Immediate Edge and start trading with Bitcoin. Even though these platforms accept many other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is always the number 1 choice for traders. Not only that, but the mentioned trading site implements an AI analysis on the market and is able to predict Bitcoin’s future fluctuations. 

The predictions are very accurate and are shared with the traders. These results let the traders know when is the best time to sell their assets and maximize their profits. Immediate Edge has a high daily profitability rate, which is why thousands of people from all around the world use their services. 

Greater Liquidity

Liquidity is a term that describes how easy it is for a certain asset, in this case – Bitcoin can be turned into cash without affecting its market price tag. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has great liquidity as people can sell it within days without causing any sudden changes to the overall market price of the cryptocurrency. 

Other cryptocurrencies are not so lucky as their liquidity is still decent, but it is way below Bitcoin. The greater liquidity is a massive advantage as it lets people know that it can be a few times easier to sell Bitcoin and make money off it when compared to other cryptocurrencies.


One of the biggest advantages that cryptocurrencies have over regular payment methods is that they are far more secure to use in the online world. Thanks to the cryptology method, users gain a certain level of anonymity when using them to complete various transactions. 

Bitcoin focuses on security more than any other cryptocurrency. Their system is impeccable and its network always makes sure that every Bitcoin user is provided with maximum security. The fact that Bitcoin has never been hacked also speaks for itself.

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