GoDaddy to Office 365 Migration Step by Step

The adaptability of the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) makes it one of the most beneficial email protocols that enable you to operate your emails from any location and device. In another case, Microsoft 365 has the assistance of Microsoft that places it as the topmost mail management platform. It can manage an infinite number of mailboxes and user data at the same time. So, it will be a great decision to move to Office 365You can also have support to Citrix Cloud.

Getting started with the migration:

  • Login to Office 365 Admin center and select Exchange.
  • Go to recipients then migration.
  • Select the Add (+) button and choose the Exchange Online Migration option.
  • Click the option in the list as IMAP migration.
  • Next, click on Choose File and browse through the CSV file you designed for the GoDaddy email.
  • On the IMAP migration configuration page, input the details for the IMAP server then select Next.
  • Input a name to the batch of migration, choose the Large Item limit, Bad Item limit, and exclude folder. Hit the Next button.
  • Select the Browse button and choose the user(s) who are supposed to get the notification at several migration steps. Then pick the option to begin the migration.
  • After finishing the requirements for the migration, the batch of migration will begin and display the status as “syncing”.
  • You can select the View details option and get the status update for the batch items.
  • Ultimately, when all the emails go through GoDaddy Office 365 migration then the batch status will switch to “synced”.

There is an easy process by using Outlook in which you can move your IMAP data to a PST file and convert it to an Office 365 mailbox with the help of Outlook.

Moving IMAP to PST file

  • While working Outlook configured with an IMAP account, then you can move the contacts/calendar to a different PST file.
  • Open Outlook, click on File > Open & Export > Import/Export.
  • Select the option “Export to a file” then hit OK.
  • Select Outlook Data File (PST), then hit Next.
  • Choose any folder between the contact or calendar. 
  • Tick the option to Include Subfolder and select Next.
  • Browse the folder to save the file and select Finish.

You can do the same from 1-5 to build a PST file for any external folder.

Configuring Office 365 account in Outlook

  • Go to Control Panel and select Mail. Choose Show Profiles and hit Add.
  • Select the option for Manual Setup or additional server types. Click on Next.
  • Choose the primary option of Office 365 and input a full Office 365 email address. It will add the account to Office 365 by default.

Import PST to Outlook

  • Open Outlook, select File > Open & Export > Import/Export.
  • Select “Import from another program or file”.
  • Choose Outlook Data File (PST). Hit Next.
  • Browse and choose the PST file.
  • After importing you can delete the older IMAP account of Outlook.

After completion of migration, you can go back to the Office 365 Admin Center and remove the migration batch.

You can also avail migration services for this or Migrate SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Online from third-party providers in the market to ensure that you smoothly migrate without any issues or data loss.

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